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Taking Digital Marketing to New Heights with Artificial Intelligence

Paul BrachtBy: Paul Bracht


Today’s business landscape is more fluid than ever, and with competition within every major industry, brand messaging and elevated client service are paramount for having a distinguished brand identity. Marketing departments have been challenged with creating more effective campaigns designed to build brand loyalty, successfully convert inbound requests, and organically build new sales leads, all within several social-media-based channels.

Software-based resources developed by expert-level developers enable businesses to transcend challenges and work to exceed client demands and expectations. With the continued deployment of Artificial Intelligence, marketing departments seeking to optimize and modernize strategies should embrace this intuitive new resource that has proven successful in several industries, reinforcing its unprecedented capabilities.

Personalize and Monetize

Personalizing the end-user experience promotes positive and unique interactions with company personnel. Effective marketing messaging campaigns facilitate a rich experience that should have an end-user feel the company’s attention to them is a priority and all questions or concerns are expediently addressed. Individualized communications and messaging facilitate positive relationships and promote a company’s accessibility, ultimately working to retain clients.

Monetizing messaging and communication efforts are always challenging. We see social media as a diverse, interactive platform that companies continue utilizing to engage users, but turning engagements into revenue-generating conversions always requires additional efforts and tech resources. Statista forecasts that social media advertising and marketing revenue will reach $385 billion by 2027. With increased resources dedicated to marketing departments, companies are reinforcing the value placed on digital marketing campaigns as key revenue drivers.

Modernizing Marketing with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence continues creating unlimited opportunities for industries to optimize operations and solve challenges while modernizing strategies. AI’s application within marketing begins with its incomparable ability to compile large data sets and generate intuitive reports. Within marketing, personnel can immediately identify what mediums are used most effectively for engagement, such as chatbots, direct messaging, and more. AI can also be utilized to personalize content for each end-user, seamlessly creating and deploying customized content while reducing time spent creating individualized campaigns per user.

Software specialists have enhanced AI to automate tasks and enable seamless monitoring, deploying, and adjustment of marketing campaigns across multiple channels. This reduces time spent visiting each marketing channel and manually inputting data and campaign directives.

A marketing campaign’s success is not always tied to revenue. Before generating revenue, leads must be sourced and grown. A successful marketing campaign metric identifies the medium used and how long and effective the engagement was. Deploying AI enables the creation of performance analytics in real-time, immediately informing personnel of a campaign’s effectiveness.

Predictive analytics are driven by powerful, intuitive algorithms designed by software experts to monitor user duration and engagement of marketing campaigns and, most importantly, compile nuanced forecasts of future end-user behavior. With the addition of this cutting-edge resource, marketing departments can immediately tailor their campaigns around accurate predictive analytics, eliminating conjecture and costly planning strategies and, instead, dedicating efforts to proven data methodology.

Deployment of Natural Language Processing (NLP) augmented by skilled software specialists offers marketing personnel another resource for optimizing campaigns. Coupled with Machine Learning, another subfield of AI, NLP skillfully identifies relationships and patterns within data sets and determines linguistic patterns within messaging, enabling marketing personnel to craft messaging campaigns tailored to specific speech patterns of the intended end-user. Implementing NLP resources facilitates accurate speech pattern recognition and enables marketing campaigns to craft messaging that best aligns with the target audience.

Additionally, sentiment analysis builds on NLP features. It parses all media content, comments, posts, tweets, and blogs to immediately ascertain the messaging tone based on data-driven responses of other users on the same page. Accurately identifying how a target end-user reacts to a product, service, or promotion determines the best course of action for a marketing campaign.

Customer segmentation is an AI-based resource identifying client and customer habits with how they react and interact with marketing campaigns. Marketing personnel can assemble and monitor data-driven customer profiles based on purchase frequency and duration spent on marketing messages, such as social media or direct e-mails. This invaluable resource alerts marketing personnel on whom to focus their efforts, resulting in which client or customer can generate the most revenue.

Building Loyalty within the Digital Age

Traditional brand loyalty was predicated on personalized, in-person service with attention to detail and tangible, monetary-based incentives for repeat customers. The digitalization of business demands companies embrace new mediums to move forward while working to strategize how to build brand loyalty and grow revenue streams within a hyper-growth market like social media.

With competition for clients and consumers within every industry boasting a dedicated, social media-based following and strong web presence, companies should embrace new software-based resources to optimize marketing initiatives. Adept software designers continue augmenting AI-based technology, enabling seamless deployment within several industries.

Seeking an expert-level software development team to assist with the successful implementation of AI will optimize marketing campaigns and move them forward toward the leading edge of innovation, ultimately generating revenue streams in the highly lucrative yet competitive digital marketing landscape.


Chetu does not affect the opinion of this article. Any mention of a specific software, company or individual does not constitute an endorsement from either party unless otherwise specified. This blog should not be construed as legal advice.

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