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Revolutionize Your Digital World with Adobe Sensei's AI Superpowers

John BaileyBy: John Bailey

Staying ahead of the curve is imperative in the rapidly evolving digital creativity and marketing landscape. Adobe Sensei is a groundbreaking technology that is the peak of Adobe's innovation in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). This tool is changing how we create, manage, and deliver content. It has many features that enhance its functionality and improve productivity for users.

Adobe Sensei leverages Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to enhance user experiences, automate tasks, and provide intelligent insights across Adobe's creative and marketing products suite.

Adobe Sensei's AI and ML-Driven Features for Enhanced Creativity and Analytics

Adobe Sensei has many features at the disposal of the user. These AI-powered features ensure that users leverage the latest technology for their projects. This customizable application can integrate with other applications to enhance its features.

Content Understanding & Asset Tagging

Machine Learning algorithms analyze and understand the content of images, videos, and documents, automatically generating descriptive tags with intelligent business-specific words and metadata. The smart tagging uses Adobe Sensei to simplify content organization and improve search capabilities within Adobe products.


A powerful feature in Adobe Sensei that is primarily used in Adobe Target, auto-targeting leverages AI and ML to automate and optimize the targeting content and experiences for different segments of an audience. It can run A/B tests automatically, comparing the different variations of content or experiences to maximize engagement, conversions, or other key performance indicators (KPIs).

Automated Personalization

Automated personalization takes deep-dive analysis and random forest evaluation of Auto-Target and applies it at an individual offer and message level. This feature enables marketers to point and click on any content on their site and then select and create different variations of the content using the integrated Visual Experience Composter (VEC). Based on a user profile, Adobe Sensei can deliver personalized content recommendations and experiences to users, whether it's suggesting design elements or product recommendations in e-commerce, and it is constantly adapting to best fit a user's preferences.

Image & Video Enhancement

ML models automatically enhance images and videos by adjusting brightness, contrast, sharpness, and color balance. Additionally, it can speed up transcription, audio, and captioning and reduce time spent on reframing videos. The algorithms can morph cut transitions to add visual continuity and help clips flow seamlessly from one to another. It also has scene edit detection that automatically cuts scenes for the user. This feature's capabilities are especially useful for content creators looking to improve the visual appeal of their assets.

Asset Intelligence

Assets use Adobe Sensei, AI, and Machine Learning intelligence to cut the time spent on tagging, cropping, and adapting assets for each channel and device. It turns complex tasks into easy, automatic workflows, enabling the transformation and enhancement of digital assets at scale. It eliminates tedious metadata by tagging business-specific keywords typically missed by other algorithms. It also translates search terms, allowing users to enter a keyword in one language and get results in another instantly.

Data Analytics

Adobe Sensei makes Adobe Analytics more intelligent and helps marketers discover meaningful customer insights. It combs through every dimension, every metric, and every segment for a marketer. Adobe Sensei uses the data collected to aid this process, whether acquiring, converting, or retaining customers. This analysis helps with anomaly detection, which alerts a user to an outlier in the data. Contribution analysis understands the factors that led to this anomaly, providing a bigger picture of data to a user.

Predictive Analytics

Adobe Sensei can predict future trends and user behaviors based on previous data. It can forecast which products are more likely to be popular in a specific season, aiding inventory planning for retailers. Predictive analytics provide businesses with forecasts and predictions for key performance indicators (KPIs). It can provide predictions on revenue, customer acquisition, and product demand. Another aspect of this feature is clustering, which segments an audience and compares them with each other to understand behavior, similarities, and differences between them and how best to market to them.

Expanding Adobe Sensei's Reach to Transform Your Entire Workflow

Adobe Sensei seamlessly integrates with Adobe's Creative Cloud and Experience Cloud, providing a consistent AI-powered user experience in design, marketing, and analytics. It integrates deeply with various Creative Cloud applications, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro. It enhances these tools with features like image recognition, content-aware recommendations, automated content tagging, and intelligent editing.

Adobe Sensei is integrated into Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Sign, improving the functionality of document management and e-signature solutions. It assists in tasks like text recognition, document classification, and automated form processing.

Adobe Analytics benefits from Adobe Sensei's predictive analytics capabilities. It helps businesses forecast trends, optimize marketing strategies, and gain insights into user behavior. Adobe advertising utilizes Adobe Sensei to optimize ad campaigns, helping with audience segmentation, ad placement recommendations, and performance predictions.

While Adobe Sensei is typically used within Adobe's suite of products, it can also be extended to work with third-party applications through APIs and custom integration. Some third-party integration could be with content management systems, customer relationship management systems, e-commerce platforms, social media management tools, marketing automation tools, chatbots, and customer support solutions. These are relatively simple integrations that an expert developer can conduct.

Chetu is a certified Adobe Solution Partner offering development and integration services for all Adobe products. Contact us to work with an experienced developer to integrate Adobe Sensei into your pre-built platform. Embracing Adobe Sensei's AI superpowers, businesses can boldly navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape, unlocking innovation, boosting productivity, and propelling themselves to the forefront of the creative and marketing revolution.


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