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Chetu has the experience of creating custom software solutions for kiosks that help businesses succeed


Custom Kiosk Application Development

Kiosk Hardware Integration

We integrate kiosk system software with hardware for biometric retina scanners, fingerprint readers, cameras, simple card readers, receipt / thermal printers, bill acceptors / dispensers, barcode scanners, RFID, and ticketing systems.

Interactive Kiosk Services

We provide interactive kiosks services, including touch screen functionality, graphics, animation, multimedia, virtual keyboards, camera applications, and digital signature support.

Self-Service Kiosk Software

Our expert developers perform kiosk software programming for self-service, as well as bill payment, ticketing, digital signage, retail applications, photo booth, and more.

Digital Signage Kiosk Solutions

Our experts provide digital signage kiosk solutions programming, including Content Management Systems (CMS) with remote kiosk management controls.

Photo Booth Kiosk

Our photo booth kiosk software development solutions include integrations with cameras, social media, payment processing software, and custom features programming.

Customer Experience

Dynamically control your customer experience. Easily pull and report on the data to understand how to serve your customers best.

Custom Kiosk Solutions

Kiosk Software Development

Our kiosk development solutions include intuitive user interface/experience, remote management capabilities, branding management, visitor registration/management, onsite printing, and automated reports.

Kiosk System Solutions

We develop kiosk software for all major operating systems, popular browsers, implement wireless connectivity, program the architecture for secure browsing, session timeouts, and information security, and develop with 3rd party technologies including USA Technologies (USAT).

Kiosk Application Development

We develop kiosk applications for desktops and mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, and Point-of-Sale (POS) systems. We also perform data migration services to create interactive kiosks from existing websites.

Kiosk Data Solutions

Our certified developers integrate business intelligence (BI) and reporting modules to monitor and report usage data and collect key statistics and analytics for relevant insights.

Tailored User Experience

Create a user experience tailored to the Kiosk environment, but with a consistent look and feel to your web or off-line branding.

Cash Free Payments

Take payment from your customers, eliminate the need for employees to handle cash, utilize your existing payment systems, and comply with industry standards (EMV/PCI). Integrate into your existing customer databases, CRM and billing systems.


Drop us a line or give us a ring. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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