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Custom Machine
Learning Solutions

Machine Learning Programming

Chetu's team of AI and machine learning developers program enterprise-class systems with custom machine learning software in order to produce actionable decision models and automate mission-critical business processes. We convert raw data from legacy software systems and big data providers into clean datasets for executing (multi-label) classification, regression, clustering, density estimation, and dimensionality reduction data analysis, and then expertly deploying models across relevant systems.

Neural Network Machine Learning Engineers

Our data software scientists write machine learning algorithms to create cloud-based deep learning engines and Artificial Neural Networks apps (Machine Learning as a Service). We provide end-to-end development services for custom applications, with back- and front-ends built with Python, Django, AI Markup Language (AIML), and other technologies that integrate well with machine learning systems. We design supervised, semi-supervised, unsupervised, active, and reinforcement neural networks.

Machine Learning Cyber Security Services

Using machine learning to improve data integrity and cybersecurity protocols in desktop, mobile, and web apps has become a key component of our application development process. We integrate and deploy and machine learning engines to help systems better identify malware, flag unusual user behavior, develop personnel-based risk models, and scale up Zero Trust Security (ZTS) frameworks. We also leverage neural networks improve face recognition and Natural Language Processing.

Custom Machine Learning for Healthcare

We leverage deep learning software to generate insights from big data sources like EMRs, practice management and hospital information systems, and Health Information Exchanges (HIE). In addition to using machine learning engines to improve RCM operations, we help create systems that develop and test new drugs, study genes, automate prescription details, optimize triage prioritizations, recognize public health patterns, and improve diagnostic Decision Analysis tools.

Machine Learning Marketing Automation

We integrate machine learning programs with CRM and marketing automation software systems in order to conduct precision marketing, develop virtual assistants and chatbots, drill down on market segmentation, optimize pricing scenarios and demand forecasting, generate propensity models, scorecard leads, and improve content recommendations for individual customers and market segments.

Machine Learning in Finance

Our Fintech machine learning services for banks and financial institutions include user- and situation-based analysis for fraud detection, improved risk management and credit-scoring, portfolio diversification, intelligent customer service prompts, automated underwriting, and streamlined workflows. Our machine learning stock market solutions include High-Frequency Trading (HFT) program development.

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Chetu is the premier Machine Learning software development company for enterprises worldwide. Consult our machine learning software engineers now to discuss why our experience and expertise is the right fit for you.

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