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Location Based Services

Location Based Beaconing Services

Our experts integrate marketing automation tools, including location based beaconing software through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and other transmissions with features that enable delivered targeted messages, tracked customer data, and streamlined proximity-based interactions.

GIS Location Based Services

We provide GIS (Geographic Information System) location based solutions to pull vector, raster and attribute data simultaneously for seamless retrieval and storage, and management of data, enhanced maps, or other graphically represented spatial data. We also provide location based analytics services that enhance customer relationships and program reporting capabilities.

Location Based App Development

Our custom location based mobile services include location based app development to identify nearby points-of-interest (POIs) with integrations to booking engines and 3rd party APIs. We also provide image exporting and importing software to support map creation and dissemination.

Location Based API Integration

Our experts provide location based API integrations to accurately locate land features, optimize routes, and make informed decisions based on both addresses and geographic data. We program reverse geocoding capabilities through integrations with 3rd party APIs to gather information on particular coordinates and develop applications with custom mapping display features.

GPS Location Based Solutions

Our developers provide GPS location based solutions that enable integrating with 3rd party weather and traffic APIs, and delivering real-time data. We program real-time routing and re-routing software for efficient fleet and logistics management with integrated location-based software and GPS tracking technologies.

Geofencing Location Based Services

We provide wireless location based services, including geofencing software systems with integrated alert triggers for targeted messaging and email communications, and efficient management processes. We also perform geotagging software development with custom modules to integrate with photo applications, and remote sensing devices (RFID, barcode, QR scanners).

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We provide custom integrations with 3rd party mapping APIs, including Google Maps, Waze, Bing Maps, Foursquare, MapQuest, and Apple Maps.

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