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Custom Corrections & Jail Management Systems

Jail Management Systems

Custom corrections software development for Jail Management Systems (JMS) including inmate management modules such as booking, check in / check out, transport / out-of-cell management, sentence time management, tracking / monitoring, incarceration records, medical, visitors, inmate accounting features and more.

Jail RMS Modules

Records Management Systems solutions for incident reports management, create and search field interview reports, creation of NIPRS and UCR Reports, track confiscated materials, manage property room evidence with integrations to law enforcement software suite, and modules for warrant and affidavit management systems.

Cell Check & Welfare Monitoring

We program real-time reporting modules including inmate list head counts, jail activity, jail days, jail invoice, releases (dates, total days in jail, etc.), booking recap and charges, and other features. We engineer cell management modules including cell search / tracking, cell assignment, and maintenance scheduling features.

Corrections EMR Services

We integrate Electronic Medical Records (EMR) with JMS to create a fully functioning correctional hospital information system with complete medical inventory tracking systems for materials and medication management.

Corrections Visitation Management

Development of inmate visitor management systems with features that cross reference authorized visitors, store visitor information (name, address, photo, relationship, IDs), and track visitation histories integrated to scheduling portals.

Inmate Identification Tools

Engineering of RFID, QR, and barcode tracking software for inmate management, capturing a wide range of data including on-site and off-site movements, disciplinary actions, grievances and more. We also develop fingerprint and other biometric ID software programming.

Corrections Management Solutions

Guard / corrections officer management modules development including rounds management, cell / security checks, shift notes, portal programming, managing maintenance logs, and mobile device compatibility features.

Commissary & Inventory Management

Programming of commissary management modules including inventory management, account deposit modules, phone based and online ordering, detailed ledger reporting, item tracking, accounting features, and more.

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Consult with our jail management & corrections software developers now to see specific examples of our work and discuss how our development services will help you.

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