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Certified Salesforce Developers

We offer custom services for Salesforce one of the most agile CRM platforms with comprehensive full-fledge applications to accelerate sales, marketing, services, and operations.


Chetu's Salesforce Implementation

Salesforce Implementation Services

Our Salesforce implementation experts are equipped with backend industry acumen to analyze your business processes and install any of the Salesforce platforms including Apex, Force.com, and Visualforce.

Salesforce Sales and Cloud Setup

Chetu configures your Salesforce Sales and Cloud to best support your business objectives, with custom email templates, reports, dashboards and more, to automate process and give you better insight about your business.

Salesforce Migration

Chetu Salesforce experts seamlessly back-up and migrate all business data stored in other systems to your Salesforce platform. Using Metadata API tools our Salesforce experts extract and migrate Metadata components from cloud-based or traditional systems to Salesforce.

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Chetu's Salesforce Support

Salesforce Customization

Our Salesforce developers make a personalized CRM solution possible. Chetu customizes your Salesforce platform with industry-focus features, applications and functionalities, that best meet your business needs, increase sales, identify new opportunities and give you the competitive advantage.

Salesforce Configuration

Chetu's Salesforce configuration services include modification of your CRM application objects, workflows, fields, formulas, validation rules, security setting and more.

Salesforce Support and Maintenance

Our Salesforce specialist provide ongoing CRM support and maintenance to address any issues in real-time, without any down-time or disruption. Our services include CRM monitoring to identify areas of improvement as well as security, user and data management.

Flexible Integration Solutions Designed for Salesforce

Salesforce is a robust platform that has the ability to change how your business operates and enhance the relationship between your organization and your customers. We have an experienced team that will help you fully leverage the platform with configuration, workflows, custom reports and more. We make sure to understand your business needs and goals first to move beyond the basics and take advantage of external application integrations and completely customized interfaces.

Salesforce Powerful Integrations

Your company may need some data integrations, connecting internal databases to Salesforce to leverage the data in new, possibly more powerful ways. Others may want to integrate with existing applications, harnessing an API's functionality through the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce Integration Solutions

Salesforce integrations connecting you to your accounting systems, ERP systems, social media platforms, ecommerce platforms, and virtually any on-premise or third-party software.

API Integrations

Robust API integrations to different vendors along with data sync across various platforms for data accuracy. Integration of 3rd Party APIs such as Codeship which runs automated tests and configured deployment and Jenkins CI which has over 300 plugins to support building and testing any project.

Salesforce SOAP API

SOAP API allows you to create, update, retrieve or delete accounts, leads, and custom objects. It also facilitates searches and maintaining passwords among other features.

Apex Triggers

With the use of triggers in Apex code development, we are able to create custom actions before or after changes to Salesforce records. Before triggers update or validate record values before they are saved in the database. After triggers access field values set by the system and affect changes in other records.

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Salesforce Security & Protection

We work with you to find cost-effective ways to integrate Salesforce with other systems in compliance with the platform's security standards, SAS 70 Type II, SysTrust, and ISO 27001 certified.

UX/UI Design

We prioritize user efficiency and UX to empower your users with better data connectivity and more powerful applications.


REST API is the perfect interface for your mobile applications and web projects. It offers real-time client applications and can be customized when building UI for actions, list view and dependent picklists.

Salesforce CTI Integration

Our Salesforce Developers connect any phone system, mobile devices and softphones including skype with your Salesforce CRM platform. Allowing users to seamlessly route any inbound calls based on salesforce fields, improve VOIP quality, automatically log data to the required field or custom objects, and more to help your sales, support and marketing teams create an impeccable customer experience

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Close more sales opportunities. Gain greater visibility into your business activities, accounts, and profitability by combining sales data with order, service, financial and marketing data so your sales teams can improve their sales process and the customer experience.

salesforce Sales Cloud

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Automate tedious tasks. Automate workflows to reduce service delivery costs and improve consistency. Bring together service, marketing, sales, and financial data from cloud and on-premises applications so you can eliminate requests for information and manual data handling processes and make life easier on your sales, service, marketing and finance teams.

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Get the most out of your applications. Consultation to creation- we build powerful applications to empower clients to expand their use of the Salesforce platform into more departments within their organizations by connecting more internal processes and engaging customers.

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Salesforce Development Solutions

When you are looking for functionality beyond a standard configuration or integration, this is exactly what we specialize in with customized Salesforce Development.

Salesforce CRM Development Solutions

We offer specialized Salesforce platform development, customization, integration, and implementation. Our developers understand the entire Salesforce product suite to optimize business resources and improve overall performance through custom configurations.

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App Development Services

We develop custom native apps, mobile apps, portals, web apps and integrations with Salesforce platforms. Custom App solutions including syncing and integrating AppExchange with real-time collaboration software for streamlining tasks, calendars, schedules, contact data and sharing content. Syncing data from existing websites with Salesforce objects. Extending usage of Folderize apps to work with mobile browsing, interfaces with Lightening experience and more. We program modules for easy importing folder structures from libraries or from intra-net file servers.

If you are building native or middleware based interfaces or complex integrations across multiple back-end applications, our developers are able to customize a broad array of support services designed to maximize engagement, performance and ROI.

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