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Salesforce Development

Custom Salesforce development and integration of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) modules and features for multi-sized business, enabling easy scalability, streamlined leads and opportunity management, and up-to-date sales content.

Salesforce Cloud Based Management

Our developers implement Salesforce solutions that allow for the connection to cloud-based applications that increases productivity, enables online inventory management, and provides turnkey cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

Salesforce Lightning Integration

Integration of Salesforce Lightning Design with components that have comprehensive interface elements available in HTML and CSS code, improving navigation and UX. Features include design tokens that store visual design attributes.

Salesforce API Integration

We develop Salesforce SOAP API components with features such as secure application programming interfaces, flexible customization of complex business processes, and functionality from Apex, REST, Metadata, and Visualforce APIs.

Salesforce Einstein Integration

Our developers perform AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Salesforce integration that enables smarter and more predictive analysis, with the ability to store large volumes of data and automate tasks, providing easier access to advanced algorithms.

Salesforce Mobile App Development

Development of mobile app platforms to enable the deployment of cloud-based apps to other compatible programs such as Salesforce1 and Windows with Mobile SDK. Features include instant available runtime and offline data access.

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