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Uipath: Automation for a fast-changing world

By: John Bailey

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What Is UiPath?

UiPath is an automation tool designed to perform mundane tasks that would otherwise be assigned to humans. Unlike most Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools, UiPath doesn't require any Computer Science or programming knowledge to utilize. It can be used on desktop or web platforms, but the idea is the same. It "learns" how to perform a process over and over, then does it. This means that a UiPath administrator ends up saving workers and members of IT departments countless hours.

Top Benefits of UiPath

UiPath has many benefits in general and over its competitors. These benefits primarily involve advanced functionality and ease of use.

First, any UiPath consultant would tell you that it is very advanced but easy to learn. This is partly because it comes with a "Studio" that is simply a drag-and-drop application. People of any academic or trade background could master this tool with ease.

In terms of functionality, possibilities with UiPath are endless. First, essentially any activity that is redundant is supported. For example, a business may want a snapshot of the same website every day, or they may want to check to see what rank they are on Google and send it as an email. Regardless of the task at hand, if it's possible to automate it, a UiPath developer can do it.

It's easy to set up a UiPath configuration and modify it to fit business needs. Additionally, UiPath app integration is possible, so creating an application that runs on automation is completely possible for a UiPath developer!

Top Benefits of UiPath

Business Solutions with UiPath

Of course, UiPath is applicable to many business processes. Its computer vision and image recognition technologies allow blazing fast automation for businesses. A UiPath administrator can also ensure that operations are performed in an intelligent manner, taking advantage of predictive analytics and artificial intelligence.

Here are some possible business solutions utilizing UiPath:

Insurance Companies

UiPath has discernible advantages for insurance companies. A common complaint is that the software used is antiquated. Fortunately, a UiPath developer can perform a legacy integration into almost any application in insurance industry.

The intelligent system can then be deployed and used on a daily basis. The UiPath configuration can be adjusted so that insurance companies have full regulatory compliance and end-to-end encryption!


The banking industry is notorious for all the "red tape" around it due to the sensitive nature of the matter it handles. Like with insurance companies, many banking systems are very antiquated because it can be difficult to get new systems "approved" and fully compliant.

First, UiPath app integration allows for banks to continue using these older applications if they wish while incorporating the new technology. Second, UiPath can be used to automate common banking transactions, saving the bank time and money. Risk management can also be performed automatically. Finally, UiPath can be set to ensure that regulatory compliance is being met.


Perhaps the only industry with more bureaucratic "red tape" than banking is healthcare. Fortunately, a UiPath consultant can help in this industry equally well!

UiPath can be utilized to power "chatbots" for healthcare providers. These bots answer simple patient inquiries and learn as they go. While UiPath may not fully replace having front desk staff, it can certainly supplement the work they do and make it go further.

The service can also be quite easily integrated with existing applications. Many providers use a series of applications together. UiPath is able to draw data from all applications, so you won't need to modify your existing applications before using it. The software is also capable of being fully compliant with HIPAA regulations, meaning that concerns about regulatory compliance could be a thing of the past.

Whether you're looking for help with a franchise or one small, independent business, UiPath could be the answer. Available as a cloud product or a local computer program, it can operate at a franchise level or local level. A single, central server can be used to broadcast what must be done with the program.

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Telecom companies, such as Internet Service Providers (ISPs), are also frequent users of UiPath. Like in all other industries where it's implemented, the main goal is to lower costs. This is achieved by having it "learn" how things like user support are done, then act like that.

Of course, depending on the size of the company, you may need to add or remove nodes running UiPath. Since it can be deployed from a cloud server or locally, it's ideal for Telecom companies big and small. Even the smallest Telecom companies must remain vigilant regarding data security, and UiPath can even help in that regard!

Reports and data analytics are generated and kept. These can help predict and diagnose issues so that they can be resolved before customers begin complaining about them. However, UiPath can be trained to not store any sensitive information, such as the exact site's users have visited. This way, no regulatory compliance rules are broken.

Wrapping Up UiPath

In short, a UiPath consultant can open up a new window for almost any industry. The software can be mastered by just about anyone and can be applied almost anywhere.

If you're looking to get started with UiPath for your company, look no further than Chetu! The company has been around since 2000 and specializes in developing solutions for all sizes of companies. Contact us today for more details on how to get started with becoming your own UiPath administrator!


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