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5 Use Cases of Robotic Process Automation in Banking

UiPath's Enterprise RPA

UiPath's Enterprise RPA Platform doesn't just help global banks work faster; it enables them to work smarter. By embracing RPA, you join banks-and companies in other industries-around the world in creating a competitive edge for your business faster and with zero mistakes.

Improves the Exchange of ATM data

1. Improves the Exchange of ATM data

After implementation of the UiPath Robot, banks see fewer errors, faster processing times, and a faster response rate for internal customers.

Streamlines Account Creation

2. Streamlines Account Creation

Using RPA, banks will see a reduction of costs and a drop in the error rate, as well as a considerably faster data processing time for existing or new customers, mortgage length, credit ratings, and other variable data.

Detects Financial Crime

3. Detects Financial Crime

RPA can help make identification easier and faster by automating the matching of that information-so when a hacker tries to imitate one of your bank's biggest clients and withdraw their money, your system will stop the fraud in its tracks.

Avoid Revenue Loss and Improve Dispute Resolution

4. Avoid Revenue Loss and Improve Dispute Resolution

The automation standardizes business rules and fees, reduces client complaints, and ensures previously paper-recorded client histories are available in the bank's core system.

Verify Loan Application Documents

5. Verify Loan Application Documents

Before automation, bank employees had to manually check different web portals, documents, and information for home-loan applications before collecting everything into a single file and reduces time spent on verifying 100 loan applications per week and help customers get an answer faster.

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