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SAP BusinessObjects Solutions

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Share Insights and Make Better Business Decisions with SAP BusinessObjects BI Solutions

SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform

SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform

BusinessObjects BI Platform is designed to give business users decision-ready information in a personalized, dynamic and simple way to promote growth. Transform businesses into a digital enterprise with SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform!

SAP BusinessObjects Dashboard

SAP BusinessObjects Dashboard

An advanced dashboard software that offers businesses fast decision-making with its personalized, clear, and interactive board. With SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards, users instantly access SAP analytics and important and understandable metrics through charts, widgets, and much more.

SAP BusinessObjects Explorer

SAP BusinessObjects Explorer

A self-service data exploration software gives businesses the ease to explore and search through a vast amount of data quickly. BusinessObjects Explorer was designed with business intelligence analytical power to drill into details and make sense of your business data to share with your team.

SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

Businesses can give decision-makers data at their fingertip with Design Studio. Companies can design mobile-friendly data visualization with business dashboards and Business Intelligence applications.

SAP BusinessObjects Intercompany

SAP BusinessObjects Intercompany

Intercompany Reconciliation software gives companies the ability to reconcile balances in real-time via the web. Resolving differences can be done at earlier stages of the reporting process, allowing companies accounting departments to focus on more important financial activities.

SAP Lumira

SAP Lumira

An impactful analytics and data visualization software that puts data to work at the speed of the industry. SAP Lumira has the capabilities to deliver real-time analysis that improves efficiency, assess risks, and identify opportunities.

Enhance Your SAP BusinessObjects Platform with Custom Development Services

BusinessObjects Upgradation

Upgrade to Protect Data

Chetu protects data while upgrading any of the BusinessObjects platforms; our developers ensure software and hardware compatibility. Our team of experts will implement any new versions of SAP Business Objects as part of our upgrading services.

BusinessObjects Migration

Securely Migrate Data to BusinessObjects

Chetu can migrate current data sources to the BusinessObjects platform from any application, databases, systems, storage devices, operating systems, servers, and 3rd party applications. We provide seamless migration services to ensure data integrity.

BusinessObjects Customization

Personalized Software for Better Business

BusinessObjects is a powerful software that Chetu can personalize to specific business objectives. We will customize the platform(s) with preferences and features that best meet any company's necessities and enhance the platform.

BusinessObjects Configuration

Gather Better Insights with Expert Configurations

Chetu configures and organizes applications that contain business-critical information to give better enterprise insight with BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Suite, driving company success and revenue. We configure each workflow in the platform to work smoothly and efficiently.

BusinessObjects Installation

Connect to an Empowered Reporting Software

As a SAPBusinessObjects Solutions provider, our developers understand each platform's functionalities. We will ensure your system meets all the hardware and software requirements for a successful installation of Business Objects.

BusinessObjects Administration

Trained Developers that Identify and Solve Issues

Chetu identifies problems in real-time and addresses them without any downtime. We are SAP Certified Partners that can operate and run productive installations on your behalf – from the cloud and mobile services to application management.

BusinessObjects Integration

Seamless Software Integrations

Chetu can improve business efficiency by integrating any third-party software with BusinessObjects. Using Custom APIs, our developers can seamlessly integrate any proprietary software with SAP BusinessObjects.

Increase ROI with BusinessObjects Solutions

Increase ROI with BusinessObjects Solutions

We provide development services for SAP Business Objects. With our deep knowledge of SAP solutions, we help you decide when to integrate Web Intelligence, Crystal Reports, and Analysis Edition and elevate your business processes for real-time reporting and increased ROI.

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A Secure SAP BusinessObjects

Case Study: A Secure SAP BusinessObjects Timesheet Application For Global Claims MGMT Company

The organization wants to update its timesheet system for a more accurate and modern interface, available to be stored on mobile devices unless synched to the server. The client also wanted Chetu to program the functionalities required to receive any timesheet information sent by a user.

The service will automatically generate an excel sheet based on the information received and send it to any concerned users/clients. Additionally, the application will also provide facilities to view/edit/delete the timesheet entries.

Project Details
SAP BusinessObjects

Blog: SAP BusinessObjects and Intelligence Solutions

Business intelligence or BI analytics are essential tools to gain greater visibility within a company. Chetu's extensive experience implementing analytics software solutions for businesses reaches all the way to companies like SAP, an enterprise software company specialized in BI and analytics tools to help companies execute better decisions.

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Blog: SAP ECCS VS. SAP ERP S/4 HANA: What is The Difference?

Businesses often compare SAP ECC to SAP ERP HANA. If you are not a tech person, it might seem not very clear. The web is full of contradictory answers and unclear articles. The answer is straightforward; SAP ECC is the ERP Central component of the existing SAP Business Suite. The core element that incorporates business operation functions. ECC is the largest system element of the Business Suite. SAP business suite can operate on any database, including HANA.

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Top 3 Reasons we Love SAP

Blog: Top 3 Reasons we Love SAP Crystal Reports (And You Should Too!)

In 1991, Crystal Reports debuted their BI software and penetrated a fast-growing market of business technology initiatives. It wasn't until 2007 that SAP acquired the company, immediately implementing progressive architecture to accommodate their small to medium-sized clients and to encourage other business owners to make the switch.

To counteract a reputation of system volatility, SAP reconvened and addressed reoccurring issues. Now, going under SAP Crystal Reports, it is a forced to reckon with. The new user interface magnetized the system, attracting businesses of all sizes and redefining how we aggregate data to form collective insights. Like most things, data streams are stronger in numbers, and with SAP Crystal Reports, the current keeps getting one unified enterprise resource planning solution.

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Unleash The Power of Data Discovery Using SAP Lumira

Blog: Unleash The Power of Data Discovery Using SAP Lumira

SAP Lumira is a powerful analytic and visualization software that puts data to work, allowing businesses to combine data sources and formulate holistic insights. Lumira has the capabilities to deliver real-time analysis that improves efficiency, assesses risk, and identifies new business opportunities.

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SAP Business One Support Services

Chetu’s support services specialists offer extensive monitoring, troubleshooting, and enhancement of all SAP Business One resources. We dedicate ourselves to ensuring all end-users enjoy an enriching experience leveraging SAP Business One to exceed demands of launching new strategies utilizing modern analytics.

SAP Business One Integration Services

Our integration specialists seamlessly immerse SAP Business One into your platform to provide a robust new resource to automatically generate accurate reports, deploy analytics, and augment personnel. Chetu’s integration team guarantees no costly workflow interruption or compromised data during the integration process.

SAP Business Upgrades and Maintenance

Chetu offers timely upgrades and proactive maintenance services to ensure your SAP Business resources function optimally. With expedited access to the latest versions of SAP Business One, our maintenance services team provides prompt, professional completion of all tasks without compromising workflow.

SAP Business Enhanced Analytics Reporting

Our analytics specialists know the true value of enhanced data intelligence. Chetu customizes analytics reporting within SAP Business to provide end-users with data-driven decisions that create actionable insights, enabling unprecedented strategies supported by error-free analytics design to drive business strategies forward.

SAP ERP Customization Support

We augment SAP ERPs to automate processes, facilitate cross-departmental functionality, eliminate bottlenecks, and promote real-time collaboration. Our support services team ensures troubleshooting and real-time support beyond project lifecycles, guaranteeing optimal ERP compatibility and functionality with SAP.


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