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6 Must-Have Features of a Good BI Analytics Platform

Written by Prem Khatri Posted by Carolina
Prem Khatri

Prem Khatri

Today, data is the fuel that drives countless business strategies. Through a series of complex algorithms and code, BI analytics turns quality data into usable reports that provide business owners with valuable insight into their company. Yet, not all BI analytics platforms are built alike, and the various options on the market can make finding the best option difficult.

Before a company invests in what they may believe to be their ideal BI analytics platform, they must consider if it includes these six must-have features:

  1. Integration Support - Any BI analytics software worth the investment must have the ability to seamlessly integrate with existing sources of data (i.e. Excel spreadsheets, CRMs, ERPs, etc.) in order to facilitate the transition to a new analytics tool, as well as to make use of data that is already available.

  2. Scalable Analytics - BI analytics platforms often include filters, drop-downs, and side menu tools to easily arrange data in many ways to get a high-level view of the data and scale down as needed for a more detailed view. This allows users to find necessary information quickly and examine the data at different levels.

  3. Security Features - It is imperative for a company's BI analytics tool to have extensive security provisions to protect critical business data from cyber threats like viruses, remote hacking, and more. This also includes the use of Role-based Access Control (RBAC) to regulate access to specific information and controls based on the individual user's level of security clearance.

  4. Data Visualization - Data visualization can bring dull numerical data to life through charts, graphs, dashboards, and other visual aids. The inclusion of this feature helps to illustrate key figures and numerical values of interest during presentations to make it easier for the audience to digest.

  5. Intuitive interface - Like most software products, a BI analytics platform must have an intuitive interface for users to easily find what they are looking for without having to delve into the code themselves. However, this feature is not often one of the deciding factors when it comes time to choose a new BI analytics platform. This slight overlook can prove costly for a company in the long run as they will require additional resources to adequately teach employees how to navigate and use the platform.

  6. Web and Mobile Access - The benefits of being able to access important business reports and data from your mobile device or on the web are truly noteworthy. The use of tablets, smartphones, and computers in the workspace have become increasingly common and necessary for daily business operations. Having instant, mobile access to quality data and is undoubtedly a must-have for executives and business professionals who are frequently on-the-go.

Enterprises typically decide between opting to buy an off-the-shelf BI analytics software with basic features or build their own custom solution to ensure that it has the required elements to meet their business-specific needs. Regardless of which choice is made, these six BI analytics features have over time proven to be the ones that usually deliver greater return on investment.

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