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How AI Is Transforming The Landscape of Business Analytics

Jim Garlock By: Jeff Parcheta

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As our technology advances, our trajectory has shown that we are growing into an increasingly digitalized existence. In recent years, the increased importance and incorporation of tech like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and e-commerce has shifted many modern sectors. So much so that recent AI innovations have led to much debate on ethics and practical utility. However, what remains true is that with the new norm of excessive complex data being necessary to run a business, we should look at how this technology can be used to boost profits by improving our business decisions and practices.

Analyzing the Future

Artificial Intelligence as we currently know it--as hot of a topic as it currently is—has been around for a little over a decade. With primitive versions of it being used for content or product recommendations, current innovations can be built and implemented with revolutionary results across many industries with the help of expert software developers. The main beneficial feature is automation of tasks and data analysis, which streamlines operational and administrative processes. That said, with analytics being our main focus, how can AI help there? AI is an intricate solution to the elaborate problems many businesses face with their data because it is incredibly efficient at generating insights and predictions.

Additionally, regarding the automation of tasks, AI can be used for data cleaning and prepping, pattern recognition, predictive modeling, natural language processing, and in some instances, image and video analysis. But what makes Artificial Intelligence so capable? Below is a breakdown of the fundamental building blocks.

Now, what are the sectors that could really benefit from the implementation of AI for analytical purposes? Surprisingly, almost each one, but let’s look at the following five.

With such versatility and sophistication, the involved development of a custom AI for a company's needs can be created through communication and understanding with a team of engineers.

From Crunching Numbers to Crushing Goals

There's a lot that's changed in less than half a decade - whether we look at the state of our communities and laws or the technology that continues to be released. Businesses of all sizes can use advanced solutions to ensure their success in the most fundamental ways possible.

As it stands for the difficult job of data analytics, the impact of AI has already been noticeable and is sure to continue to improve, with organizations seeing improvements in accuracy, efficiency, and cost savings.


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