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Jeff Parcheta

Director of Sales

Jeff Parcheta is a Director of Sales at Chetu, Inc., a global, custom software development company, where he oversees the Facilities Management, Residential Services, Insurance, Construction, Modeling and Drafting, and AI & Machine Learning accounts. A graduate of both the University of Texas at Arlington and Nova Southeastern University, where he received his MBA, Jeff joined Chetu in 2020 where he has built a reputation as a thought leader and industry expert within the IT community. Jeff has risen through the ranks of the sales department helping the company grow into an award-winning organization.

Written by Jeff Parcheta

Navigating Ai Implementation for Business Value

Navigating AI Implementation for Business Value

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has ushered in the modern age of business. With unmatched versatility and unprecedented capabilities designed to optimize operations, Artificial Intelligence enables actionable insights that continue to augment industries seeking to elevate products.

Enhancing Workflow with Generative AI: ChatGPT Explained

Enhancing Workflow with Generative AI: ChatGPT Explained

Maximize productivity with Generative AI using ChatGPT. Our guide explores how it streamlines workflows, its features, and benefits. Learn more now.

The Modern Shield: AI in Cybersecurity

The Modern Shield: AI in Cybersecurity

Discover the amazing benefits of AI in cybersecurity. Learn how integrating artificial intelligence can revolutionize threat detection and response.

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