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Don’t let a lack of internal resources hold you back. Create more business opportunities by partnering with Chetu.


Easily Scale Your Business by Offloading User-Centric Tasks

Our highly skilled software developers will use their vast amount of technology and industry experience to learn every aspect of your products and get certified, delivering top-notch customer experiences on your behalf.

White-Label Chetu’s Developers

Use Chetu’s trained and certified software development team to offer expert-level product support and software services to your customers. Your business will benefit from the extra bandwidth from “your” developers.

Direct Affiliate

Make Chetu your go-to implementation and customization partner. Chetu will directly service your client’s needs by providing software solutions, and you’ll profit throughout the duration of each project.

Business Referrals

Prefer a more hands-off approach? No problem! Refer your business users to Chetu and receive a flat rate for each referral. We will handle everything from there.

How Can Chetu Help?

Would you like to customize your software for your users, clients, and technology partners? Do you lack the time and manpower needed to fulfill their requests? We’ll use our technical and industry-specific expertise to do the work for you. That way, you can keep your customers happy while focusing on more critical initiatives.

Software Customization

Have your clients been asking you for software customization? Are you too busy to help? Ease your burden by letting the developers at Chetu make the requested changes to your software.

Seamless Integrations

We can seamlessly integrate your product with the mission-critical systems that your customers use. We will integrate with virtually any on-premise system, cloud software product, or third-party platform.

Software Implementation

Sometimes, software implementation requests from clients are complex. Our developers will simplify the process by configuring, customizing, integrating, and supporting your software.

Software Migration Services

We’ll help your new users migrate from a competing software platform to your platform, ensuring that the transition is seamless. Our team can also ensure that users are updated from legacy systems.

Plugin/Extension Development

We enhance and extend your software by adding on business-centric functionalities. We cater to all your client’s plugin/extension development needs.

Block-of-Hours Support

Have your clients encountered issues? Do they want short-term help at a flat rate? Chetu offers technical and non-technical support through our block-of-hours program.

Join Our Partner Program

Don’t miss out on new business opportunities. Become a Chetu Channel Partner today. To get started, fill out the form below to learn more about the Channel Partner benefits.

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