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Striving For Excellence

Our diverse and dedicated team is made up of people who take pride in all that they do and believe in the value of hard work. We foster an environment where everyone is encouraged to reach their full potential and achieve their goals.



“I’ve worked at Chetu for almost a decade and I am always fulfilled. Our Chetu family is our greatest asset and that mentality alone has motivated my efforts since the start of my journey. Chetu has allowed me to grow into a better leader to identify how to solve any internal or client situation. We are a lot larger now & I look forward to expanding our driven cross-functional unit.”

Tyler Boykin
Tyler Boykin
Vice President of Sales

“I have grown and learned so much during my time working for Chetu. The staff is diverse, friendly, driven, and I have greatly enjoyed working with people who are so passionate about their work and so supportive of my success as well as the success of the company. It is truly a great place to work.”

Komal Wangoo
Komal Wangoo
Human Resources Specialist

“Throughout my professional career, I had always taken steps to make sure that I was 'challenged' in whatever venture I endeavored. It wasn't until I got to Chetu that I realized what truly challenging yourself is about, and the rewards that can come from it.”

Gregory Cave
Gregory Cave
Director of Sales

“Chetu is such a great environment that has given me the chance to grow and evolve as the company does. It is so exciting to be part of such a dynamic and progressive company that provides such valuable services. The management at Chetu sees the potential in each one of their employees and they’ve helped me achieve so many goals.”

Jim Garlock
Yadira Rojas
Project Manager

“Chetu promotes an atmosphere that embraces continual learning at both the industrial and technological levels. The fact that each day I am faced with a new opportunity to learn and grow is one reason I love working at Chetu.”

Atit Shah
Atit Shah
Director of Operations

“Chetu is a great place for young and creative minds to apply their skills and knowledge, and let their talent prosper in a positive working environment. At Chetu, I am always treated as a professional and I am also thankful for the support I receive from all of my colleagues.”

Satyaban Ray
Satyaban Ray
Floor Manager

“Chetu has provided me with so many opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. It is so enjoyable to work for a company where I can be challenged each day to learn something new! The work environment is excellent for learning and development and I really appreciate the opportunity to strive for excellence in all that we do.”

Dorothy Michel
Dorothy Michel
Sales Enablement Team Lead

“I am so fortunate to have found a company that truly invests its time and money in providing me the tools to achieve my personal and career goals. Chetu is a very process-oriented company that prides itself on quality, industry knowledge, documentation, and communication.”

Dave Wood
Dave Wood
Director of Sales for Retail,
Logistics, and Procurement

“I enjoy working for Chetu because the work atmosphere is fantastic, like a home away from home. We all come from different ethnic backgrounds but still manage to feel like one big happy family striving for the same goal – to always deliver for our clients no matter how tall the task may be.”

William Dawsey
William Dawsey
Vice President of Sales
for Finance and Payments

“From the first day Chetu felt like a company with a brilliant future ready to expand because the base on which it was growing was great people, people who cared for the company, who saw the potential as well. Going above what was required was the norm, extra hours seemed worthwhile for all of us. And I was not wrong, it became a second family because of the respect and excellent work ethic I was surrounded by.”

Jessica Obando
Jessica Obando

“One of the things I love about this job is that the opportunity to succeed is tied to how driven you are to see that success. The new team members who come in have the opportunity to learn from the "trial and error" of the long time sales team members. I truly believe that there will always be a need for our services because the world runs on technology and that tech is always changing.”

Joe Maltese
Joe Maltese
National Account Manager
for Online and Land-Based
Casino Gaming

“I have been a part of the Chetu team for nearly 2 years now, and the experience has been wonderful! I really appreciate all of the new and exciting challenges and opportunities I am presented with each day here. It is great to be surrounded by people who value their work and are always striving for growth.”

Karina Stark
Karina Stark
SEO Specialist

Chetu Culture at a Glance

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  • HR Event-Republic Day
  • HR Event - Table Tennis Tournament
  • HR Event - Chess Tournament
  • Club Activity - Carrom
  • Club Activity - Carrom(1)
  • Chetu’s Annual Ugly Sweater Competition 2021 Winner - Avatara Garcia
  • Club Activity- Zumba Session (2)
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  • Employee Engagement Activity (1)
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  • Employee Engagement Activity (7)
  • Plantation work - Hordiculture
  • Surprise Quiz- Know your Company- Winner (4)
  • Surprise Quiz- Know your Company- Winner (3)
  • Halloween Surprise Party at Dallas
  • Table Tennis Tournament Winner
  • Gifts for Winners participated in Diwali Celebration
  • Cultural Event- Diwali Celebration- Winners Gift Distribution (8)
  • Cultural Event- Diwali Celebration- Rangoli Competition- Rangoli in_process (2)
  • Cultural Event- Diwali Celebration- Participants (15)
  • Cultural Event- Diwali Celebration- Fun Games (7)
  • Cultural Event - Diwali Celebration Pictures (4)
  • Table Tennis Tournament REfreshment (1)
  • HR Event - Table Tennis Tournament (6)
  • Club Activity - Carrom (6)
  • Dandiya Picture (19)
  • UK Cricket Club (3)
  • Badminton Tournament - 1
  • Badminton Tournament - Winner 2
  • Foodie and Music Club (5)
  • Foodie and Music Club (1)
  • Club Activity -Chess 3
  • Independence Day Celebration Picture 4
  • Independence Day Celebration Picture 5
  • Women’s Day - Caricature (1)
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  • COVID-19 Pandemic Community Relief (2)




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