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Custom Corrections & Jail Management System Development

Streamline jail management with our AI-powered solutions to streamline workflows including housing, scheduling, inmate tracking, and data storage.

We Have Experienced Jail Management Software Developers 

We develop custom Jail Management Software that provides a comprehensive set of capabilities to manage the entire jail management lifecycle from booking to release.

Jail Management System Development

Our expert team of software developers & engineers build Jail Management System Development from scratch or integrate custom features within your existing solution to streamline workflows and optimize jailhouse operations.

Booking Management

Our developers implement custom-tailored features, functions, and modules that handle the entire intake and booking processes from start to finish.

Housing Management

We incorporate custom modules that handle jail housing management from start to finish, allowing employees to track every step of the inmates’ daily and nightly routines. 

Release Management

We integrate custom release management modules that facilitate all processes associated with inmate releases, including possession and reentry management.

Workflow Management

We create customizable Workflow Management Solutions that manage the correctional facility operations’ ins and outs, facilitating streamlined & automated processes for the entire jail ecosystem in one centralized platform.


We create custom modules that automate & streamline meticulous scheduling processes for inmates, employees, visitors, shipments & deliveries, etc. 

Data Storage

We create intuitive interfaces that input, store, and display data, including onsite video surveillance, medical profiles, employee performance records, etc.

Duty Allocations

We implement a comprehensive set of capabilities to manage work allocations for inmates and designated areas within the facility for guards to oversee. 

Inventory Management Systems

We develop and integrate customizable Inventory Management Systems to provide full control and visibility over everything that comes, goes, and stays within the confines of the correctional facility. 

Records & Case Management 

Our Records & Case Management Systems enable rapid access to essential inmate information, quick data entry, real-time alerts, extensive reporting, and immediate search & retrieval capabilities.

Financial Management Systems

We develop powerful Financial Management Systems that simplify, streamline, and automate billing & invoicing, along with inmate funds, bond collections, commissary orders, and so much more.

eSignature Integrations

We integrate electronic signature capture functionalities to offer paperless solutions, save time, increase productivity, reduce risk, and improve governance over correctional facilities of all sizes.

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Commissary & Visitation Management Solutions

We build robust Commissary Management & Visitation Management Solutions with a suite of tools designed for streamlining correctional facility operations.

Commissary Management

We provide cloud-based Commissary Management Solutions designed with a comprehensive set of capabilities that streamline processes for commissary orders, deposits, payments, shipments, and deliveries.

Food Service Management

We implement custom modules that streamline food service management processes, including kitchen staff coordination, menu planning, food ordering & delivery, food storage, and fiscal management.

Inmate Visitor Management

Our smart, simple, and secure Inmate Visitor Management Solutions aid in eliminating long queues in the visitation area, minimizes staffing requirements, and essentially automates the entire visitation process.

Inmate Telephone Systems

We develop Inmate Telephone Systems (ITS) software, integrated with a wide variety of systems, including inmate trust fund, commissary, kiosk, banking, and jail management systems.

AI-Powered Corrections & Jail Management Software Solutions

Our AI algorithms for correctional management software assist in effective operation and resource management. Our Artificial intelligence algorithms contribute to robust security measures through real-time surveillance and risk assessment.

AI-Enhanced Staff Monitoring & Admin Efficiency

Our developers can bolster safety measures for correctional officers through wearable devices equipped with AI algorithms. The devices monitor vital signs to signal when there are signs of distress, enabling prompt emergency responses. Our AI-powered systems also streamline scheduling and resource allocation, reducing workload for staff and mitigating errors.

AI-Powered Facility Security

We develop AI-powered surveillance systems that enhance the security of correctional facilities. They automatically monitor camera feeds and identify unusual activities or potential security breaches. Facial recognition technology tracks and identifies visitors, staff, and inmates. It also identifies equipment and infrastructure issues, mitigating downtime.

Contraband Detection driven by AI

Our experts can integrate computer vision capabilities to detect contraband items like weapons, drugs, or communication devices. The AI-powered computer vision analyzes visual data from X-ray scans and sound data from audio recordings to determine suspicious misconduct, ensuring secure correctional facilities.

Prisoner Classification & Risk Assessment with AI

Our team develops AI algorithms that analyze inmate historical data to segment the population based on risk levels and needs. The algorithms help determine appropriate housing, security levels, and rehabilitation programs for each inmate.

Correctional Medical Management Solutions

We develop and integrate Inmate EMR, EHR, EMAR, and other medical data into existing Jail Management Solutions for optimized interoperability and flexibility.

EHR & EMR Management Systems

We help correctional organizations go paperless by integrating EHR & EMR software, allowing them to demonstrate improved compliance, quicker actions regarding inmate health concerns, and appropriately assessed medical treatments.

Clinic Management Systems

We implement Clinic Management modules, enabling organizations to streamline inmate attendance & clinical visits, schedule off-site hospital visits, and communicate disease information with the CDC database.

Electronic Medication
Administration Records

We integrate EMAR systems to allow medical professionals to scan inmates’ IDs for real-time medication record access & updates, manage medication inventory, track in-take & refusal, and automate reorders from pharmacies.

Inmate Healthcare
Finance Management

We implement feature-rich Inmate Health Finance Management capabilities into Jail Management Systems, along with commissary software, to debit inmate trust accounts and generate copays for medical services.

Inmate Tracking & Security Software Solutions

Our custom Inmate Tracking & Security Software Solutions allow correctional facilities to track all inmate movements and measure employee performances in real-time.

Inmate Management

We develop custom Inmate Management Solutions to effectively track inmates’ movements, monitor activities & behaviors, manage housing occupancy, and more in real-time backed by a secure, integrated network.

Tracking & Monitoring

We create Inmate Tracking software that allows you to monitor inmate movements and track occupancy levels by reading & storing inmate RFID reader data.

Employee Management

We implement employee management modules within your jail management solution to automate processes for measuring job performances, designating correctional officers to specific areas within the facility, and setting up alerts to notify jail staff of any security breaches or threats.


Our custom Inmate Management Systems contains a robust set of features, including automation for inmate transportation to work release programs, hospitals, court, etc.

Inmate Identification Tools

We engineer QR scanners, RFID readers, and barcode tracking software, along with advanced fingerprint scanners and other biometric ID software to capture a wide range of data, including onsite or offsite movements, disciplinary actions, and more.

Activity Logging

Our Jail Management Systems allow correctional facility personnel to track, monitor, record, and log inmate & staff movements within the facility in real-time, supported by a secure cloud-based network for storing information.

Surveillance Solutions

We develop custom Surveillance Software Solutions using artificial intelligence (AI), connected sensors (IoT devices), tracking wristbands, cloud storage, and data analytics enabling real-time guard and inmate movement monitoring.

Regulatory Compliance

Our experienced team of software developers and engineers build our custom Jail Management Solutions to ensure full compliance with regulatory security standards associated with the National Institute of Corrections (NIC).

Inmate Reentry Software Solutions

We design Inmate Reentry Solutions that automate and streamline offender release program processes while aiding in reducing recidivism.

Parole & Probation Management

We integrate Probation Department Systems functions with Court Case Management Systems to auto-generate letters, forms, and other correspondence between the Court, probationers, and victims.

Diversion Programs & Housing

We create portals that enable access to essential documentation and forms for Diversion Services, including housing, treatment services, community support & case management, etc., for inmates upon release.

Transportation & Location

We engineer advanced Transportation & Location Management systems that allow for tracking released inmates via GPS ankle/wrist devices and handling transportation logistics for inmate release.

Inmate Funds
Return Processing

Our innovative software solutions allow correctional facilities to streamline the release process via an easy-to-use system for returning inmate funds and personal possessions at the time of release.

Human Resource Management Solutions

We offer Human Resource Management & Human Capital Management (HCM) Software Development Services to manage correctional officers and civilian staff members.

HRMS Solutions

We develop and integrate custom Human Resource Management Systems to effectively manage employee time & attendance, payroll & benefits, background checks & drug screening schedules, and security rounds & headcount performance.

Payroll & Employee Benefits

Our custom portals enable employees to manage their benefits & salary payments and HR personnel to facilitate ACH payroll processes.

Background Checks & Drug Screening

We integrate background checking tools to streamline the hiring process, along with modules for scheduling & facilitating random drug screenings.

Security Rounds & Headcount Performance

We implement custom-tailored fully automated modules to manage security rounds and inmate headcounts, eliminating manual processes.

Chetu’s Integration Advantage

We integrate custom features, functions, and modules into third-party Jail Management Software APIs to create the perfect custom solution for your correctional facility. 

Jail Management Software

We integrate custom features to existing Jail Management Solutions, like JailTracker, DXC Offender360, eOMIS, or GTL to create the perfect product for your correctional operations.

DXC Offender 360

eSignature Software

We integrate electronic signature software, like DocuSign, HelloSign, PandaDoc, eversign, to promote paperless solutions for legally sensitive documents and forms.


Human Resources Management Software

We integrate industry-leading HR tools, like ADP, SAP, CakeHR, and BambooHR with custom features and functionalities to automate and streamline workflows.



Drop us a line or give us a ring about jail management system development. We would love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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