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Chetu develops customized, full-service payroll software that streamlines and automates payroll processes, state/federal tax calculations, employee management, pay data entry, and more while maintaining compliance, offloading administrative burdens, reducing risks, and saving businesses more time & money.

Payroll Software Development

We develop custom payroll software solutions designed to effectively streamline and automate all payroll-related workflows, ensuring that your payroll & tax calculations, payments, and filings are completed quickly, consistently, and with ease.

Payroll Integrations & Certifications

We integrate and certify payroll management software with the U.S. Department of Labor’s (USDOL) web-based State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES) for the electronic transmission of unemployment insurance information requests.

HCM Mobile Applications

Our developers build intuitive, responsive, and highly functional web & mobile applications that incorporate essential HRIS & HRMS functions, including business administration, personnel tracking, payroll management, and other core functions.

HR Benefits Administration Software

We develop payroll benefits administration software that enables users to manage their healthcare, dental, vision, 401k, disability, life insurance, FSA, HSA, HRA, workers' compensation, stock options, and all other benefits information.

Analytics Dashboards & Reporting

Our developers engineer custom reporting and analytics dashboards that enable HR professionals to create and share reports quickly, designed with powerful filters that allow users to generate reports using role-based access controls (RBAC).

ACA Compliance Software

We seamlessly integrate Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance management & tracking tools to generate 1095-C forms for employees, 1094-C forms for employers, and other reporting requirements that satisfy IRS sections 6055 and 6056.

Online Payroll & Benefits Administration Software Solutions

We engineer custom payroll & benefits administration systems to help organizations of all sizes effectively manage employee payroll, benefits packages, hiring & onboarding, time & attendance, talent management, and all other human resource management processes.

Payroll & Benefits Software Solutions

We program employee benefits enrollment modules within existing HCM and HRMS/HRIS solutions to facilitate employee enrollment via a web-based interface.

Payroll Direct Deposit EFT Software Solutions

We engineer direct deposit Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) features, via Automated Clearing House (ACH), within existing HCM systems to streamline billing management.

Payroll Tax Management Software Solutions

We develop automated payroll tax management software solutions to make accurate deduction calculations, create tax forms, and electronically file taxes.

Custom Payroll Software Features & Capabilities

Chetu’s payroll management software solutions are jam-packed with robust, customizable, and interoperable features that all work together seamlessly on an all-in-one platform.

Employee Self-Service

Engineer intelligent and mobile-friendly self-service portals that empower employees to find pertinent information, answer questions, and submit transactions, all without human assistance.

Tax Calculations & Filing

Automatically deducts federal, state, social security, medicare, unemployment, and disability insurance taxes and creates federal, state, W-4, W-2, W-3, 940, 941, 944, 1099, and 1099-MISC tax forms.

Wage Garnishment

We implement an intelligent wage garnishment calculation tool that automatically deducts earnings from all employees’ disposable paychecks showcasing their federal, state, and local income.

Expense Management

Incorporating e-signature capture and other automated data entry tools enable employers to quickly add payment reimbursements, capture receipts electronically, approve documents, and more on any device.

Accounting & Time-Tracking

We build time tracker apps designed to increase productivity, manage budgets, and track the amount of time that every employee works (clock-in/clock-out hours) exported on a comprehensive timesheet.

Compliance Dashboard

We build customizable compliance dashboards that provide full visibility of regulatory compliance laws, enabling employees to view, manage, and modify important compliance-related updates.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

We implement single sign-on capabilities with password user authentication to allow all employees to log into their employee profile/account using their unique set of login credentials.

Multi-State Payroll

For employees that live in one state but work in another state over the course of a year, we implement multi-state payroll management features that secure payroll compliance on a local, state, and federal level.

Custom Reporting Modules

We design customizable payroll reporting modules that document and summarize all detailed information about employees, including federal income taxes withheld, wages paid, time worked, and more.

Custom Payroll Software Integrations

Our developers seamlessly integrate third-party human capital management (HCM), workforce management, and payroll software solutions with your current business processes to reduce processing time, ensure compliance, and deliver the perfect paycheck.


Quickbooks Payroll

For businesses using Intuit Quickbooks to manage their accounting efforts, we integrate Quickbooks Payroll to help businesses effectively manage everything in one place.



For real-time analytics across all HR & HCM-related processes, we offer Paycom integrations, providing every company with the opportunity to streamline their payroll system.



Experience peace of mind in knowing that you’ll always have the resources to pay your employees and taxes accurately and on time with ADP software integrations.


Oracle Payroll

By integrating Oracle Payroll with your current Oracle ERP, SCM, HCM, or EPM suite, you can focus on more important day-to-day business operations without worrying about payroll.



Chetu offers seamless Kronos payroll integrations to deliver powerful workforce and human capital management solutions for businesses of all sizes and industry types.



Keep your business running smoothly with top-ranked, seamless OnPay integrations, allowing your employees to get paid faster, accurately, and without hassle.


Learn more about the benefits of payroll software and drop us a line or give us ring with any inquiries on our payroll software development services. We would love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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