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Driving Telehealth Innovation With AI-Powered Solutions

Telehealth Software Solutions: Convenient and Collaborative Remote Care for Patients

We provide custom telehealth apps, virtual care solutions and telemedicine platform development services for healthcare providers. We ensure our virtual visit software and app solutions are interoperable, compliant, and programmed with data encryption for web and mobile systems.

Video Conferencing

Our telemedicine solutions include robust, HIPAA compliant video-conferencing software that facilitates virtual doctor's appointments and physician-to-physician consultations via desktops, mobile devices, and web browser apps. Additionally, we engineer synchronous health systems such as EMAR (Electronic Medication Administration Record) software with advanced features like screen sharing, recording, interactive voice response (IVR), single sign-on capabilities, multipoint control units (MCU), and reliable streaming.

Clinical Workflows

Chetu provides a complete communication platform, plus the hands-on support of clinical and technical telemedicine software development experts. We integrate alarm management with a mobile communication strategy that ultimately improves your clinical workflow processes. Our developers also provide integration with EMRs and other medical devices.

Telemedicine Software Solutions

We develop telemedicine apps with cloud-based features for hospitals, medical practices, and other healthcare networks. Our telehealth apps development services or telehealth patient portal allow you to create telemedicine applications for video-conferencing medical consultations, sharing clinical and administrative data, transmitting images, managing e-prescriptions, remotely monitoring patients, and interfacing with telesurgery equipment. Additionally, we engineer programs through intuitive patient portals for in-home, forensic, and crisis telepsychiatry care.

Billing Software

We develop custom billing platforms allowing for electronic charting, scheduling, accurate charge capture and management, intuitive billing analytics, and reporting as part of a digital office. Our tools and reports allow for faster billings times and higher collection rates. Chetu's telemedicine billing is cloud-based which means easy software updates along with access anytime and anywhere.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions to Drive Telehealth

Telehealth’s sustained success is predicated on partnerships with adept software developers to design and implement cutting-edge resources that drive its performance. Chetu’s expert-level software developers leverage Artificial Intelligence resources that enhance telehealth to modernize medicine, enable remote patient monitoring, streamline healthcare protocols, customize patient care plans, and improve patient engagement.

Virtual Care with Artificial Intelligence

Chetu’s dedicated developers work to enable and augment virtual care programs, promoting patient engagement and providing streamlined patient monitoring with Software as a Medical Device. Programmed by our experts, SaMD is a new resource coupled with AI that captures patient data and transmits pertinent patient updates to connected providers, offering healthcare officials new avenues to monitor and advise patients while implementing individualized care plans.

AI Chatbots in Telehealth

Chetu’s adept software designers customize and deploy robust chatbots enhanced with natural language processing (NLP) to enable 24/7 access to medical guidance in real time, providing nuanced conversations that interpret, analyze and engage with patients and end-users. Our intuitive chatbots enable streamlined access to critical healthcare documents and promote patient engagement.

AI-Driven Remote Patient Monitoring

Let out expert-level software designers customize and deploy AI-driven remote patient monitoring programs to reduce in-person patient triaging expenses and reduce wait times for healthcare access. Chetu’s skilled AI programmers augment software-driven medical devices to accurately monitor patients in real time, transparently sharing critical health data with providers to ensure patient safety and reduce costly, in-person hospitalizations.

Telehealth Personalization with AI

Chetu’s experts leverage AI to build intuitive and robust treatment programs personalizing patient experiences with today’s healthcare providers. AI enables streamlined physician consultations that accurately forecast how prescriptions interact with personalized treatment plans, promoting the best strategy to elevate patient care while reducing human error with diagnosis and prescribing.

Predictive Analytics in Telehealth with AI

Our expert-level developers augment predictive analytics with AI to compile large volumes of data and transform it into forecasts of future outcomes. Healthcare providers are empowered to monitor current patient care plans and proactively strategize for plans focused on future patient outcomes associated with chronic diseases, medication, and other critical documentation encompassing healthcare delivery.

Machine Learning in Telehealth

Chetu’s dedicated developers optimize machine learning (ML) to streamline patient data and record-keeping, analyzing data in real time to identify patterns to aid in treatment strategies, and facilitate interoperability between medical institutions. Machine learning takes complex data sets and makes accurate diagnoses in real time, eliminating costly human error. Machine learning enables remote scheduling and access based on data determining staff availability vs. patient demand and peak hours, eliminating scheduling bottlenecks while enhancing the patient experience.



Chetu's developers ensure your software complies with regulatory standards including specifications set by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Office of the National Coordinator – Authorized Testing and Certification Body (ONC-ATCB), HITECH's Meaningful Use Stage 1 and 2 (MU-1 & MU-2), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), NCPDP regulations, Health Level 7 International (HL7), and the 21st Century Cures Act.

Telemedicine Software Support

In addition to developing custom telemedicine software solutions, our telemedicine software development experts provide support services to ensure optimal performance of your telemedicine platform. Our experts perform troubleshooting, maintenance, and upgrades for optimal outcomes.

Telemedicine Software Maintenance

Our software specialists provide timely maintenance and continued monitoring to ensure optimal performance of all telemedicine system resources. From providing quick and accurate data processing to elevating patient care, our software maintenance team offers timely maintenance to mitigate costly workflow interruptions.

Telehealth Upgrade Services

Leveraging upgraded APIs to create a seamless exchange of information within healthcare platform systems, Chetu facilitates easy interoperability with upgrade services to optimize your Electronic Health Records and billing systems. We strive to provide all professionals and patients with robust resources to improve outcomes.

EHR Integration

We develop telemedicine platforms that possess powerful store-and-forward capabilities for providing high-performance healthcare services to high-mobility providers and remote settings. We also transmit EHRs and EMRs, biometric data, test results, and teleradiology images using secure messaging and encrypted file transfer processes. Additionally, we enable multicasting, caching intermediary switching centers, and real-time communication utilizing logistical networking.

Medical Device Integrations

We utilize HL7 standards to network telemedicine platforms for transmitting data from EMRs/EHRs and medical imaging software, streamline revenue cycle management (RCM) workflows displayed in hospital information systems (HIS) using telehealth platforms, and program interfaces for health information exchanges (HIE). Our third-party telehealth integrations come from, VirtuMedix, Chiron Health, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Telehealth Software

AI allows physicians to leverage data-driven decisions, automatically compiled in real-time to create prompt action plans for deploying individualized patient care. Creating individualized patient care facilitates efficient treatment plans and elevates the patient/physician relationship.

For telemedicine, software solutions include video conferencing tools, electronic health records (EHR), patient portals, and scheduling software. Hardware typically includes computers, mobile devices, and webcams.

Future technology will continue to facilitate telemedicine’s positive impact, such as integrating more AI-driven resources, enhancing intuitive patient wearables for more connectivity, and customized hardware for optimized remote patient care monitoring.

Telemedicine software expenses vary depending on customizations and healthcare provider specifications. Chetu offers a variety of price points and customizations to suit your budget.


Drop us a line with inquiries about telehealth website, apps and telemedicine software development services. We’d love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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