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Chetu’s Web development team has extensive legal industry experience providing best-in-class Legal Management Software Development Services from the ground up and revamping existing solutions through custom-tailored integrations.

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Law Firm Management Software

We develop Law Firm Management Software that’s custom-tailored to suit the unique needs of legal practices, centralizing all matters and invoices, optimizing greater spend control, and empowering legal operations.

Embedded Document Management

We implement embedded document management controls, enabling users to store, locate, and manage all matter-related work documents in a centralized document database.

Court Diary Management

We apply court diary management modules into existing systems to update schedules daily so that legal professionals never forget a court date.

Account Management

We integrate account management systems with law firm management systems to enable full visibility and control over expenses and account information.

Case Management Software Development

We develop feature-rich Case Management Software designed to centrally store case-related information, track client details, manage billing information, locate essential case notes, and schedule appointments.

Workflow Analysis

Legal professionals can leverage built-in workflow analysis modules to manage case-related tasks and ensure consistency of all cases management procedures.

Title Management

Our engineers code personalized features for title search, title production, title closing, and title insurance software designed with document management capabilities.

Centralized Database

We engineer robust centralized databases to simplify legal data procedures, handle documents, manage billing & accounting, and locate client details. 

AI-Powered Platform

Our legal software incorporates AI technology, including machine learning, natural language processing, and predictive analytics, to help automate time-consuming tasks such as contract analysis, legal research, and e-discovery. By leveraging these advanced technologies, Chetu's legal software can help law firms and legal departments work more efficiently, reduce costs, and improve accuracy. Additionally, our platform can be customized to meet each client's unique needs, ensuring that the software is tailored to specific workflows and processes.

Contract Management Software Development

We develop Contract Management Software to enable legal professionals to generate hundreds of error-free renewal contracts and standard documents within minutes using automation and e-signature capture.

Litigation Support Software Development

Our expert developers engineer Litigation Support Software to help legal practices manage the phases of litigation, and custom e-discovery software solutions for effective processing, review, and production.

Compliance Software Development

We develop compliance management software to ensure that legal institutions understand and recognize their compliance responsibilities while also incorporating them into their daily business processes.

Audit Software Development

Our developers create custom Audit Software tools for policy and procedure compliance, finances, operations, IT, etc., equipped with automated filtering modules, event triggers, and workflow design.

Image showing Legal Management Workflow Automation.

Legal Management Workflow Automation

We develop Legal Management Software that streamlines workflows through advanced automation, real-time integrations, full visibility & control, and comprehensive insights to increase legal productivity.

Legal Spend Control

We automate billing systems to promote greater legal spend control, route invoices, and automate accruals to provide full control and visibility into legal spend. 

Matter Management

We program existing systems to record all matters, automate matter management approval workflows, and streamline workflows with customizable matter templates.

Accruals Management

To help legal teams avoid unexpected financial surprises, we implement systems that automate accruals collection and reporting tasks. 

Custom Legal Management Software Solutions

We engineer custom-tailored Legal Management Software Solutions to help legal practices automate repetitive tasks, streamline workflows, and store legal documentation in an all-in-one platform.

Law Firm Software Solutions

We develop App complete and fully integrated Law Firm Software Solutions to help legal practices manage their case-related information, departments, legal files, contracts, reports, and more to meet organization requirements.

Legal Management Mobile Applications

We engineer Legal Management Mobile Applications that enable legal professionals to build case lifecycles, delegate tasks within their team, share calendars and events, track notes, communicate with clients, and organize files.

Legal Billing Software Solutions

We program complete Legal Billing Software Solutions, integrated within your existing back-office systems, to offer automated batch invoice generation, editing, and approval to streamline accounting workflows.

Virtual Law Firm Solutions

We develop cloud-based Virtual Law Firm Solutions that include robust features, such as video conferencing & collaboration tools, user & client-facing portals, and more for optimized legal practice management.

Cloud-Based Legal Management Solutions

Our Cloud-Based Legal Management Solutions centralize your law firm’s operational processes, documents, and finances in a secure environment, promoting enhanced collaboration, mobility, and automation.

Calendar & Events Management Solutions

We implement Calendar & Events Management functionalities, allowing legal practices to manage meetings, calendar invites, events, and client & internal communications in a centralized, organized platform.

Legal Management Software Integrations

We integrate third-party software APIs with existing back-office systems to automate processes, enhance document management, and save time.

Legal Management Software 

We integrate legal management systems, such as Clio, PCLaw, PracticePanther, and MyCase into existing workflows.

Legal Management Software

Third-Party Software APIs

We integrate with third-party product APIs, like Quickbooks, Xero, Dropbox, and DocuSign to streamline workflows.

Third-Party Software APIs

Frequently Asked Questions about Legal Software

Legal software refers to software applications specifically designed for use by legal professionals, such as lawyers, paralegals, and law firms.

Common types of legal software include practice management software, document management software, time and billing software, case management software, and e-discovery software.

Legal software can help streamline legal processes, improve efficiency and productivity, reduce errors and redundancies, enhance client communication and satisfaction, and improve overall profitability.

The most common applications of AI in legal software include document review, contract analysis, legal research, eDiscovery, case prediction and analytics, and chatbots for client communication.

Yes, AI can be used to automate legal tasks such as document review, contract analysis, and eDiscovery. It uses machine learning algorithms to analyze and interpret large volumes of data, identify patterns and trends, and provide valuable insights and analytics.

AI technology is impacting legal professionals and their roles by automating routine tasks and enabling them to focus on more complex and strategic tasks. It is also creating new opportunities for legal professionals to provide more value-added services to clients and improving their decision-making abilities.

Legal software can result in significant cost savings for law firms while improving accuracy, efficiency, and client satisfaction. Legal software can automate routine tasks, improve accuracy, increase efficiency, and provide predictive analytics, reducing labor costs, improving accuracy, and reducing legal disputes and litigation.

AI helps in legal software by automating routine and time-consuming tasks, such as document review, legal research, contract analysis, and eDiscovery. It also enables legal professionals to quickly search and analyze large volumes of data, make informed decisions, and provide more efficient and effective services to clients.


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