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Marketing Automation Software Development

Chetu’s digital marketing automation technology services and solutions enable markets to gain a 360-degree, single-customer view of their customers based on customer behaviors.

Lead Generation & Affiliate Marketing Automation Services

Scale personalized customer experiences and uncover hidden patterns in customer behaviors across all customer touchpoints with Chetu’s marketing automation tools implementation and integration services.

SMS, Email, & Social Media Distribution

Implement robust data aggregation & marketing message distribution tools to schedule the distribution of personalized SMS, social media, and email marketing campaigns.

Multi-Channel Tracking & Attribution

Program location-based data services using GPS technologies, value-added reseller (VAR) management technologies, analytics & reporting tools, and ROI measurement tools .

Analytics & Reporting Dashboards

Implement built-in analytics & reporting dashboards to learn which email campaigns, social posts, webpages, and other traffic sources drive the most conversions.

B2B Marketing Automation Platforms and Tools

Develop digital marketing marketing automation tools and platforms that unify data across all major channels, catalogs, and CRMs, empowering marketing teams to deliver connected customer experiences.

Marketing Lifecycle Management

Marketing funnel automation apps enable businesses to monitor, plan, prioritize, and optimize customer interactions and communication across multiple channels.

Website Personalization Services

We build websites with compelling content, stunning UX/UI designs, and integrated web browser push notifications to capture user attention and drive website engagement.

B2B Marketing Automation Software Integrations

Collect and funnel your marketing data into your preferred workflow solution, including your data warehouse, CRM, dashboard solution, or a newly-developed AI powered custom solution.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Marketing Automation

Drive revenue, streamline operations, and elevate client relationships through our AI-powered solutions for marketing automation. Leveraging our AI solutions can take your marketing strategies to unprecedented heights.

Enhanced Efficiency in
Campaign Management

Our marketing solution specialists develop and integrate AI to automate campaigns, fully optimize email messaging delivery, fully automate daily tasks, and enable enhanced customer service to expedite the completion of all queries.

Artificial Intelligence
Lead Scoring

Convert more sales by utilizing data analysis to accurately determine which leads have the greatest likelihood of becoming a sales conversion. Chetu’s marketing automation solutions not only grow your marketing leads but also reduces efforts spent on clients that do not produce sales revenue.


Chetu designs and deploys intuitive chatbots with accurate Natural Language Processing (NLP) to elevate customer care and engagement, collect invaluable client data and monitor campaign performance, and create unique client profiles to enable businesses to deliver a personalized customer experience tailored to individual needs.

Automated Content

Creative and consistent content creation is vital for designing effective marketing campaigns. Chetu utilizes the unprecedented power of AI to automatically create collateral to effectively target multiple audiences, generating SEO-optimized headlines to enhance campaign visibility.


Creating personalized content enables positive customer interaction, brand loyalty, and increased revenue opportunities. Chetu leverages AI to design a completely individualized marketing campaign and customer experience by tailoring content to specific buyer personas, leveraging AI to analyze customer profiles and intent data.

AI Innovations for
E-Mail Marketing

Chetu’s AI-driven e-mail marketing programs empower businesses to elevate campaigns, drive revenue, expand the scope of personalized marketing, and streamline processes. Our software specialists create dynamic e-mail marketing collateral with automated, effortless delivery to all targeted audiences.

Omnichannel Marketing Automation Software Solutions

Chetu leverages AI & predictive intelligence to engineer intuitive omnichannel marketing platforms, enabling marketers to create and manage omnichannel campaigns.

Dynamic Customer Profiles

Provide real-time tracking of all customer interactions on your custom website or application via client-side JavaScript, or server-side SDKs, APIs, data integrators, and file uploads.

Predictive Intelligence

Implement AI-powered predictive models, BI analytics, & machine learning tools to rank prospects based on their likelihood to perform desired business actions.

Audience Segmentation

Engineer powerful & intuitive segmentation engines that pull rich data to define segments based on user attributes, affinities, transaction history, site activity, and more.

Email Marketing Management Solutions

We develop drag-and-drop email editor platforms that enable marketers to create personalized, relevant, and on-brand email marketing campaigns.

Conversational Marketing Solutions

Develop and integrate custom chatbot software and personalized interactive voice response (IVR) technology to simplify the buying process and improve customer relationships.

Mobile Marketing Automation Software Solutions

Developers implement and automate triggers for batch push notifications, SMS, and dynamic in-app messaging features to optimize the customer journey lifecycle.

Product Recommendation Marketing Solutions

Custom recommendation engines enable the creation of personalized recommendations of affinity products, next-best products, move viewed & top trending items, and more.

Marketing Automation Platform Integrations

Our experts leverage third-party marketing automation tools and platforms, modifying your existing or custom b2b marketing automation software to create the ideal platform for your marketing needs.

CRM Integrations

Seamlessly integrate b2b marketing automation solutions , including HubSpot, Salesforce, Keap (formerly Infusionsoft), Zoho, and more to augment your existing CRM systems to deliver omnichannel experiences faster and more efficiently.


Marketing Automation Tools Integrations

We leverage third-party b2b marketing automation software and tools, including Constant Contact, Infusionsoft, ManyChat, Blueshift, and more, to integrate within your CRM and other business processes to promote intelligent marketing decision-making.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Marketing Automation Software

B2B marketing automation software are tools designed to fully streamline marketing workflows by reducing manual tasks such as data entry. Marketing automation resources optimize campaigns, accurately identify target audiences, and cultivate leads to generate sales conversions for driving new revenue.

Marketing automation amplifies Account Based Marketing by accurately identifying individual users and their interests and then automating branding messages to those individuals. Marketing automation expedites the increased scope of account-based marketing, enabling the creation of new revenue streams.

Return on Investment is determined by individualized benchmarks and monitoring of customized metrics but studies show that 80% of marketers experience increased leads with marketing automation tools, with an average boost of 451% in qualified lead generation.

Lead management is the backbone of the entire sales process. Successful lead management efficiently identifies qualified leads from accurately targeted clients and quickly converts to sales, generating new revenue streams and creating optimized branding strategies.


Drop us a line or give us a ring with any questions regarding our Marketing Automation Software Solutions. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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