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NetSuite Products Overview

A cloud-based business software solution to meet your growing needs.

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Grow your business intelligence with NetSuite Products

NetSuite is the global provider of cloud business software. NetSuite products help companies manage core business processes. A single integrated system supports CRM, ERP and accounting, e-commerce, and more.

NetSuite Alliance Partner, Chetu offers best-in-class services tailored to your business goals. Your success is our top priority! Expert NetSuite consultants will design and install complete NetSuite solution. We provide everything from business process customization, to technical and functional support. NetSuite provides comprehensive support for all the major industries. More than 40,000 companies leverage NetSuite to lower costs, and streamline workflows.

NetSuite for Small, Midsize and Enterprise

Small Business

Unlock the full growth and performance potential of your organization with modern, custom-tailored business solutions that are cost-effective, quick to scale, and future proof of long-term innovation and development for your company.

Midsize Business

Oracle NetSuite for midsize companies helps you to accelerate your expansion into new markets, easily launch new product lines, and efficiently connect with consumers in new channels. Take your business to where it was intended to go.


NetSuite has opened a whole new world of opportunities for multinational companies. We empower your organization to remain agile and competitive on every market, business model (B2B, B2C or B2X), across every part of the world.

NetSuite Oneworld

Multi-countries business management for e-commerce, ERP, CRM, NetSuite OneWorld is a cloud-based platform developed to simplify international business operations. A single solution to manage companies across the globe. It handles different currencies, tax systems, and reporting obligations and PSA (professional services automation).

Global ERP

NetSuite OneWorld integrates multinational companies' business processes within a single comprehensive platform. One solution that solves currency adjustment, taxation, consolidation, and local legal compliance issues.

Global CRM

NetSuite OneWorld helps you manage complex business strategies with multiple currencies and languages involved. It automatically adapts the operation process to global differences including culture, data structure, and privacy.

Global SRP

NetSuite Services Resource Planning provides comprehensive solutions to manage services workflows, including marketing, project and funds management, service delivery, and maintaining relationships with existing clients.

Global Business Intelligence

NetSuite OneWorld gives you constant real-time visibility across your entire organization worldwide, with real-time updates and constant access to all your business data. It includes reporting, KPI's, and dashboards.

Global Ecommerce

NetSuite OneWorld is a single solution to manage your e-commerce business across geopolitical borders. It solves management complicities of international web stores worldwide, such as locations, languages, and currencies.

How can we help?

From small businesses to global enterprises, Chetu's custom NetSuite solutions allow your business to grow by improving your business workflows and providing flexibility and adaptability for the future.

NetSuite Openair- world's #1 PSA solution for your Services Business

Professional Services Automation software from NetSuite OpenAir provides the entire services organization with real-time visibility and access to the tools and data you need anytime and anywhere.

Time Management

Global Accounting

Dashboards & Reporting

Resource Management

Expenses Management

Project Management

NetSuite SuiteCommerce - a Single Solution for Your Ecommerce Business

Chetu sees ecommerce as a core component of your business and helps it grow into integrated solution that connects each step of operational process a multi-channel and global organizations. It includes Ecommerce, POS, Marketing, CRM, product and order management.

Fully customized Ecommerce solution

Workflow Automation

Real-time Management

Anywhere Access

Expert SuiteCommerce Developers

SuiteCommerce implementation

SuiteCommerce Integrations

SuiteCommerce Customizations

We Are Expert NetSuite SuiteCommerce Developers

Expert SuiteCommerce Implementations

Expert SuiteCommerce Implementations

As SuiteCommerce developers we create intricate workflows and tailor-made industry-specific business processes with configured advanced modules and implementation of custom scripts for optimized deployment and installation.

Consistent SuiteCommerce Integrations

Consistent SuiteCommerce Integrations

We integrate your SuiteCommerce platform with other NetSuite or 3rd party applications such as PayPal, Salesforce, ERP, CMS, email, and social platforms for a full-featured Omni channel e-commerce solution.

Structured SuiteCommerce Configurations

Structured SuiteCommerce Configurations

We seamlessly configure your SuiteCommerce and SuiteCommerce Advanced platforms to include search fields, sort fields, and custom facet fields for optimized website search features that enhance web store capability .

Tailored SuiteCommerce Customizations

Tailored SuiteCommerce Customizations

We customize your SuiteCommerce platform through extension, theme and website design configurations and development, customizing your category, sub category, menu, cart page and product details page.

SharePoint Integration

Extensive SuiteCommerce Development

We create intuitive feature-rich SuiteCommerce websites on an HTML5 and CSS3 compliant framework. Our development services include responsive NetSuite website and browser designs that work perfectly on every device.

Seamless SuiteCommerce Migrations

Seamless SuiteCommerce Migrations

We have a complete understanding of SuiteCommerce's site architecture, website design and development for a seamless website migration process that ensures consistent XML sitemap, metadata, and website content optimization.

B2C and B2B eCommerce on One Platform

SuiteCommerce Solutions

Netsuite B2C eCommerce

NetSuite SuiteCommerce creates an optimized B2C ecommerce experience by providing a uniquely personalized and branded, information-rich, shopping experience. Under the NetSuite architecture, Chetu's experienced SuiteCommerce developers create a flawless online shopping experience for B2C companies who are looking for a strong consumer base with the help of a tailored e-commerce platform.

NetSuite B2B eCommerce

The SuiteCommerce platform offers a B2B centered ecommerce platform that helps organizations create a site that immerses business buyers with bulk and purchase reorder functionality to maximize buying efforts and enhance B2B relationships. As experienced SuiteCommerce developers we configure and customize your product lists to allow customers to save items to a shopping cart with one-click for quick bulk ordering and more.

Innovative SuiteCommerce Solutions


NetSuite Point of Sale

SuiteCommerce offers a full featured POS solution that meets multi-channel and multi-location in-store retail and business needs. SuiteCommerce Instore is a system that integrates omnichannel capacity into an enterprise-class, mobile-first point of sale solution. Our developers are able to personalize the SuiteCommerce InStore system to drive more sales and provide a fulfilling shopping experience.

NetSuite Order Management

The NetSuite SuiteCommerce platform offers an Order Management solution that creates omnichannel fulfillment while enabling you to effectively scale your business. As SuiteCommerce developers we integrate and configure your order management processes within the NetSuite SuiteCommerce infrastructure by providing cross channel functionality among different platforms and 3rd party applications.

NetSuite CRM

SuiteCommerce offers NetSuite Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions as part of the commerce platform. NetSuite CRM provides organizations with a unified view of a customer across a diverse channels for online and in-store visibility. We provide custom NetSuite CRM software development for automation and multi-channel management including web, mobile, social, and in person features.

NetSuite SuitePeople - #1 HCM solution for your HR team

The SuitePeople takes care of your most valuable asset-your team. NetSuite ensures employees are productive, motivated, and engaged.

NetSuite SuitePeople provides secure and complete control over HR system. It streamlines employee data and supports the onboarding process. It generates payroll, track promotions, and compensation. It simplifies time-off requests, employee schedules, new hires, and individual performance.

Chetu helps you Transform your Human Capital Management system. Our Netsuite consultants enhance effectiveness of your software solution. We help engage teams and provide exceptional employee experience across your entire organization.

NetSuite Featured Content: Stay Current With Chetu’s Tech Trends And Projects.

Chetu Simplifies CRM System Through NetSuite Migration

Case Study: Chetu Simplifies CRM System Through NetSuite Migration

Chetu's client is a global technology company responsible for the development and production of personal health and wellness software and integrated hardware products, particularly their scanning technology.

Chetu's main objective was to migrate from WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) to NetSuite through a cloud-based CRM solution, a move designed to increase visibility and ease of use.

Project Details
NetSuite Integration

Blog: NetSuite Integration – What You Need to Know

In an effort to find the best workflow solution, businesses utilize a range of platforms and applications to optimize back-office functions based on their particular business needs and requirements. Unfortunately, efficiency and accountability are often sacrificed in an attempt to streamline processes across multiple settings.

That's why integration can be useful for businesses who want to streamline and integrate customers, back-end processes, data, and various applications across an entire enterprise. NetSuite offers options for integrating internal and external systems.

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Oracle NetSuite & Amazon Integration

Blog: Oracle NetSuite & Amazon Integration

When you integrate NetSuite with the Amazon Market you can import and export inventory, customers, sales orders, and fulfillments seamlessly.

Chetu's world-class software solution developers have the technical knowledge to provide custom integration solutions of both NetSuite & Amazon for your business to stay ahead of the game.

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Mobile Payment Platforms

Blog: Oracle NetSuite Integrate Your Business

Integration is a key catalyst for business growth. It is essential to have your business software applications integrated with a robust tool such as NetSuite. The advantages of designing your systems in this manner yield tremendous cost savings & improved business productivity.

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