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Are you resistant to changing your business strategy? Learn to adapt with this travel industry leader

Written by Pravin Vazirani

Change is a constant variable in the human experience. So why is it also so intimidating and quite frankly, uncomfortable? The answer usually comes down to a fear of what comes next and the absence of a clear vision for the future.

The IATA's (International Air Transportation Association) introduction of the New Distribution Capability (NDC) standards left Global Distribution Systems' (GDS) and Travel Agents unsure of what changes would occur in their retail experience and just how much of their operations would be affected. The NDC is a set of technology standards that will give airlines the ability to distribute their rich customer accommodating content to third parties, like travel agencies. Travel agents will gain access to the airlines database of personalized information for each traveler including benefits such as preferred seating, early boarding, and lounge access. GDS' set structure does not support the distribution of rich airline content and now that most airlines are switching to NDC technology it could potentially push the GDS platform out of the market. If there are no airlines connecting to the GDS, a large percent of sales will be lost.

Sabre Corporation's Innovative Approach to NDC

Sabre Corporation, one of the leading GDS providers, is adapting to change by introducing the New Distribution Capabilities (NDC) solutions initiative, titled Beyond NDC. Although Sabre initially had doubts, they are facing the implication of NDC head-on, creatively developing solutions answers to their most pressing concerns. Just as the name suggests, they have developed solutions that go beyond what the IATA introduced. Sabre's end-to-end retailing ecosystem incorporates the new standards and is looking ahead to the trickier dynamics of shopping and booking. These pain points include schedule changes, irregular operations, voluntary changes, travel policy compliance and management and components around duty of care. As the retail experience is becoming more advanced, Sabre is focusing on the importance of maximizing the individual consumer's engagement.

Beyond NDC is targeting distinct buyer personas with…

  • Robust DataScience Approach – gaining insights and making predictions by wrangling large data sets.

  • Customer Choice Modeling – considers airline strategy, consumer preference, willingness to pay, and market context.

With Beyond NDC, Sabre is taking steps to support the advancement of the relevant parties involved, while continuing to bring their own expertise to the table. This is not the only time Sabre has shown their commitment to innovation and inclusive services. In the 1970's Sabre developed the first GDS technology that changed everything about the travel retail experience giving travel service providers and third party sellers a way to maximize their marketing visibility and reach new heights in sales. Beyond NDC is another opportunity for Sabre to embrace change, and, in turn, revolutionize the travel marketplace.

"The standard itself isn't exciting; it's what it enables and how we can innovate around it that's exciting"- Kathy M., the Director of Sabre Airline Solutions

Introducing NDC to Your Business

Chetu is a US-based software development company and authorized Sabre developer with expertise in all Sabre technology. As a trusted partner we are accompanying Sabre in the journey to implement Beyond NDC solutions. Whether you are an airline or a travel agency connecting with Sabre and Chetu will provide you access to all of the coming advancements and expertise in the hospitality industry. We share the same goals as Sabre in developing solutions that work seamlessly for the best customer experience. Chetu developers are highly focused and can provide installation, implementation, integration, migration, configuration and customization solutions to fit your specific business needs. We employ over 1,500 developers and have had thousands of applications under our belt.

"The only condition or criteria for success is your attitude towards change. For those ready to embrace change, no doubt this world will be more agile. If you retrench and reject the change, it will be more difficult to thrive."-Yanik Hoyles, NDC director at IATA.


Chetu does not affect the opinion of this article. Any mention of a specific software, company or individual does not constitute an endorsement from either party unless otherwise specified. This blog should not be construed as legal advice.

Founded in 2000, Chetu is a global provider of custom app developer services, solutions and support services. Chetu's specialized technology and industry experts serve startups, SMBs, and Fortune 500 companies with an unparalleled software delivery model suited to the needs of the client. Chetu's one-stop-shop model spans the entire software technology spectrum. Headquartered in Plantation, Florida, Chetu has fourteen locations throughout the U.S. and abroad.

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