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Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)
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Revenue Cycle Management Software Development & Implementation

We develop RCM software to enable medical facilities to shorten revenue cycles by combining EHR workflows and payment collections into a centralized source with advanced features and custom integrations.

RCM Task Management System Development

We develop task manager systems specifically for RCM that enable medical facilities to determine patient eligibility, collect patient copays and other payments, and track, code, and follow up on claims, increasing revenue and reducing time spent on billing processes.

Insurance Discovery System Development

Our experts build cloud-based, AI-driven systems to process accounts through an automated coverage identifier that verifies patient demographics, insurance profiles, and benefits using analytics and machine learning to correct information and adequately bill and collect.

Remittance Application Development

We create remittance and money transfer applications that enable medical providers to automatically post AR and quickly balance payments with cloud-based architecture, ensuring optimal efficiency, faster claim filing, and effective EOB claim management.

Healthcare Payment System Development

Chetu’s experts customize healthcare payment modules for various systems, including Medicare, inpatient PPS, outpatient PPS, MACRA, long-term care hospital PPS, and more, to enable patients to pay for value-based care through direct copay or insurance coverage.

Specialty Billing Software Development

We offer specialty billing software development for healthcare providers affiliated with multi-specialty physician groups to manage charge entry, payment posting, AR follow-up, patient billing, medical claims filing, and more with features to reduce errors and delays.

Smart Payment Collection Development

We develop smart payment collection systems to provide medical facilities with the ability to track, view, and manage payments with custom tools to create payment plans, patient AR, and increase insurance receivables.

Fortifying RCM Software with Artificial Intelligence

The revenue cycle can be an error prone process that needs optimization. Artificial Intelligence is the tool various healthcare facilities can use for fraud detection, intelligent coding and documentation, and other vital processes. Improve revenue obtained and optimize your workflow.

AI-Driven RCM Software Optimization

Integrating state-of-the-art AI technology to propel your Revenue Cycle Management goals to greater heights can be seamless with Chetu’s expertise. By using sophisticated machine learning and advanced natural language processing, we’ll provide next-level accuracy and operational efficiency within your Revenue Cycle Management processes. Plus, with an approach to achieve streamlined workflows for incredible results, your established RCM software can be upgraded with AI to achieve these goals easier and faster than ever before.

Enhancing Revenue with Predictive Analytics

Transform and enhance your revenue with AI-driven predictive analytics. At Chetu, we will leverage historical data for analysis through machine learning algorithms and real-time data to help you accurately predict the flow of your revenue. These technologies can make determinations by identifying and evaluating established and fluctuating patient payment behaviors. Implementing our AI solutions can lead to optimized financial planning for healthcare institutions worldwide. Take charge of your revenue growth better than before with the valuable insights delivered by Artificial Intelligence.

Automating Claim Processing with AI

Claim processing can be a complex process due to its involved nature. However, you can drive your efficiency to a better place with AI-directed claim processing automation. Errors will begin to wane and reimbursements will accelerate thanks to AI’s adeptness to identify inconsistencies, adherence to compliance standards, and coding discrepancies. As a result, you can experience cost reductions and improved revenue optimization with streamlined claim processing.

Improving Payment Collection and Patient Engagement

Traditional means of communication between patients and a hospital can be quite tedious and inefficient. However, with Artificial Intelligence and its subsequent applications, like personalized payment strategies and chatbots, the process won’t just be improved, but streamlined. With Chetu’s AI-powered solutions, you’ll improve communication efficiency and patient satisfaction while optimizing revenue collection as a whole.

Optimizing Workflows with Process Automation

The processes within the revenue cycle represent an extensive and multi-faceted approach to collecting money. Manual inputs and tasks create errors, delaying payment delivery. Therefore, a capable and intelligent solution within AI can be exactly what a hospital needs. With AI-powered automation, you’ll be able to minimize errors and expedite the revenue cycle on all fronts, regardless if it is patient registration or billing. Elevate your operational efficiency with AI and reap the rewards of a more robust and smoother revenue stream.

Data-Driven Insights for Decision-Making

With AI-generated insights, Chetu enables you to navigate the complicated landscape of resource allocation, revenue maximization, and compliance adherence. This is achievable through predictive analytics, as it delivers a clear look at resource needs and potential methods of revenue betterment for professionals. Capable of quickly identifying compliance pitfalls, mitigating risks, and ensuring adherence, AI serves as a data-driven solution to transform insights.

Custom Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Our expert developers create custom RCM solutions for hospitals, physicians, academic medical centers, and other healthcare facilities to improve care, achieve reform goals, and optimize coding and billing processes.

Patient Accounting Solutions

We build comprehensive custom solutions to manage inpatient and outpatient billing, including contract management, claim resolution, claim denial tracking, episodic billing, and more, to enable organizations to gain control of financial data while streamlining workflows.

Financial Clearance Solutions

Our engineers program financial clearance solutions designed for medical facilities and healthcare systems to reduce uncompensated care and enable patients to easily find funding sources for medical bills, increasing patient reimbursement and satisfaction.

Medical Record Abstraction Solutions

Chetu’s developers create custom solutions to automatically determine the status of patient encounters, assign and validate diagnoses based on recorded evidence for increased accuracy, facilitate seamless submissions of claims, and optimize reimbursement results.

Enterprise Solutions

We construct innovative solutions for large medical enterprises to manage costs and resources, focus on quality management, and coordinate patients and employees with features for tracking waitlists, generating reservations, and scheduling across departments.

Pharmacy Solutions

Our developers provide solutions designed to enable pharmacies to efficiently manage Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial immunizations, bill for durable medical equipment (DME) of all major product categories, and automate denial and recovery processes.

Cost Containment Solutions

We develop custom cost containment solutions that enable payer organizations to optimize the claim cycle by reducing overutilization and healthcare spending, increasing transparency, auditing medical accounts, PPO network administration, and PPO repricing.


Chetu’s developers ensure your software complies with regulatory standards, including specifications set by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Office of the National Coordinator- Authorized Testing and Certification Body (ONC-ATCB), HITECH’S Meaningful Use Stage 1 and 2 (MU-1 & MU-2), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Health Level 7 International (HL7), the 21st Century Cures Act, ICD-10, and HFMA.

Custom Revenue Cycle Management Features

We customize RCM solutions with an extensive range of features to optimize workflows, automate manual processes, and enhance quality across every aspect of the revenue cycle.

Accounts Receivable (AR)

We program features to enable healthcare professionals to focus on managing AR with AI-driven automation and predictive algorithms to reduce write-offs and maximize revenue.

Denial Resolution

Our experts deliver denial analysis, resolution, and follow-up features to improve collections and automatically correct coding and issues with medical insurance companies.

BI Tools

Our custom BI tools provide complete visibility of a practice’s income and performance with accurate real-time reports and valuable insights to ensure optimized medical billing.

Insurance Eligibility Verification

We provide features to determine real-time verification of insurance eligibility for Medicare, Medicaid, and private health insurance plans from a centralized access point.

Patient Portal

Chetu’s developers create user-friendly portals to enable patients to schedule appointments, make online payments, receive notifications, and communicate remotely with facilities.


Remotely access patient charts and view, change and save records in an encrypted, HIPAA-compliant environment with custom features to facilitate telehealth operations. .

Custom RCM & EMR/EHR Software Integrations

We seamlessly integrate the best, industry-leading RCM tools, EMR/EHR systems, and other healthcare tools that are compatible with FHIR, XML, JSON, CDA, EDI, CCD/C32, DICOM, and X12 formats and ICD 9-10, NDC, and SNOMED standards.


We provide custom integration with DrChrono’s digital health platform to provide billing services for cloud-based apps.

Veradigm formerly allscripts

We integrate Veradigm formerly allscripts comprehensive management solutions for large hospital organizations and physician practices.


We utilize Kareo to provide independent medical practices with cloud-based clinical and business management solutions.


We offer custom integrations with CareCloud to provide cloud-based EHR, practice management, and medical billing solutions.


Our developers use CureMD to provide EHR, patient portal, practice management, and revenue cycle management (RCM).


We utilize Epic to provide improved interoperability, combine dashboards & reports, and integrate BI tools in a single governed catalog.


We use AthenaHealth’s network to optimize RCM, care coordination, population health, patient engagement, and EMR management.


We integrate OpenEMR API with your custom EMR solution so that your medical practice can take advantage of its many features.

FAQs about AI based RCM Software

RCM software is revenue cycle management software used to generate detailed financial and managerial reports to help healthcare providers manage their revenue cycle more effectively.

Of course, RCM software helps with regulatory and compliance requirements by enabling companies to efficiently manage regulatory changes while minimizing risks and improving overall compliance effectiveness and identifying, measuring, and reporting compliance risk. With RCM you can develop a framework to manage regulatory breaches and control failures in a single location.

AI helps revenue managers make decisions based on analysis of patient behavior and identification of trends.

RCM software streamlines the RCM process, automating multiple tasks such as patient registration, verification process, claims processing, payment, denial management, and reducing manual data entry.

RCM automation uses the latest technology such as AI to automate the Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) process in healthcare and identify and address potential failures before they occur.

RCM software can help reduce the risk of bad debt by offering features such as predictive analytics, real-time dashboards, trend analysis and patient estimation tools that inform patients about risk and debt in a timely manner.

Electronic remittances are helpful in retrieving and processing claims from large commercial payers and assist in payment reconciliation.

There is a lot of research showing that AI is highly effective in outperforming humans in the quality and accuracy of medical record abstraction in key healthcare tasks.


Drop us a line or give us ring about Revenue Cycle Management services, RCM Development & RCM Implementation. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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