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Supply Chain Management Software Development

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Supply Chain Software Development

Supply Chain Management (SCM) Software Development

We develop SCM software to enable inventory management, electronic data interchange (EDI), material requirements planning (MRP), order management systems (OMS), and more.

Inventory & Manufacturing Processes

We implement analytical and material planning tools within your SCM workflows to manage end-to-end inventory & manufacturing processes.

Shipping & Logistics Support

We integrate custom shipping & logistics modules to manage all functions needed for TL, LTL, and intermodal freight operations.

Reverse Logistics Management

We incorporate logistics and return logistics post-delivery customer support processes to minimize relationship deterioration.

AI-Enabled Supply Chain Software Solutions

Chetu’s AI experts can create custom software solutions that leverage AI in supply chain and logistics to enable capabilities such as predictive forecasting, AI-powered inventory management, route optimization, and smart warehouse management.

Predictive Forecasting

At Chetu, our supply chain AI software solutions can leverage market trends, historical data, and other external sources to provide cutting-edge predictive forecasting. This allows businesses to accurately anticipate demand through pattern recognition; optimizing their production, procurement processes, and of course, inventory. Additionally, with this capability, you’ll be able to proactively respond to changing market dynamics, lower excess inventory, reduce stockouts, and improve overall operational efficiency.

AI-Powered Inventory Management

Inventory management can be a challenge, considering all of the moving parts that are a consequence of our modern living. However, with our expertise in AI, we’ll help you revolutionize your supply chain operations. Through sophisticated algorithms, not only can you generate and visualize precise demand forecasts, but you’ll also be able to monitor real-time inventory levels, and automate replenishment processes. Ultimately, incorporating our AI solutions can help you streamline your supply chain operations from end to end.

Optimizing Routes Using Artificial Intelligence

With route optimization being a primary goal, innovative artificial intelligence solutions can be leveraged to achieve that. We’ll develop a state-of-the-art AI solution that can analyze multiple variables like delivery schedules, customer locations, and traffic conditions to generate optimized routes in real-time. As a result, time traveled and fuel consumption decreases, customer satisfaction improves, and your operational efficiency enhances.

Smart Warehouse Management

Working with Chetu, we’ll enable smart warehouse management by integrating AI solutions through machine learning algorithms, AI-powered sensors, and data analytics. This implementation allows for intelligent task assignment, inventory visibility, and real-time tracking. These advantages lead to enhanced productivity and a mitigation of errors. Furthermore, with AI-driven automation and robotics you’ll be able to streamline processes, reduce labor costs, improve order fulfillment, and ensure efficient space usage.

Streamlining Operations with RPA

Repetitive tasks like data entry, invoice generation, and order processing can take too much time and be prone to manual errors. However, by leveraging Robotic Process Automation (RPA), our experienced developers will create specialized solutions that can help you achieve significant operational efficiencies. With these implementations your company can redirect their workforce to more crucial, high-value activities, and reduce costs while improving overall productivity.

Enhanced Decision Making with AI Assistance

We understand that decision-making can be the most stressful and crucial aspect of any business. This is especially true when faced with the hurdle of big data. Even so, our AI-led supply chain management software solutions can leverage data by using machine learning algorithms, and deliver real-time intelligent support for strategic and tactical decision-making. Your business can be equipped to respond to market changes, mitigate risks, and drive continuous improvement and revenue.

SCM Inventory Management Software Solutions

We implement inventory management capabilities to enable full visibility and control over your inventory, allowing you to know exactly how much material is in stock at all times.

EDI Implementation Support

We develop inventory management systems that sync inventory data across multiple channels through EDI integration.

SCM Warehouse Management

We create SCM warehouse management systems for seamless stock management, inventory status updates, channel-specific stocking, and more.

Fulfillment Management

We implement inventory & order fulfillment management modules built with accounting & multi-location part tracking capabilities.

SCM Shipping & Logistics Software Solutions

We deliver AI-driven shipping & logistics software solutions that enable real-time tracking and monitoring of product shipments, deliveries, fuel supply, and more.

Real-Time Tracking

We integrate IoT-enabled GPS tracking systems within your existing SCM system for optimized real-time tracking & monitoring.

ERP Integration & Support

We develop and integrate ERP systems within your SCM workflows to help you manage all essential data across the board.

Advanced Analytics

We leverage big data analytics to enable supply chain operation managers to identify production bottlenecks.

SCM Asset Tracking (RFID & Barcode) Software Solutions

We develop and integrate asset tracking software into existing SCM business systems to automate fixed asset tracking processes with error-free reporting.

RFID Software Development

We develop cloud-based RFID software and integrate scanner & tag hardware for optimized asset identification and tracking.

Barcode Software Solutions

We create custom barcode mapping software, and perform label-maker and printer hardware integration services.

GPS Asset Tracking Solutions

We perform advanced GPS hardware integrations that interface with desktop and mobile devices for real-time location data tracking.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Software Development

Our engineers provide custom EDI platform integrations that conform with international standards, such as EDIFACT, TRADACOMS, and ANSI ASC X12 industry standards.

EDI Retail Solutions

Our EDI retail solutions seamlessly coordinate transactions throughout all essential fulfillment stages from customers to warehouses to shippers to business partners.

EDI Financial Services

Our EDI financial services involve engineering secure EDI systems to enable financial services for merchant service providers, banking, payments, and securities.

EDI Software Integration

We perform seamless EDI system integrations with internal back-office platforms and ERPs, automatically outputting files for EDI translation.

Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) Software Development

We develop robust material resource planning (MRP) software integrated with your inventory management and order procurement systems to purchase & track raw materials.

MRP Supply Chain Solutions

We engineer MRP supply chain software solutions to optimize visibility, inventory control, order procurement, warehouse management, asset tracking, and reverse logistics.

ERP & MRP System Integration

We integrate ERP systems with MRP systems to provide complete visibility of raw materials and product metrics throughout the supply chain life cycle.

Regulatory SCM Compliance Software

We design and integrate supply chain compliance software into existing SCM systems to streamline the collection, validation, and analysis of material and compliance data.

SCM Application Solutions

We develop advanced, feature-rich supply chain management web & mobile apps, enabling supply chain operations to maintain full control of their inventory management, warehouse management, and transportation management workflows.

Supply Chain Lifecycle

Your custom SCM mobile app will allow you to manage every aspect of your supply chain & inventory management from order processing all the way through to distribution.

Shipping & Logistics

We create in-depth, comprehensive shipping & logistics software and reverse logistics software to effectively manage your shipment tracking and delivery operations.

Inventory & Orders Assistance

We develop your SCM mobile application solutions to enable real-time visibility of your inventory and orders with easy-to-use sales and purchase reporting capabilities.

Get Custom Supply Chain Management (SCM) Software Solutions

Chetu’s custom supply chain management (SCM) software solutions offer a streamlined, automated, and highly interoperable approach to all of your operational workflows and business processes.

Custom Multi-Channel Inventory Solutions

Chetu builds custom inventory management solutions that sync across multiple channels, locations, and warehouses using RFID barcodes and QR code scanners.

Custom Order Management Solutions

We develop custom order management software solutions with seamless integrations of orders from multiple inventory channels across the entire order fulfillment network.

Custom Fleet Management Solutions

We integrate custom fleet management software into your SCM solution for full visibility and control over GPS fleet tracking, maintenance, fuel, assets, and telematics.

Custom Warehouse Management Solutions

We design, develop, and integrate warehouse management solutions into your current business systems to maintain peak efficiency and control throughout your entire warehouse.

Supply Chain Management Software Support

Chetu’s supply chain management software experts are committed to providing comprehensive support services to optimize SCM software, troubleshoot issues, and enhance security.

Technical Support

Our software developers offer continuous technical support, beyond a project’s lifecycle to ensure seamless integration, rich end-user experiences, and system upgrades with no workflow disruptions. Chetu troubleshoots any system process and proactively monitors daily performance, guaranteeing optimal performance of all SCM programs.

Cloud Application Maintenance

Chetu leverages Cloud applications to create customized solutions to streamline SCM workflows and collaboration to eliminate delays and shortages. Our Cloud application experts offer continuous monitoring of all programs and our cybersecurity experts utilize all compliance protocols to eliminate threats and system downtime. Cloud applications help streamline all SCM phases and enable full end-to-end transparency.

Order Status Tracking Assistance

Supply chain management does not end once a customer or client completes an order. Chetu understands customers want full transparency to the entire ordering process, which is why our software experts design and implement intuitive status tracking assistance programs to accurately monitor order delivery progress and immediately alert customers to any changes in delivery routes.

Pricing and Availability Information

Supply chain products and service prices can change subject to demand and availability. Chetu designs and deploys customized information platforms accessible via any connected device to view all pricing and availability options in real time. Gain immediate access to dynamic pricing options and seamlessly adjust to ever-changing market conditions and mitigate supply chain disruptions.

Product Usage Instructions and Guides

Designing, marketing, and order fulfillment are not the only critical pieces within supply chain management. Chetu’s software experts design and customize intuitive chatbots utilizing Natural Language Processing (NLP) to accurately share product usage instructions and guide end-users, ensuring a completely smooth process from purchase to end user experience.

Order Placement Assistance

Chetu’s experts elevate customer service by designing, programming, and integrating intuitive platforms to elevate end-user experiences by offering streamlined order placement processes, ensuring easy display of all product options, pricing, and availability in real time to expedite order placement and facilitate return customers.

FAQs Related to AI in Supply Chain Management

In supply chain management, AI, or artificial intelligence, refers to the use of advanced technologies, such as machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision, to automate and optimize various processes within the supply chain. It utilizes algorithms and models to make predictions, provide insights, and enhance decision-making in demand forecasting, inventory management, logistics optimization, and risk analysis.

AI can offer numerous benefits in supply chain management, including:

AI algorithms can analyze historical sales data, market trends, customer behavior, and external factors for accurate demand forecasts. Machine learning techniques can identify patterns and relationships within large datasets, enabling organizations to predict demand more effectively, optimize inventory levels, and reduce stockouts or overstock situations.

Supply chain management software support is essential to maintain operational excellence, optimize inventory, increase efficiency, and adapt to industry changes. It minimizes disruptions, maximizes cost-effectiveness, and sustains a competitive advantage.

AI can significantly enhance supply chain visibility by collecting and analyzing data from various sources, including sensors, RFID tags, and IoT devices. It enables real-time monitoring of inventory levels, product locations, transportation conditions, and overall supply chain performance. This increased visibility helps organizations identify bottlenecks, optimize processes, and make more informed decisions.

AI-powered optimization algorithms can analyze vast amounts of data related to transportation routes, vehicle capacity, traffic conditions, and delivery schedules. By considering various parameters, AI can suggest the most efficient routes, load distribution, and delivery sequences, minimizing transportation costs, reducing fuel consumption, and improving overall logistics efficiency.

Yes, AI can play a crucial role in supply chain risk management. AI algorithms can identify potential risks and predict their impact on the supply chain by analyzing historical data, market trends, and external factors such as weather patterns, political events, or disruptions. This allows organizations to plan for contingencies proactively, develop risk mitigation strategies, and ensure business continuity.

Our development and support services elevate organizational performance by offering customized solutions, streamlining supply chain processes, minimizing expenses, and ensuring system reliability. This leads to heightened efficiency and enhanced profitability.


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