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Legal Practice Management Software

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Custom Legal Practice Management Software… Everything in one place

We create custom law firm practice management software designed to organize important case documents, messages, and clients contacts and make them easily accessible from any web browser or device. Chetu centralize all project and case information, allowing you to focus more attention on your clients, and never miss a deadline.

Law Practice Management Software

Custom development of law firm practice management software including contact/calendar management, legal CRM, centralized databases, case/matter management, document management, accounting, billing solutions, and more.

Law Practice Management CRM

We develop custom practice management CRMs that includes centralized databases for storing client interaction data and automating law firm correspondences through integrations with e-mail systems and supporting software for law firms.

Custom Workflows and Task Management

Programming of custom workflows for client intake, scheduling automation, rules-based calendaring, tasks/deadlines management, repetitive tasks, billable time tracking, and more.

Document Management Applications

We program document automation applications including drafting, assembly, forms, email templates, tagging, storage, search, and docketing features plus integrations with document sharing software and law firm client portals.

Our Practice Management Software Development Services

We engineer cloud-based and on-premise legal practice management software, plus custom mobile applications for law firms manage clients easy.

Case Status Monitoring

We create custom legal case management and matter management software that includes features for case status monitoring, automated matter organization/tagging, office management, comprehensive dashboards, and more.

Timekeeping, Tracking, and Billing

We engineer time tracking and legal billing applications including automated time capture data from the intake forms, such as the client name, contact information, and case details, configurable easy fee schedules configurable fee schedules (hourly, transactional/user-defined, contingent), invoices generation, online payments processing, and more.

Accounting Applications

Our developers create accounting applications programming for general ledger, trust accounting, taxes, and IOLTA accounting needs. We develop End-to-End Accounting including the ability to issue checks, create journal entries, and batch-apply payments.

Knowledge Management Modules

We develop knowledge management modules including notes management, custom libraries, and integrations with legal research databases.

Virtual Law Office Practice Management

We provide custom programming of Virtual Law Office (VLO) practice management solutions including custom website, client portal, online payment processing, and more.

Chetu provides remote global support. We scale IT teams with the industry’s best Practice Management Software developers, engineers, programmers, architects, and consultants to configure, modify and deploy company projects. Our knowledgeable team of industry professionals provide scalable, on-demand support and modification service. Our experienced software teams develop applications for startups companies and scale small-medium and enterprises-size businesses to provide temporary modification/integration support.

Legal Practice Management on the Go

We develop custom mobile apps to manage legal firm practices from anywhere.


We create security features development including role-based access control, secure portals, version control, audit trails, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), bank-grade encryptions, and more.

Document Database

Legal document database development including electronic filing, storage, archiving, retention, and search features, plus custom document libraries.


We program keyword, grammar, statistical, and Boolean parsing software.

Document Indexing

Programming of document indexing features including metadata management, topic clustering, tagging, custom filters, keyword / full text search, and more.


Integrations of legal document management software with supporting systems including e-mail clients, legal research databases, practice management systems, billing payment, CRM platform and much more.

Document Management

We develop legal firm document management solutions for cloud-based, on-premise, and mobile platforms.

Features and Solutions

Frequent Asked Question about Legal Practice Software

The legal practice software is designed to help law firms and legal professionals manage their practice and streamline their workflow. It typically includes case management, document management, time tracking, billing and invoicing, and calendaring.

The benefits of using legal practice management software include increased efficiency, improved client management, streamlined billing and invoicing, easier document management, and better collaboration between team members.

Yes, legal practice software typically includes features to help with client management, such as contact management, matter management, and communication tracking. These features can help law firms stay organized and provide better client service.

Many legal practice software options include billing and invoicing features like time tracking, expense tracking, generating invoices, and accepting payments. These features can help law firms streamline their billing processes and get paid more quickly.

Key features to look for in legal practice management software include case management, time tracking, billing and invoicing, document management, client management, and integrations with other software tools.

The security of legal practice software can vary depending on the software in question. Choosing software that uses industry-standard security protocols, such as SSL encryption and two-factor authentication, is important. It's also important to ensure the software complies with any relevant data privacy regulations, such as GDPR or HIPAA.


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