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Comprehensive Software for Law Firms

Chetu's software developers provide robust Legal software management platform that provides solutions for the legal industry, including law firm software for legal practice management, civil litigation support, and legal mobile app. Law software can be designed and customized for a wide range of practice areas in the legal industry. Our programmers develop the best platform to manage legal software with best practices of all sizes that specialize in a plethora of areas, including bankruptcy law, divorce, criminal law, personal injury, eSignature, eDiscovery, billing payments, contracts, and more.

Law Firm Management Software

Law Firm Management Solutions

We customize law software using artificial intelligence (AI) to include attorney practice management solutions, case and matter management, e-discovery and court room system organization. We develop centralized databases for practice management software so that client information, conflict of interest checking, trust accounting and retainers, scheduling, calendaring and time tracking, is kept in one place. Our developers use cloud platforms to develop mobile apps with custom user interfaces, reports and more.

Case Management Software

Legal Case Management Software

Our developers code Legal case management software that allows you to access files, speak with clients and law practice management software from anywhere with a computer, smartphone or tablet. Our legal case management solution include matter management applications, intuitive case and matter filing systems, workflow automation, database search and import/export. Our solutions support multiple file formats, file attachments, e-mail correspondence and integration and sharing functions to support your business and clients.

Virtual Law Firm Solutions

Virtual Law Firm Solutions

We develop platforms for virtual law firms that include user and client portal, collaboration tools, task management, web and video conferencing, document management and more. We engineer cloud based solutions for the migration of existing legacy data and software to cloud platforms and we develop data capture and transfer technologies, virtual assistants and more. We provide custom mobile apps for case and document management, enabling time tracking and ticket creation.

Legal Mobile App Development

Legal Mobile App Development

Chetu's developers create mobile apps which can be used by traditional and law office practice that enable client to remain up to date on their cases, manage document and more, across devices. We program calendar solutions for upcoming events and case deadlines. We code time entry features for billable hour updates. We include solid secure client portal features, like encryption, data backup and remote location, to prevent information leakage.

Litigation Support Software

Litigation Support Software

Our developers help you manage the phases of litigation by programming custom e-discovery software tools for processing, review and production. We can convert native files to tax increment financing (TIF) files, create Summation TIFF load files, convert CDs and DVDs of PDF files to TIFF Image (DAT) load files and integrate computer forensics.

Law Firm Software Integration

Law Firm Integrations

Our developers integrate your firm's existing case management platforms with legal research databases and technologies, such as RapidCourt, and third party cloud based software applications, like Google Docs, Quickbooks, Dropbox and more. We also program data capture features that connect matter and contact records, document track case notes, analyze electronically stored information and more.

Legal Hold Software

Legal Hold Software

Chetu's litigation experts design legal hold software tools for data preservation. Our tools automate e-discovery, track custodian compliance and trigger automated data collections. Our developers can consolidate distributions and reminders in one place, shortening an often error-prone process. We create hold notifications and reminders, document automation, compliance portals and custom integrations with enterprise matter management systems.

Court Room Technology Modules

Court Room Technology Modules

We develop courtroom tech modules for case history, jury management, subpoena and warrant tracking. We code trial presentation features that can be used in every level of the justice system, from traffic to criminal court. We can implement predictive analysis features that reveal hidden bias and risk factors. We create modules for administrative hearings, appeal boards, deposition management, court reporting, document management, task management and more.

Law Firm Billing Software Solutions

Legal Billing System

We code features for law firm billing software, including custom fee schedules (hourly, flat rate, split fee, contingency, etc.), custom billing rates, automated billing functions and other properties. We engineer bill preparation applications that include low retainer fee notifications. We integrate payment methods, including credit, debit, EFT/ACH and payment gateways. Our solutions are suitable for any size law firm.

Law Firm Analytics Software

Law Firm Analytics Software

Our developer's program analytics features for data-driven insight to win lawsuits and new clients for your legal practice. Our Key Performance Indicator (KPI) features allow your firm to assess client satisfaction, the effectiveness of your advertising tactics and more. We include support for text, image, database, web site, audio, video, malware and e-mail analysis and robust reporting for audits, cases and malpractice suits.

Artificial Intelligence for Law Firms

Empower your legal practice with Chetu's AI-driven solutions for law firm software development, designed to elevate productivity, streamline time management, enhance work quality, and enrich client experiences.

Streamlining Contract Lifecycle Management

Chetu excels in streamlining contract lifecycle management through AI automation. Our solutions incorporate AI technologies in the development of legal automation software to automate various legal tasks within the contract lifecycle. From document creation to analysis and compliance tracking, our law firm automation solutions enhance efficiency, reduce errors, and accelerate processes, ensuring your law firm stays at the forefront of cutting-edge legal technology.

Legal Document Automation Processes

Chetu pioneers law firm automation by deploying AI-driven solutions that simplify legal workflows. Our adept software engineers excel in implementing legal automation software to automate document assembly and facilitate swift and accurate document creation. With advanced capabilities in data extraction and version control, our solutions enable heightened efficiency, minimizing manual effort and maximizing precision.

AI-Powered Chatbots in Legal Services

Discover the transformative impact of AI-powered chatbots in legal services. Revolutionizing client interaction, these chatbots ensure 24/7 availability, providing instant responses to queries and enhancing customer satisfaction. Beyond external communication, these solutions extend to internal support, streamlining processes for legal professionals that include document retrieval, legal research assistance, workflow management, and more.

Enhancing Data Privacy with AI Solutions

Elevate data privacy standards with Chetu's AI solutions. Our advanced algorithms and Machine Learning techniques fortify data protection measures, proactively identifying and mitigating potential risks. Through continuous monitoring and anomaly detection, our AI solutions bolster cybersecurity, ensuring the utmost confidentiality for sensitive legal information. Trust in Chetu's expertise to enhance data privacy, safeguarding your law firm's digital assets with cutting-edge solutions in law firm software development.

Predictive Legal Analytics

Elevate your legal strategy with Chetu's sophisticated predictive legal analytics. Our AI algorithms delve into extensive legal datasets, providing in-depth insights to foresee case outcomes, optimize legal strategies, and mitigate risks. Through the utilization of statistical algorithms and Machine Learning techniques in law firm software development, Chetu empowers legal professionals in informed decision-making and enables them to strategically position themselves in a rapidly evolving legal landscape.

AI-Driven Legal Compliance Management

Navigate the intricate realm of legal compliance effortlessly with Chetu's AI-driven solutions. Our advanced algorithms automate regulatory tracking, perform real-time risk assessments, and streamline reporting processes. Tailored specifically for law firm software development, our solutions enable legal professionals to proactively manage and adapt to evolving regulatory landscapes. Trust Chetu to enhance your compliance framework with cutting-edge AI technology, ensuring adherence and minimizing legal risks.

Features and Solutions

Specialized IT Support for Legal Practices

Chetu’s specialized IT support for legal practices offers round-the-clock service desk support that is customized to meet the distinctive requirements of law firms. Our dedicated team ensures that your legal practice receives tailored IT support, optimizing efficiency, and safeguarding the integrity of your digital operations.

Advanced Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Chetu understands the critical nature of data for legal practices. Our advanced backup and disaster recovery solutions provide a comprehensive, end-to-end strategy for businesses to recover efficiently after any disaster. We implement robust systems to safeguard your data, ensuring business continuity and minimizing downtime in the face of unforeseen events.

Cloud-Based Support Solutions

Explore the advantages of Chetu's cloud-based support solutions, offering unparalleled scalability, flexibility, accessibility, and collaboration. Tailored to the unique needs of legal practices, our solutions provide a cost-efficient and comprehensive way to manage and enhance your IT infrastructure.

Security & Compliance Management

At Chetu, we prioritize the security and compliance needs of law firms. Our approach ensures robust security measures and adherence to compliance standards within our support services. Benefit from advanced security protocols and seamless compliance management, safeguarding your legal operations.

Advanced Cybersecurity and Document Safeguarding

Chetu’s comprehensive approach to cybersecurity and document protection includes cyber threat detection and prevention, vulnerability assessments, and real-time monitoring. We go beyond by implementing encryption, access controls, and data loss prevention strategies to protect legal documents and client information from unauthorized access or breaches.

Proactive End-User Assistance & Support

Elevate your user experience with Chetu's end-user assistance and support services, available 24/7. Our dedicated team goes beyond traditional support, anticipating and addressing user needs before they become issues. Through personalized and responsive assistance, our goal is to enhance the productivity of your legal professionals, providing seamless support that empowers them to focus on their work without disruptions.

Technology Integration and Training

Maximize the potential of your legal technology with Chetu's technology integration and training services. We not only provide cutting-edge solutions, but also ensure a smooth integration process into your existing infrastructure. Our comprehensive training programs empower your team to leverage technology effectively, enhancing overall productivity and ensuring a seamless transition to new IT systems.

Frequent Asked Question for Legal Firm Software

Legal firm software development is the process of creating software applications and tools that are specifically designed for use by legal firms. By using legal firm software, law firms can streamline their operations, automate tasks, and improve efficiency. This can lead to increased profitability and better client satisfaction.

Many types of software are available for legal firms, including case management software, billing and invoicing software, document management software, e-discovery software, and more. Each type of software is designed to help law firms manage different aspects of their business more effectively.

AI, or artificial intelligence, refers to the ability of computers and software to perform tasks that would typically require human intelligence, such as language processing, pattern recognition, and decision-making. In the context of legal firm software development, AI can be used to automate tasks, improve efficiency, and provide better insights and analysis.

AI can be used in many ways in legal firm software, including for document analysis and classification, legal research, e-discovery, contract review, and more. AI can also be used to automate repetitive tasks, such as data entry or document review, freeing up legal professionals to focus on higher-level tasks.

To integrate AI into your legal firm's software, you must work with a software development company with expertise in AI and machine learning. They can help you identify the areas of your business that would benefit most from AI and develop a customized solution that meets your specific needs.

Using AI in legal firm software development can provide many benefits, including increased efficiency, improved accuracy, better decision-making, and cost savings. AI can also help legal professionals quickly analyze large amounts of data, allowing them to identify patterns and trends that may not be visible to the human eye.


Drop us a line or give us a ring with any questions regarding our law firm software development. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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