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By Rajat Khattar

Client Overview

The client is a real estate company dedicated to helping individuals and businesses have access to commercial real estate bridge lending opportunities. The client's management team uses their 40+ years of combined experience to provide chances for investors to participate in short-term commercial loans to certified borrowers. The client is also committed to ensuring their customers feel secure and stay well-informed throughout the entirety of the lending experience.

Bridge Loan App
Bridge Loan App

Project Overview

The client wanted to develop an application that would facilitate the bridge lending process and give more control to users in terms of making a proposal plan, choosing the investors and defining the total projected investment cost. The client also wanted application users to be able to assign investors to their project based on the amount they would be willing to invest. Additionally, the application needed to have the ability to manage legal paperwork and allow for contracts and other documents to be signed using an electronic signature.

Most importantly, the application needed to be equipped with the electronic bill payment and presentment (EBPP) feature to enable ACH/credit card payments. The client also envisioned for the application to have reporting features and a dashboard to display data in graphs and pie chart formats.

The Fix

The Solution

Before partnering with Chetu, the client did extensive research to ensure they brought their idea to a certified software development company who would deliver high-quality results on time. Chetu immediately got to work, draw on its vast experience developing and integrating custom real estate software to create an application that:

  • Satisfies the need to have a user-friendly application that allows fundraisers and borrowers to create multiple portfolios and cases.
  • Satisfies the need for managing important documentation and providing a means to aggregate data into detailed reports.
  • Satisfies the need for a channel for soliciting with investors, as well as manually sorting/hand picking investors and assigning them to specific cases based on their contributions.
  • Satisfies the need for a progress bar to display the total amount raised so far and how many more days left to raise and achieve the target.
  • Satisfies the need for integration to an EBPP platform for ACH/credit card payment processing.
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