Salesforce CRMReal EstateSystems Integration

By Sachin Sharma

Client Overview

The client is a New York based luxury real estate brokerage business that facilitates transactions of the world's most elite properties between qualified buyers, sellers, and agents. With over 130,000 properties in the United States alone, their main focus is the buying and selling of high-end properties through auctions.

salesforce integration section
salesforce integration section

Project Overview

The Problem:

The client had specific requirements that would improve synchronization between Salesforce and HubSpot. All mission critical data including leads, contacts, opportunities, campaigns, and property information captured from the client's web portal and sales initiatives are stored in their Salesforce CRM. To enhance marketing and sales efforts, the client used the HubSpot marketing tool. Chetu was tasked with seamlessly syncing their Salesforce data with the HubSpot platform to automatically identify and eliminate any errors, such as duplicate fields.

The Fix

Chetu relied on their extensive knowledge and expertise with the Salesforce and HubSpot platforms to create new triggers, and implemented business methods to optimize operations. Chetu used the client's environment to develop custom integrations that included utilizing Salesforce Lightning framework to create job schedulers, Apex Class syntax and Visualforce pages.

The Results:

Salesforce and HubSpot were synced successfully, with the process identifying any errors that occurred, as well as enabled the ability to access additional functionalities of the Salesforce platform for better utilization. This allowed the client to manage a robust CRM database of global contacts and private client lists.

salesforce integration technology used
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