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Empowering Payment Experiences With Custom Clover POS Solutions And Support
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Custom Clover POS Solutions for Unique Payment Experiences

Chetu, an official Clover partner creates unique payment experiences for MSPs, PayFacs, and PSPs by extending the functionality of various POS systems with custom Clover apps. We integrate payment solutions with the entire Clover family of devices, including the Clover Station Duo, Station Solo, Flex, Mini, and Go.

Custom Clover POS Services

Our Clover developers create fully and semi-integrated terminal solutions using Clover hardware giving you and your merchants an all-in-one Clover experience that integrates seamlessly with critical third-party software systems.

Streamline critical business functions with custom Clover POS integrations. Our experienced, low-cost Clover developers offer you the following:

Clover Development For AI Integrated Apps

Our Certified Clover developers create custom Clover apps compatible with Clover devices for intuitive, feature rich payment systems tailored to the specific needs of you or your merchants.

Hire dedicated Clover developers to create or add features to your standalone Clover app. We will leverage our expertise across 40+ industry verticals to create custom apps that extend the functionality of Clover POS systems. We ensure that your app meets the requirements to be deployed on the Clover App Market.



Shipping & Logistics


Food & Beverage

Hospitality & Travel

Custom Clover Solutions

At Chetu, we consult with our clients to gain the most value from Clover by creating a specialized payments experience. Whether you’re an SMB, MSP, PayFac or PSP, we’ll partner with you to create a customized solution for table service, counter service, retail stores or service businesses.

Loyalty Apps

Our Clover developers create specialty loyalty apps for Clover POS to provide branded engagements in the channels that customers prefer.

Cash Discount

Chetu creates cash discount apps to run on clover devices to offer cash discount payment flows with functionality to set service charge percentages and/or flat fees right from the POS.

Created by SAM Designsfrom the Noun Project


We develop custom payment solutions that allow users to browse a menu, order, and pay right from the table as well as scan to pay with QR code functionality.

Online Ordering

We develop online ordering platforms for online and self-service order placement with integrations to Clover POS, order management, and content management systems.

Virtual Terminals

Development of web-based interfaces to capture and settle payments, plus telephone Card Not Present payments with Interactive Voice Response modules for touch tone processing.

Automated Reporting

We create automated sales and ISO agent portals with data visualization modules for data rich displays such as tables, charts, candlesticks, gauges, diagrams, maps, and more.

Third-Party Clover POS Integrations

Chetu seamlessly integrates industry-specific Clover POS solutions, catering to accounting, commerce, and crm solutions, enhancing operations and customer experiences for businesses.


Chetu's skilled Clover developers specialize in Clover QuickBooks integration , ensuring smooth and efficient financial management for businesses of all sizes.


Clover Commerce

We excel in Clover Shopify integration, ensuring businesses harness the combined power of both platforms for seamless e-commerce operations.



Chetu's skilled developers ensure seamless integration between Clover POS and Salesforce, enabling businesses to synchronize customer data and sales transactions effortlessly, optimizing customer relationship management and data analysis.


Custom AI-Powered Clover POS Solutions

Clover POS AI Integrations Services

We provide Clover POS and AI services to help customers reduce costs, increase efficiencies, enhance your workflow, analyze data sets faster, gain valuable insights and develop innovative pos solutions. Our Clover POS AI experts also design, develop, and manage complex solutions that help companies maximize their AI investments and leverage recent advances in AI technology to automate processes and create new opportunities .

Clover POS AI Support

We provide Clover POS AI technical assistance, helping organizations accelerate the development of AI-assisted workflows with the latest in artificial intelligence technology. We offer training, troubleshooting, and support services to ensure successful deployment.

Clover POS AI Use Cases

We can help you field-test and deploy Clover POS AI for unique use cases in manufacturing, medical, education, and research domains. Leverage use of Clover Services for private, secure data processing, cloud computing, and machine learning. Learn more about our Clover POS AI services today!

AI-Driven Mobile Payment Integration

Our developers enable you to embrace the era of mobile payments with our integrated solutions. We enable customers to make transactions conveniently using mobile devices, expanding their payment options. We customize your Clover POS system with third-party apps tailored to your industry. Enhance functionality and extend capabilities through seamless integration with external applications.

Clover POS Integrations Frequently Asked Questions

AI is a reliable tool for Clover POS. It creates automated insights and personalized recommendations that are specific to the merchant’s industry and clientele. With AI, your staff can streamline payment processes, track past purchases, and monitor sales data, all of which can also be used with the AI’s predictive analysis feature. These market forecasts could lead to easier inventory management and price adjustments.

Clover POS integration meets the needs of a wide range of industries. Whether you’re searching for retail, accounting, food and beverage, or any other industry-specific solutions, Clover POS ensures a more efficient and productive workflow. AI-powered systems enhance the customer experience with faster ordering and payment processes along with personalized promotions. You can also oversee successful sales channels to help target new customers.

Yes, and we highly recommend this service! By integrating the Clover POS system with the platforms your business is currently using, you can optimize those systems for better performance. If you use financial reporting software, a sales data collector, or a robust payment gateway, adding Clover POS will conduct automated processes while providing refined data accuracy.

Our developers prioritize security best practices in all Chetu solutions, including during the Clover POS integration process. We use advanced encryption and authentication mechanisms to detect fraudulent activity, data breaches, and cyber threats. Our AI also runs frequent security audits to identify potential weak points and apply security patches if need be. In the event of any violations, our team is ready to deploy our thorough data breach response plan.


Discover more about our Clover POS services, drop us a line or give us a ring. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions!

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