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Clover apps: empower your Clover POS

Dave WoodBy: Dave Wood


Do you run a business and want a better way to accept payments? You might be wondering where you should turn for point of sale (POS) software that does the job right. POS software accepts payments from your customers and transfers the funds to your merchant bank account. The best POS system allows you to include custom apps to reach your long-term goals. Clover POS is an incredibly popular POS solution built with your business needs in mind.

When you use Clover POS, your team will discover that life becomes much easier, as POS developers make sure your Clover app meets all of your business’ payment needs. So, what does it take to build solutions on which you can depend, and be happy with the outcome? Let’s take a deeper look at Clover POS

What Is Clover POS?

Clover POS is a software platform for collecting payments from your customers. It's an easy payment method your customers can use to pay for your products or services. Personalized user experience helps to attract new prospects and make existing clients return, and come back for even more. You can create Clover POS apps that help your business meet its goals and objectives. Clover POS apps are a powerful way to manage every aspect of your business in the most beneficial way.

Mobile Payments via Clover

No matter what type of business you run, you can leverage a Clover POS app. Today most businesses accept online payments from their customers, and companies that don't can adapt risk falling behind in this digital age. Restaurants and clothing stores have taken the initiative in implementing mobile orders and payments online, which allow customers to pick up their items or have it delivered without unneeded delays.

Accept Curbside Payments with Clover

Businesses can now take curbside payments with the right mobile app and software. Using the Clover POS app, owners and employees can turn their smartphones into a mobile payment terminal. Your customers can call in their orders and pay from the side of your building when they arrive, saving everyone time and money. Consumers look for convenience and want to get back to their busy lives as soon as possible. Accepting phone or online orders is a great opportunity to give them what they want, and businesses only need a customer’s credit card information to collect payments.

Advanced POS Reporting

You must track your sales if you want to get the most from your business. Monitoring your sales lets you see what products or services are the most popular. You can also see what days and times your customers are the most engaged. Clover applications have sales analytical features to stay ahead of the game and keep your business on track.

Clover Apps and Clover Mini apps

You can customize your Clover experience with tailored-for-your-business apps. These applications provide you with advanced features to take you to the next level. Some of the features include offering special, personalized discounts and assisting with guest seating and reservations. That's only the start of Clover’s capabilities. Let's explore some of the benefits you can access with Clover apps.


Attract customers and keep them coming back for more by offering them limited discounts. People often plan to buy from a business but don't purchase the products right away. They tell themselves they will do it later, but they don't always remember. Avoid that problem and keep your business on track by retargeting prospects and offer discounts to prevent customers from walking away to increase your profits.


If you have a restaurant, reservations allow guests to secure their desired seating time and helps the restaurant manage their service and inventory needs. Restaurant owners can integrate their reservation system with their payment software for optimal success.

Clover has apps you can use to seat your guests and let them make reservations before they arrive. Clover developers can customize your software to meet your unique business needs.

Mobile Staff Experience

One of the top ways to keep your business on track is by properly scheduling your staff. Imagine if your point of sale software could also track and change the schedule of your team. You can now achieve that goal if you use the correct Clover apps. Clover apps let you set up your team's schedule and track the days and hours they work.

The app can also be altered and customized to get the most out of the solution for your company. Your employees can even request schedule changes and days off from the app, saving your management team loads of time and resources.

Customized App Features

Clover POS comes with many apps for growing your business. As previously mentioned, it also provides payment API to create custom apps that meet specific needs and personalize the payment process, to keep the business moving in the right direction.

For best results, it is imperative to use knowledgeable developers to push API onto the right path, to deliver an optimized outcome.

Final Thoughts

Clover is a great way to accept payments from your customers. It collects payment details and generates advanced reports that will benefit the business and push you to the next level of success. Additionally, your customers are much more willing to buy when it's easy for them to pay, so you can also hope to see increased sales revenue. Furthermore, Clover ultimately lets your customers buy products or services in a stress-free way, creating a great user experience that will make them want to return in the future. Seamless Clover POS integration and app customization depend on the developers' expertise, and that is where our team at Chetu comes in. We are able to assist in developing and deploying Clover mini-apps to help you achieve the outcome you had in mind. Each clover add-on brings you a few steps closer to your goals, and the Chetu team can create these custom add-ons to increase the performance of your business’ KPIs.

If you are ready to boost your business, contact us today to learn how we can help.


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