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QR Code Software & API Management Systems

Chetu upgrades and customizes software systems to generate QR code labels used on invoices, marketing (scanner data), logistics, and inventory warehouses for stock management. Our team of software developers create robust systems using API's Development & integration solutions to simultaneously address a multitude of labeling for answers in many industries. We also integrate two-dimensional (2D) barcodes and dynamic QR codes to manage asset tracking using geo-tags, scan & pay mobile payment for ability, and launch marketing tools in conjunction with third-party software. Let us create your Quick Response (QR) software for accuracy tracking, quality assurance, and traceability.

QR Code Inventory Management App

QR Code Inventory Management App

Chetu provides custom QR code development for easy inventory management. We integrate third-party platforms, program embedded software, and firmware for processing & fulfillment. As a feature of database management, we enable QR codes to leverage data, space and time when tracking inventory anywhere within a warehouse through the use of a mobile smartphone or tablet.

QR Code Asset Tracking Solution


Generate packing slips, freight, manifests, and invoices with Chetu's 2D barcode qr generator. We customize asset tracking software for route mapping, ETA, itinerary optimization, automatic asset location, and reverse logistics features using geo-tagging in real-time. Our asset tracking development provides integration of QR code API's for e-commerce return label generation.

QR Code Analysis and Reporting Solution

QR Code Analysis and Reporting Solution

Chetu customizes 2D barcodes for seamless record keeping during product lifecycle, audits of inventory, and fulfillments. Our unique product information such as timestamps and shipment logs are stored on database servers for report generation and universal company access from our custom app platforms. We configure automation programming to display QR data parameters in reports for time and data collection at the end of this sentence, right after management.

QR Code Mobile Payment System Data App

QR Code Mobile Payment System Data App

Chetu offers software development for POS transactions via QR Codes. Our mobile pay cashless transactions are developed to use a QR Code or a QR code reader found on handheld mobile devices. Scan & pay software eliminates payment processing time and can significantly reduce processing fees using scanning and mobile technologies.

2-D Barcode Scanner Data Marketing Solutions


Chetu’s scanner data technology and custom QR code maker provide additional consumer information by monitoring QR scanning habits for marketing purposes. Our software development helps companies monitor campaigns through user incentives data capture of two-dimensional barcodes. The scanner data is made available on customized platforms we develop for multiple marketing analysis.

AI-Powered QR Code Management Software

Our developers can seamlessly integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into QR code management, ushering in a transformative era of efficiency and innovation. Chetu leverages AI to not only enhance functionality but also elevate the overall user experience.

AI-Powered QRCode Generation

Our team develops and integrates AI-powered QR code generators that transcend the limitations of static codes. Going beyond the confines of static codes, our products enable real-time updates and automated design enhancements. This dynamic approach empowers businesses to modify QR code content without the need to recreate physical codes.

QR Code Recognitionwith AI

Our developers at Chetu excel in the integration of AI for QR code read recognition, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and speed. Our solutions employ advanced image recognition algorithms that navigate through challenging scenarios, decoding various QR code types with ease. Whether faced with damaged or distorted codes, our AI-driven approach guarantees a seamless user experience.

AI-Enhanced QR Code Authentication

We are dedicated to fortifying QR code security with AI-enhanced authentication mechanisms. Our developers design robust algorithms that detect fraudulent QR codes, providing a layer of protection against security threats like phishing. Beyond detection, our results validate QR codes, ensuring they originate from legitimate sources.

QR Code Data Optimization with AI and QR Code Tracking Analytics

Our experts at Chetu specialize in optimizing QR code data through AI enhancing efficiency by ensuring the seamless structuring of information. Our QR code tracking system provides roust analytics on scan locations, user engagement, and content performance. Our developers ensure that our findings go a step further by integrating with APIs for personalized content. This strategic combination, implemented by our team, allows businesses to dynamically organize and personalize QR code data.

AI-Powered Advanced QR Code Analytics

Our team of experts at Chetu transforms QR codes into powerful data-driven tools with AI-driven advanced analytics. By delving into user interactions, geographical patterns, and campaign success, developed by our experts, provide businesses with actionable insights. The predictive QR code maintenance, powered by AI algorithms, allows proactive issue resolution, ensuring continuous functionality and informed decision-making.

AI-Enabled Dynamic QR Codes

Our AI experts take a leap forward by excelling in the integration of AI with simple dynamic QR codes. We facilitate real-time information delivery, enabling seamless adaptation to changing content without physical alterations. The implementation of APIs in QR code applications is a cornerstone of Chetu's approach, empowering businesses to personalize content dynamically.

Complete Support Services For QR Code Management Software

We specialize in integrating cloud solutions into QR code management software to elevate your business operations. Our tailored solutions enhance scalability, flexibility, and collaboration, empowering seamless data exchange and payment processing through QR codes.

App and Software Maintenance for QR Code Management

Our team ensures your QR code features are up-to-date and running smoothly by optimizing regular QR Code software updates and bug fixes. We offer regular maintenance to ensure your software is free from bugs and errors specific to QR code functionalities, such as dynamic QR code generation, customizable design options, and advanced analytics tracking.

QA Testing for QR Code Management

We maintain the optimal performance of your QR code management software after implementation with our rigorous testing strategies. We conduct thorough testing to ensure reliability and efficiency during customer service. Our ongoing quality assurance and performance testing guarantee the continued success of your QR code management software post-implementation.

Third-Party Integrations for QR code management

We can provide a range of seamless integrations with various payment gateways and platforms, empowering you to choose your preferred transaction method. We have different integrations with popular payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and Square. QR code management software is customizable to support additional integrations with accounting software, e-commerce platforms, and CRM systems.

Integrated Solutions: QR Cloud Integration, APIs, and Payment Gateways

Integrating cloud solutions within existing systems and applications increases scalability, flexibility, and seamless collaboration. We can develop custom APIs for seamless data exchange specific to QR code functionalities. We integrate with various tools and platforms, such as Zapier or MuleSoft, ensuring seamless connectivity with CRM, ERP, or e-commerce systems. We ensure seamless mobile payments, invoice processing, and transaction tracking through QR codes.

Frequently Asked Questions About QR Code Management Software

QR codes offer the convenience of working offline. They physically represent information, allowing users to access content stored locally on their device. However, if the code contains a URL, internet access on the device is required to open the linked website or content.

AI plays a crucial role in QR code security, efficiency, and adaptability. It significantly enhances image quality, rectifies errors, and even personalizes QR codes, ensuring a high level of accuracy and reliability.

Each inventory item has unique inventory labels, and people will use their phones as scanners to scan each item and track it through the process. The QR code provides real-time tracking, improving the inventory management process.

You can create a personalized QR code, as customization and maintainability are among the best features of custom QR codes. You can customize the color and data pattern, such as eye shape, referring to the corners, to suit your marketing needs.

Yes, QR code management can integrate with other systems, such as an inventory management system to facilitate real-time updates and equipment tracking. QR codes can contain encoded data such as URLs and present their information in binary data.

While there are dynamic QR codes, which can be edited and updated to change the destination, static QR codes remain the same forever, with no expiration date.


Learn more about our QR Code generator systems for free QR Code, denso Wave and all popular QR Code dynamics and uses like business cards, error correction and more. Drop us a line or give us ring. We would love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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