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Custom Dealership Management Software Integrations

Our expert programmers provide world-class software development services, customization, and integrations to enable auto dealerships to seamlessly manage all business operations and connect with wider audiences through e-commerce platforms.

Dealer Management System Development

We develop dealer management systems (DMS) that enable auto dealerships to enhance efficiency in service departments, push and pull data from CARFAX, manage inventory, and automate marketing, scheduling, and sales workflows.

Dealer CRM Development

Our experts develop customer relationship management (CRM) systems that use custom chatbots to optimize sales processes. These systems also include web forms for managing deals, texting and calling abilities for communicating with leads, and AI tools for automating administrative tasks.

Car Dealer CMS Software Development

Chetu’s developers create content management systems (CMS) that enable dealers to manage contracts and documents. These systems make it possible to scan and store driver’s licenses, automate credit applications, and integrate with third-party reporting agencies.

Inventory Management Software Development

We design inventory management systems to help car dealers easily add and track vehicles, search their inventory, and access vehicle histories and value reports from NADA, Kelly Blue Book, CARFAX, AutoCheck, and NMVTIS. Our inventory management systems include features for automatic VIN decoding.

Auto Dealership Document Management

Our developers create document management systems that help auto dealers go paperless with automated deal jacket scanning, streamlined document routing, user-friendly search engines, and web forms for implementing the live capture of customer data.

Compliance for Auto Dealers

We develop software to ensure that auto dealers maintain compliance with OFAC and the NHTSA. Our software also helps auto dealers comply with federal laws and regulations such as TILA, Reg Z, and the FTC’s Used Car Rule. In addition, our software includes current state sales forms, as well as features for automating interest calculations and tax calculations.

Transformative AI-Driven Solutions for Car Dealerships

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is enabling auto dealerships to automate tasks, maximize efficiency, boost customer service, and revamp the entire vehicle purchasing experience to maximize sales and successfully grow revenue. Chetu’s AI experts create customized AI-driven solutions for dealerships.

AI-Driven Predictive Sales Forecasting

Our expert developers create and deploy AI-driven predictive analytics to compile, monitor, and forecast vehicle sales trends. Chetu’s software experts create custom parameters to include any demographic to enable data-driven decisions to help your dealership effectively market vehicles to correct target audiences, driving sales goals and exceeding benchmarks. Predictive sales forecasting will automate all sales reports and find unique patterns highlighting customer habits, facilitating accurate sales enablement strategies to increase revenue.

Dynamic Pricing Algorithms

Chetu expertly creates custom dynamic pricing algorithms to accurately monitor market conditions and price vehicles according to demand, demographic preferences, and supply to maximize sales opportunities based on available inventory, all in real time. Our AI experts maximize this cutting-edge resource to analyze all industry and customer parameters, enabling unprecedented data-driven decisions for accurate inventory pricing that generates the best revenue options for your dealership.

Predictive Lead Scoring

Chetu’s sales and marketing solution experts understand the value of predictive lead scoring for your sales team, which is why we design programs utilizing Machine Learning to help your team gain unique insights into prospective customers. Coupled with Artificial Intelligence, Chetu’s custom solutions enable your dealership to successfully prioritize leads based on historical data, market conditions and demographic-focused data to automatically compile detailed customer profiles, reducing time spent on prospective buyers that are not likely to purchase.

Customer Lifetime Value Prediction with AI

Chetu’s AI specialists design customer lifetime value prediction programs to accurately estimate customer frequency, purchase patterns, and duration of dealership visits to compile unique customer profiles, enabling insights into which customer and demographic will produce the best, most lucrative sales of vehicles and services during the business relationship.

AI-Powered Voice-Enabled Dealership Assistants

Our software specialists utilize the newest Natural Language Processing (NLP) resources to create intuitive voice-enabled assistants to guide prospective car buyers in their journey to purchasing a new vehicle. Chetu streamlines your inventory to enable buyers to browse all available inventory and communicate options for custom purchases, engage in Q & A, and even place orders to expedite sales processes.

AI-Enhanced Intelligent Document Processing

Vehicle purchases require extensive document processing. Let Chetu’s expert-level software developers streamline all document processing protocols to expedite completed sales, enhance customer experiences, and successfully streamline workflow to enable greater transaction volume to keep your dealership inventory moving and revenue streams growing. Our powerful AI-driven programs automate document processing and allow your staff to reprioritize tasks, including building customer relationships to drive sales further.

Custom Auto Dealer Management Solutions

We build custom DMS solutions that combine everything auto dealers need in one platform. Dealers are then able to use our software to efficiently manage everything from sales to financing to repairs. Our software solutions also automate tedious tasks, making those tasks intuitive.

Auto Loan Origination Solutions

Expedite auto lending decisions with a custom solution that automatically captures and reviews borrowers' documents, including pay stubs, bank statements, and IDs. This solution returns accurate data securely within minutes.

Automotive Marketing Solutions

Generate and manage leads through our custom auto marketing solutions, which include product information management (PIM), online reputation management tools, and photo editing app integrations. These solutions enable auto dealers to market new and pre-owned vehicles through multiple channels.

Auto Auction Solutions

We create digital wholesaling platforms that help auto dealers run and schedule automotive auctions. These platforms include features that can be used to automatically scan and upload VIN information, build online inventory catalogs, control lot closing orders, and market and sell products through multiple channels.

Auto Shop Management Solutions

Chetu’s custom auto shop management solutions make it possible to streamline workflows in repair shops with automated diagnostic tools, test systems, appointment scheduling features, work order billing, intuitive auto reprogramming, and more.

Car Showroom Management Solutions

Streamline car showroom management workflows across multiple locations by implementing customer tracking and counting tools, hardware counting sensors, appointment scheduling tools for test drives and visits, and more.

Spare Parts Management Solutions

We develop solutions that help parts departments, wholesale buyers, and OE manufacturers optimize wholesale and local sales, simplify supplier management, streamline fulfillment, and reduce returns with intuitive search engines and AI-powered parts catalogs.

Custom DMS Features

We pack our solutions with robust and customizable features that enable auto dealers to improve sales and marketing, easily manage multiple locations, reduce costs and enhance customer experiences.

Auto Loan Calculator API

Our developers implement AI-powered auto loan calculators that provide detailed monthly, total, and total interest cost estimates for any proposed car loan.

Value Calculator API

We develop advanced APIs to facilitate integrations with Kelly Blue Book and Parkers. Auto dealers can use these integrations to accurately appraise and calculate vehicle market value estimates from historical data.

Service Maintenance

Chetu’s developers program features for work order billing, workshop management, and service appointment scheduling. These features can be used to streamline repair shop operations for dealerships of any size.

Reporting and Analytics

Our developers program features to analyze data through automatically-generated operational reports on financial statements, sales histories, forecasts, and more.

Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH)

We enable auto dealers to use credit cards, debit cards, and ACH to process payments automatically. Our software also automatically notifies each customer when his or her payment has been processed.

Unlimited Forms Printing

Print unlimited contracts, invoices, insurance forms, warranties, and delivery agreements. Automatically generate a booklet of necessary documents, and implement e-signatures.

Custom Dealer Management Software Integrations

We seamlessly integrate with industry-leading third-party dealer management software to create an all-in-one platform. This platform contains all the tools that auto dealers need to monitor and streamline operations.


Integrating with DealerCenter gives independent used car dealers access to the contracts and paperwork that are needed to close deals quickly


We provide seamless integrations with Provision software to give car dealers access to the industry-leading data and inventory management tools that are needed for accurately stocking, appraising, and pricing.


We integrate with the Elead CRM to enable dealers to convert leads into sales.


Integrating with the Frazer Dealer Management system provides car dealers with vendor management tools, customizable reporting, a full accounting suite, BHPH, and unlimited form printing.


We offer Vera EHS integrations to provide tools for safety management, inspection, incident training, and SDS management. These tools can be used to prevent workplace safety issues and compliance issues.


We integrate with RevolutionParts to create online parts stores with web-based tools that enable auto dealers to design product catalogs and sell through multiple sales channels.

Dealership Management Support Services

Our Dealership Management Software Support Services streamline operations and optimize efficiency for automotive retailers. From software implementation to ongoing maintenance, these services ensure smooth operations tailored to each dealership’s unique needs.

Dealership Marketing Support

Our dealership marketing support offers tailored strategies to enhance your automotive dealership’s market presence and customer reach. From digital campaigns to traditional advertising, we provide comprehensive assistance to help you stand out in a competitive landscape.

Dealership Management Solution Maintenance

Stay ahead in the automotive retail industry with dealership management solution maintenance, ensuring seamless operations and system optimization. Our essential support guarantees excellence in managing your dealership, from inventory control to overall efficiency.

Showroom Inventory Management System

Unlock the potential of your showroom with our comprehensive inventory management system support. From tracking spare parts inventory to seamlessly integrating automotive inventory management systems, we provide tailored solutions to enhance efficiency.

Comprehensive Automotive Retail Support Services

Achieve operational excellence with our holistic help for auto dealership management. Our comprehensive support optimizes processes, enhances customer satisfaction, and drives success in the automotive industry.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dealership Management Software

Tracking all dealership inventory is automated thanks to our Artificial Intelligence experts that design and deploy customized programs to monitor and manage vehicle inventory in real time.

Chetu’s software experts seamlessly integrate AI-driven dealership management programs into existing platforms with minimal workflow interruption. Our development team will create user-friendly solutions to enable all personnel to successfully navigate our customized dealership management software.

Chetu knows the value of designing and deploying a robust CRM to manage all your business needs, and exceed performance benchmarks. Our auto dealership software management programs can be customized to include CRM capabilities, enabling your dealership to sustain and grow sales leads and conversions.

Yes, car dealership software solutions can include AI-driven customer demand forecasting with predictive analytics. This capability allows forecasting based on historical data, market trends, and other relevant data.

Yes, our car dealership software solutions are designed with optimal mobile accessibility and UX/UI in mind. Responsive and user-friendly, these applications ensure convenience for users, especially managers and salespeople on the go.

Our car dealership software solutions can include a comprehensive range of reporting options. Users can generate detailed reports for sales performance, customer/prospect interactions, inventory, and more, suited to your specific needs for data-driven decision making.


Drop us a line or give us a ring with any questions regarding our dealership management software solutions. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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