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Business Process Outsourcing Services

Hire a Reliable BPO Resource

Streamline and automate your non-core processes with our BPO and digital transformation services.

Chetu provides front-office and back-office support services to ensure your business runs smoothly as you focus on the core aspects of your company.


  • Customer Service
  • Human Resource Management
  • Claims Processing
  • Compliance
  • Accounting
  • Infrastructure Support
  • Data Entry
  • Sales Enablement


  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Energy
  • Food & Beverage
  • Hospitality & Travel
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation

One-Stop Shop

Our specialized industry-specific teams provide skill, intelligence, and efficiency to drive value and growth. With our innovative resources, we will help you increase operational flexibility.

One-Stop Shop

Specialized Teams

Chetu’s industry-specific support teams are comprised of dedicated experts, having decades of specialized experience. Our teams keep up with trends, regulations, and processes to stay ahead and produce optimal solutions.

All-Encompassing Support

We offer a blend of technical and non-technical resources, from customer service and human resource management to IT infrastructure support with managed services. Our experts and professionals will work to provide optimal solutions that fit your specific needs.


Our expert advisors will help ensure a seamless process outsourcing experience with functional expertise and strategy. Through a combination of technology, data, and industry expertise, we will kick-start your BPO journey and work with you on your long-term path to greater efficiency and a competitive advantage in your industry.

BPO Services

We offer a wide variety of BPO services to support your non-core processes and facilitate growth and scalability.

Customer Service

Chetu can provide optimal support for your organization’s customer service needs. Our specialists will help you gain and maintain customer loyalty by providing scalable world-class customer support services as we handle your customer queries received through all channels of communication.

Human Resource Management

Our human resource management services include payroll, time clock management and reporting, and HR annual reports. With our personnel, technical tools and resources, we can take the HR side of your business to new heights of efficiency and help you manage and retain talent.

Claims Processing

Chetu can optimize your claims processing with a streamlined workflow that includes automation. By taking on the large quantities of data you would have to deal with to process a high volume of claims, we can help you reduce operational costs and save time.


We have the resources in place to help you maintain regulatory compliance and ease the pressure of tougher regulations so you can reduce risk, improve relationships and trust, and drive growth as you free up resources to focus on key strategic objectives.


Streamline your finance and accounting processes with us as we take care of accounts receivables and accounts payable including check entry, invoicing, payment tracking, payment follow-ups, and other necessary components of accounting for your business.

IT Infrastructure Solutions

Your IT infrastructure is in good hands with our skilled experts prepared to fulfill your IT needs when it comes to design, implementation, monitoring, storage, and security. We can manage your in-house devices, cloud servers, and user accounts while also providing backup & recovery services and business continuity plans.

Data Entry

Save time and resources with our data entry services where we can enter, process, store and convert data per your needs. Our data entry services can facilitate growth for your company by taking a typically cumbersome process, streamlining it, and automating repetitive manual tasks.

Sales Enablement

We provide sales enablement resources to help your company with lead generation, customer relationship management, sales tools and process implementation. These resources enhance your sales workflows and maximizes your sales efficiency and opportunities.


Our BPO services fulfill the needs of companies across various industries, covering key processes to enable your business to have a competitive advantage.


We provide specialized services for banks and financial institutions to support customer acquisition and application and transaction processing, among other processes. Our key back office support services include fraud detection and mitigation, customer data processing, and reporting.


Improve healthcare provider support and patient outcomes with our specialized services for the healthcare industry. We incorporate advanced technology and data to facilitate digital transformation and help ensure the delivery of effective healthcare through processes such as medical billing and transcription.


Our innovative data- and tech-driven approach serves well for companies in the insurance industry as we provide BPO solutions in areas such as claims management and policy administration. We can take on underwriting support and statutory reporting, among other insurance business processes.


For the energy sector, our BPO services cater especially to significant administrative and operational needs such as master data management, accounting, and customer services. We can implement process automation and technical solutions to enhance customer service, vendor relations, and data security.

Food & Beverage

Reduce labor and operational costs while improving sales for your food & beverage company with our BPO services which include inventory management and supply chain processes. Vendor relations, purchase orders, receipt processing, and supply chain management are among the processes we can cover to optimize your operations.

Hospitality & Travel

In a competitive, evolving industry like hospitality & travel, operational efficiency is crucial. Along with data management and other processes, we can help you meet your customer satisfaction objectives by providing omnichannel customer support services that include intelligent automation technology such as chatbots.


The telecommunications industry has faced a growing demand for connectivity along with the need for stronger security and innovative solutions. Our BPO services such as customer service and customer relationship management as well as back-office support can help you meet those demands.


Carry out your transportation and logistics operations at reduced costs by enlisting our BPO services. We provide data entry, bill processing, document management, accounting, and data security to help your business stay flexible and scale to meet demand. Time is crucial in the transportation business so let us automate your processes.


We have the infrastructure and bandwidth to provide streamlined support as we take on your business processes. Our facilities and resources are secure and reliable.


State-Of-The-Art Facilities

Our three Noida, India campuses total 280,000 sq. ft and include fully-equipped office space for our staff of 2,800+ professionals. These facilities include the latest technology infrastructure and provide an exceptional environment for us to continue offering world-class solutions.

Premises Security

Our biometrics-based physical access authentication requires campus visitors to have an escort to enter the premises. We have 24/7 on-site security staff and 100+ CCTV cameras with recording capabilities. Our fully-occupied work area is not shared with any other entity.


Data Security

Our data security measures include anti-virus, VPN, and firewalls. We also have dedicated client network tunnels to ensure the safe transmission of data. Our efforts to prevent data theft include blocking all USB devices and ensuring the safety and confidentiality of your data.


Chetu’s facilities have fast, reliable Internet connections with a 24/7 admin team. We also have backup generators to withstand outages and keep our operations going at full strength and efficiency. We offer real-time communication along with both proactive support and troubleshooting to resolve issues.

Top Talent

Chetu recruits top talent that goes through a rigorous hiring process followed by thorough training and development to provide optimal service.

Multi-Round Hiring Process

We have a five-round hiring process that includes a thorough assessment of candidates’ service acumen and logical knowledge. This is followed by three rounds of face-to-face interviews. The hiring process concludes with a final HR round and a rigorous background and verification check.

100% In-House Staff

Our employees are all in-house. No subcontractors. No hassle of managing multiple vendors, as you are working with a unified team with operational control and organizational standards. This allows us to maintain strong work continuity and high efficiency.

Soft-Skills Training

We have in-house soft skills training to ensure that our talent has top-notch interpersonal skills to complement their technical abilities. This training ensures greater teamwork and productivity while also instilling leadership qualities in team members. Chetu’s employee retention rate is higher than the industry average.


Keeping open communication is a high priority for us. We provide real-time collaborative communication via platforms like Skype, Slack, and Confluence. We work closely and maintain transparent interactions to ensure reliability and accuracy in our work. Accountability is an integral part of our company culture.

Compliance Measures

Our expert management team will help you make business process outsourcing as seamless as possible as we implement processes per industry standards.

Compliance Measures
  • Management metrics
  • Daily reports
  • Maintaining industry regulatory compliance standards
    such as HIPAA, PCI, and GDPR

DevOps Support

Our DevOps experts will help your business processes reach optimal efficiency through automation and digital transformation.


Process Automation

We automate repetitive business processes with intelligent technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA). Our custom-developed RPA tools are capable of intelligent document recognition, data extraction, excel automation, and image processing.

Development & Implementation

Our experts can develop and implement custom technical solutions to fit your business needs. We provide continuous integration and delivery as well as monitoring, alerting, and incident response to maintain the health of your IT system.

DevOps Success Teams

Our DevOps specialists provide not only tangible technical solutions but consulting services that include planning and assessment, QA testing, and onboarding. We have the personnel and resources to ensure success in meeting your IT infrastructure needs.

IT Infrastructure Support

We provide outsourced infrastructure support services for enhanced scalability. This includes cross-platform support for both cloud-based and on-premises databases, using machine learning technologies to enhance database management systems. We streamline day-to-day user management, access & security protocols, and much more.


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