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BIM 360 Services & Support

Our BIM 360 software services are backed by Autodesk Certified Experts who help AEC professionals move towards their goals.

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BIM 360 Design Software Solutions

Connect, organize and optimize your projects using a single platform for construction management to improve decision-making and realize more predictable and profitable outcomes.

RFIs and Submittals

Improve communication and visibility into project management workflows like RFIs and submittals by providing management tools in a single platform.

Document Management

We create central document repositories for drawings, models, specifications, RFIs, photos, and markups, bringing them together in a single document management platform.

Quality Management

We provide instant visibility into quality issues with industry best quality management solutions. We save you time and give the ability to resolve quality issues before they become costly.

Data Analytics

Our data analytics solutions are based on machine learning and provide cross-project reporting to show an accurate picture of overall performance.

Safety Management

We develop solutions that help curtail safety issues by providing a digital construction site safety checklist and access to safety documents on mobile devices.

BIM 360 Integrations

Connect your application to BIM 360. Whether the goal is to simply avoid duplicate data, automate manual tasks or raise the value of your application, connecting to BIM 360 Design can bring more value to your customers.

Connect your data and workflows with BIM 360 Design

Save time, avoid data duplication, explore new workflows, access all your information in one place, and get expert BIM 360 support.

We develop software integrations to connect with BIM 360

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Cloud-based BIM Services

BIM 360 Design Collaboration

We project information to a single cloud-based platform to streamline approvals. Stick to project deadlines with trackable coordination activity recorded for all teams.

Quality Control

We give instant visibility into quality issues and the ability to resolve them before they turn into costly rework.


We simplify BIM coordination by ensuring each project participant can view multi-discipline models, all from one platform.

Subcontractor Management

Our solutions facilitate the setting of conformance targets for subcontractors, track root causes of safety incidents, and benchmark safety performance across all projects.

BIM 360 Support

Chetu supports your company by providing BIM 360 services. Our professionals help you optimize and troubleshoot AEC software and infrastructure remotely. We have a customized cloud-based solution for everything your construction management team might need.


Drop us a line or give us a ring. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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