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Keep Your Project on Track with Construction ERP Software

Written by Patrick Thompson Posted by Carolina
Patrick Thompson

Patrick Thompson

Those who have been involved in the construction industry long enough understand the pressures surrounding a tight budget and a fixed deadline. Yet, unforeseen circumstances often arise, sending established plans out the window and requiring workers to set a new schedule and new margins for the project. When efficiency is at risk, construction companies need to know their ERP software can be relied on to get their project back on track.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a business solution that provides powerful analytics using data from various construction processes such as accounting/financial management, contractor management, equipment/inventory management, human capital management, project management, vendor management, bid management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), scheduling, submittals, asset management, and more.

Construction ERP software integrates disparate software systems into one comprehensive solution, so construction managers can have tools to effectively manage the full lifecycle of a project, including:

  • CRM
  • Cost estimation
  • Bid management
  • Contract and Purchase Order (PO) management
  • Project scheduling
  • Inventory management
  • Facility and equipment management
  • Reporting
  • Document and workflow management regarding drafts, RFIs and RFPs
  • Productivity/performance monitoring
  • HR and payroll processing

The connectivity of these modules is essential as the use of improper accounting, scheduling, and document management software can greatly hinder the progress of construction projects and the growth of the company itself. As unexpected situations arise, the effects of having non-integrated technologies and software solutions become ever more detrimental to the construction project.

Custom ERP security protocols like Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), user provisioning, electronic identities management, real-time monitoring, audit trails, firewalls and network encryptions provide additional layers to protect and limit access to valuable business data.

Customizable dashboards with integrated data visualization and data analytics features are a daily necessity for construction managers and become even more vital during times of distress.

Numerous construction ERP systems are available for purchase in today's market. However, not all of these off-the-shelf products are easily customizable, which is necessary to meet the specific demands of each industry and company.

Without proper implementation and customization of ERP systems, construction companies will have a harder time overcoming difficult or unexpected situations.

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