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Autodesk Forge: Building
a Central Workspace

BIM 360, APIs, and More

Jim GarlockBy: Jim Garlock

Autodesk Forge Solutions

What is Autodesk Forge?

Autodesk Forge is a set of cloud services that connects construction workflows with visualization, engineering, and design. The platform consists of web-service application program interfaces (APIs) that developers leverage for showcasing, data management, model derivatives, and design automation while also focusing on emerging BIM technologies. Developers and clients alike can build and deploy apps and services in manufacturing and construction that fully optimize workflows and power visual engineering.

Improving Collaboration with the Autodesk Forge Viewer

The construction industry superimposes design and engineering processes to produce new structures and redefine preexisting infrastructure on a day to day basis. Given the frequency at which we remodel, rebuild, and refocus, we need solutions capable of achieving the same dynamism.

In other words, the construction industry should be leveraging the latest digital feats and tapping into the growing web of capable software solutions to build lasting, final products. BIM (Business Information Modeling) and Cloud computing solutions are quickly emerging and forming the foundation for a digital revolution within the construction industry.

Collaboration related to documents and models is essential in the construction industry in which businesses are wanting to improve to utilize efficiency to gain more contractors and win new projects. Construction businesses use cloud-based platforms to improve convenience, mobility, and access to information from any location on any device.

The Autodesk Forge Viewer allows web developers to effortlessly display 3-D models in a WebGL-enabled browser or a smartphone application. This platform allows construction professionals to question, position, and link key data points for better decision making. The Autodesk Forge Viewer is housed in a JavaScript library for use in 3-D and 2-D model rendering, facilitating quick visualization and a unified interface for end users and everyone involved in the collaboration of a project.

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Autodesk Forge APIs

Forge is defined by 5 groups of APIs. The platform's Data Management API gives businesses a consolidated way to approach data across the BIM 360 team. The BIM 360 Team is an Autodesk cloud-based collaboration tool that gives engineers, architects and project stakeholders the opportunity to methodically work together in one central workspace.

Autodesk Integration Services

This helps them to communicate, make comments, and mark-ups in real time. Another useful API housed under the platform is the Model Derivative API, which supports the production and sharing of designs in various formats.

The AutoDesk Forge Viewer interacts with the Model Derivative API to fetch model data. The data can take on a variety of identities—elements and properties from a source file, geometric representations and extraction, and file translation.

When files are translated, source files are funneled into output files for optimal design and visualization suitable for view in different formats. This enhanced view ability allows for effective digital collaboration, transparency, and increased productivity within the construction industry.

Chetu and Autodesk Forge

Autodesk Forge enables companies to leverage design and engineering data to develop custom software applications and connect workflows for manufacturing, media/entertainment, architecture, and engineering.

Chetu's Autodesk Forge certified developers implement mechanisms to help designers, architects, and engineers collaborate on production and operational workflows using the Autodesk Forge cloud environment.

We help you to conceptualize, design, develop and deploy your 3D apps. Apps developed by Chetu on Autodesk Forge platform are the most robust, and scalable in the industry. Using Chetu's Autodesk Forge applications, our clients have went on to dissolve the engineering and manufacturing challenges inflating their overhead.


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