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3 Ways Chetu Provides Autodesk Forge Software Solutions

Written by Sachin Sharma
Sachin Sharma

Sachin Sharma

For + years, Chetu has provided seamless end-to-end software development services to AEC, manufacturing, and media entities. Autodesk Forge, a valued partner of Chetu, has made it possible for Chetu developers to use their platform to provide software solutions for Autodesk Forge cloud-based software. Chetu has experience in providing solutions for: Autodesk cloud services, Autodesk 3D solutions, and Autodesk Forge API's.

1. Autodesk Cloud Services
Chetu uses Autodesk cloud services which enables the use of Forge's cloud environment to provide end-to-end software development. These services assist Chetu developers in providing expertise to industries such as AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction), manufacturing, and various media entities. The use of Autodesk's Forge platform has provided convenience through interconnectivity between architects and engineers to create various projects.

2. Autodesk 3D Solutions
Because Autodesk's Forge platform is an application program interface (API) designed for Autodesk customers and 3rd party developers like Chetu, our development team works hard to ensure the seamless back-end provision of software solutions to extend their vision of interconnectivity through our partnership. With that, Chetu creates solutions through Autodesk 3D services that enable seamless integration and management of 3D objects. This service allows Chetu developers to utilize software such as Revit, Maya, and Motion Builder, as well as 2D programs like AutoCAD and After Effects.

3. Autodesk Forge APIs
Chetu's expertise using Autodesk Forge continues through use of Autodesk API's. Autodesk Forge APIs like data management grants access to data across A360, Fusion, and more. Ultimately, these services use Autodesk's cloud to execute automation scripts, and Model Derivative API that prepares files for the Viewer and extracts geometrics adding to the convenience of using Autodesk Forge.

Chetu Project Using Autodesk Forge

Chetu's recent architectural design and engineering project using Autodesk Forge showcases a 3D design of a professional building. Chetu utilized the Autodesk Forge platform that includes: Autodesk cloud services, 3D solutions, and Autodesk API's. According to the director of operations for the project, Sachin Sharma, "We are incredibly excited about the future of this platform, and I'm eager to see what technological triumphs this new partnership will foster."

3D model of building

To learn more about Chetu's project using Autodesk Forge, click here: https://forgeintegrator.chetu.com/

Both Autodesk Forge and Chetu share the common goal of providing software that helps to shape the future of business. Chetu implements mechanisms to help designers, architects, and engineers collaborate on production and operational workflows using the Autodesk Forge cloud environment. Our experts have working experience of the platform to simplify uploading and management of 3D objects. Chetu developers are able to showcase these objects via Autodesk Viewer using OAuth, Data Management, Model Derivative, and Design Automation APIs.

For more information on Chetu's project using Autodesk Forge visit: https://www.chetu.com/solutions/autodesk/autodesk-forge.php


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