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The Ultimate Guide to Autodesk Forge

Jim GarlockBy: Jim Garlock

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Autodesk Forge is a collection of web service APIs that uses several software components to create software solutions for companies. It allows developers to connect their programs to their web services, thus coming up with customized solutions via cloud-powered technology.


This technology has several benefits that allow the developers to design and share appropriate design information fast, efficiently, and securely, while eliminating the need to share or duplicate design files. Regardless of the number of gigabytes in the design file, they can use several APIs to extract data and also allow customers to view and interact with designers' websites with:

Design Automation API

An Autodesk Forge Designer can use Forge platform to run scripts on design files, without having to repeat tasks. This way, a designeris ready to publish several resources without having to download all the files and then re-uploading them all back to the cloud.

Data Management API

With Data Management API, developers can easily access and store data in Object Storage Service. The developer can do so across a range of Saas platforms such as BIM 360 Team, BIM 360 Doc, Fusion Team, and A360 Personal. This improves the speed of downloading applications and uploading PDF, XLS, DWG, or RVT files.

Model Derivative API

With this API, developers can showcase and share their designs in more than 60 file formats. They can also convert them into a range of other formats. The translated forms include STL and OBJ, and they come with the advantage of turning designs into SVF for data extraction and files rendering in the Viewer.

Authentication Tab


This is a WebGL-based JavaScript Library used in both 2D and 3D model rendering. The main benefit of using the Viewer is that there is direct communication with the Model Derivative API that facilitates data fetching. This is a great tool to ensure compliance in authorization and security requirements. The Viewer is also compatible with several browsers such as Chrome 50+, Firefox 45+, Opera 37+, Safari 9+, Microsoft Edge 20+, and Internet Explorer 11.

Reality Capture API: With this API, Autodesk Forge developer can use cloud solutions to control drone and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) processes by setting ground control points. The developer will be able to quickly identify specific geographic coordinate systems and tag images with GPS information.

Webhooks API: Webhook is used to monitor events without necessarily polling every minute to keep track of occurrences. The developers only need to register the incidents that they wish to track, and once the event takes place, they get notified via a POST request. For example, the developer can quickly identify when files have been modified or deleted.


OAuth2.0 provides token-based authentication when allowing developersto access an array of information, such as the steps for app registration. They also get step by step guide and tutorial for different workflows. Using Autodesk Forge Design Developers can use the design for various processes which include;

Architectural Processes

This technology can be used in the development of cloud-based platforms that will aid in processes' standardization. The simplicity in data flow between the architecture studio, the factory, and the job site accelerates efficiency and delivery through the connected ecosystem linking architectural design to other functions such as industrial fabrication.

Engineering Processes

The Autodesk Forge Designer can create design software that incorporates engineering processes that can model, authenticate, and communicate design ideas before the final production. The technology can be applied in several engineering industries, such as in industrial machine design and automotive design. The developers integrate Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software design tool within these processes as inputs engineering and design tools. (Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) is also used as it employs a wide range of analyses that are useful when performing complex tasks such as Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA), before creating physical models. An excellent option for automation will be the Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM).

Autodesk Forge laptop

Construction Processes

Construction firms can also utilize the design to combine field data and also to monitor labor productivity. By using this technology, it is possible to have deep, exceptional levels of insight into project performance while also controlling project costs.

Media and Entertainment

Autodesk Forge design can be incorporated in the entertainment industry to create simulations that are not only efficient but also captivating. The use of visual programming will enable more simulations, producing more content, and hence expand workflows. These creative solutions can be tailored for animators and visual effects artists in all medial platforms.

Mobile Applications

Developers can create mobile applications that can be used by commercial subcontractors in various lines of work to manage the daily work. Mobile apps can be integrated with cloud-based project management technology to connect field workers with office managers for efficient management of projects and project documentation. This helps in eliminating the tedious manual processes of tracking and communication.


A competent Autodesk Forge developer with the right industry experience will be able to advice on a software need. A talented developer will see through a software vision, creation, and modification and provide advice on the costs. Most companies will hire developers on a contract basis, depending on their needs.

Chetu provides custom technology solutions using Autodesk 3D solutions and APIs. It does so by combining experience, expertise, and passion for excellence to offer high-end solutions.

As a valued partner of Autodesk Forge, Chetu is dedicated to providing software solutions that help shape the future of business.


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