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What is Autodesk Recap?

Jim GarlockBy: Jim Garlock


Do you want to enhance your business with digital 3D models? In this article, you will learn the basics, and how to take advantage of the digital visualization. While it’s true the process is complex, Autodesk Recap goes a long way toward making it much more manageable.

What is 3D Scanning?

To create digital models, you need to scan the objects you want to work with. 3D scanning presents quite a few more challenges than a flat 2-dimensional sheet of paper. 3-dimensional objects contain much more information for a scanner to analyze. This is why, unlike regular scanning, a single scan of an object is not enough. There must be many scans, from different angles and directions, and the results need to be merged to get the full representation of an object. The set of the geometric data collected by the scanner is referred to as a point cloud. Point cloud files are enormous, however, and a scan of a single block in a city can generate billions of data points. It is for this reason that it is necessary to use specialized software to read these files and work with them. Advanced technology truly becomes a user’s best friend when it comes to modern design and engineering.

Autodesk Virtual Design

Autodesk is a Software as a Service (SaaS), meaning you make payments to use it, and all the data lives in the cloud. The advantage is you can log into your account from anywhere, on any device. The company says it “makes software for people who make things”, and their product line bears that out. Businesses use Autodesk for a variety of purposes. All the major industries, from engineering to entertainment, use this software to run their tasks. These industries include:

How does Autodesk Recap work?

It is an easy-to-use program that works with native point cloud files created with laser scans. The “Recap” part of the name is short for “reality capture”, and the system is included in the Autodesk Design Suite. If you already have the software installed, then Recap was very likely installed at the same time. Cloud points can be imported or extracted from any other Autodesk product. You import the files, and the software opens them for further actions. Apply filters to choose which sections of the object you want to work on. This feature makes the file more manageable than having to wrestle with the entire thing, particularly if the object is a building or other complex structure. The selection tools isolate the exact segment and filter everything else out. You can also break it down into separate categories, such as putting structures in one set, while landscaping goes into another. At that point, you can focus on very specific data and can modify, clean it up, or do whatever else with it that you’d like.

How to use Autodesk Recap?

There are so many ways and industries in which 3D modeling can be helpful, and there are almost endless uses for it. The primary use is the simulation of project scenarios, where it can help to choose the right solution, predict its effects, and maximize profits. Civil engineers can also test locations for new projects, while urban planners can answer questions that had plagued them in the past, such as how much of the surface of a roof on a building would be in shadow or covered by vegetation. This application will also be great for manufacturing or mechanical industries, as businesses that produce parts and details can benefit a lot. For example, if you have a pipe collar that you need to connect to, but you don’t have the parameters you need to create a part that will fit it exactly, all you have to do is scan it to get that information. It will take just a few clicks to determine the size of the new part, the bolt-holes placement, and all the data required.

Is Recap accurate?

The greatest progress is this software is now available to mainstream users. Additionally, scanning techniques have improved tremendously, and provide you with the highest accuracy.

Construction and Autodesk Recap Pro

The Pro version of the software is particularly suited to the construction industry. It contains advanced features for:


Search and Annotation

Outsourcing is always a great idea

Autodesk offers some very robust and powerful software applications. It makes the process of working with 3D models easier and quicker than ever been before. Still, it's an intricate and meticulous task that some might find overwhelming. If it should become challenging, you can outsource your Autodesk design projects to Autodesk service providers that specialize in digital modeling. They will help your project in the most efficient way as having experts take over modeling and drafting saves time, and provides better results. And, as with everything else, time is money. Chetu provides custom modeling and drafting services to businesses worldwide. We deliver digital solutions that are tailored to your needs. Contact us now to get your consultation.

The future has arrived with 3D modeling. It makes things possible that could only be imagined. A significant part of its effectiveness is the expertise of the user. Whether you are modeling in-house, or outsourcing, Autodesk will streamline the process so you can expect the most accurate and efficient outcomes.


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