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Empowering Businesses with Tailored Maya Solutions as Certified Autodesk Partners

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Captivating Animations and Visual Effects. Certified Maya Solutions.

Chetu brings your ideas to life with Autodesk Maya solutions, generating 3D assets for use in film, television, games, and commercials. Our top-tier developers have extensive experience in motion graphics, 3D animation, modeling, rendering and shading.

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Motion Graphics Services

Motion Graphics Services

Make an impact on your audience with the help of our certified Autodesk development experts. We have experience with motion graphic techniques for numerous styles and ensure a compelling launch of your next project. We produce immersive motion graphics, animation and video that will exceed your expectations.

3D Animation Services

3D Animation Services

Our Maya development services include custom immersive 3D animations that enhance your organization’s brand. Our services include product views, real estate tours, e-learning, movies, cartoons, medical animations and modeling. We help you improve your animation process with our experienced and certified Maya developers.

3D Modeling Services

3D Modeling Services

Using Maya, our development team helps you design and model your next project. We have extensive experience drafting, rendering and designing custom animation and 3D models using reference images or sketches.

Oracle Cloud Services
3D Rendering and Shading

3D Rendering and Shading

Bring your ideas to life with our custom Maya development services, we create highly realistic imagery and cartoons. Our developers use Arnold, Render set up, shading nodes, colour management, painting, toon shader, shader FX and more to help solve complex rendering problems quickly and efficiently.

Dynamics and Effects Services

Dynamics and Effects Services

Our Maya developers design dynamic fluid effects like explosions, flames, smoke, lava and non-dynamic effects like clouds, fog, space and other abstract animations. We also create fluid containers and emitters, particle collisions, dynamic relationships editors and more to ensure you get the visual effects that take your project to the next level.

Pipeline Integration

Pipeline Integration

We use scripting and API's to develop custom scripts, plugins, designs and more using Maya Embedded Language (MEL) and Python scripting language. We provide complete Maya pipeline integration services to enhance engine workflows, 2D/3D designs and data/screen management.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions For Autodesk Maya

Chetu’s Artificial Intelligence experts continue leveraging this powerful resource to modernize industries, and with Autodesk Maya, we create intuitive solutions to enable unparalleled 3D animation and image creation.

Leveraging AI for Intuitive Interactions with Maya

The application of AI within Maya enables more detailed 3D animation, nuanced text generation, and High Dynamic Range (HDR) imagery within 3D designs. This powerful resource leveraged by Chetu’s expert developers will enhance Maya and provide end-users with more intuitive interactions with industry-leading animation tools to create modern, generative AI-based imagery for blockbuster visual effects.

Maya Co-Pilot Integration

Chetu’s Autodesk specialists seamlessly integrate Maya Co-Pilot to create unparalleled visual effects to elevate any project reliant on imagery. Our Natural Language Processing experts enhance and optimize Maya Co-Pilot to unlock the newest features for unprecedented generative AI-powered image creation, code generation, and automated workflows. Let our certified Autodesk experts integrate Co-Pilot and begin deploying this modern visual effects resource today with no workflow interruption.

Maya AI-Assist

Our AI experts enhance the Maya platform with this cutting-edge resource to deploy intuitive chatbots to assist all end-users with image and scene creation promptly. Chetu designs and deploys customized chatbots to streamline artist workflow by implementing Natural Language Processing to assist with all aspects of project workflow, minimizing bottlenecks and reducing repetitive tasks.

AI-Driven Workflow Solutions

Artificial Intelligence programmed and implemented by our experts streamlines workflow by automating tasks, facilitating collaboration, and optimizing Maya’s ability to easily design and deploy generative AI-based imagery. Our dedicated developers create customized Graphic User Interfaces (GUI) to facilitate user-friendly workflow and expedite project completion. Chetu’s talented developers expedite project completion and reduce product development times, enabling faster times to market. Boost collateral performance with AI-driven solutions implemented by Chetu’s expert-level developers.

Maya Software Development Services

As an Autodesk Service Select Partner, we bring unmatched expertise to provide diverse specialized services, ensuring your Autodesk Maya projects are optimized to their fullest potential.

Bifrost for Maya Development

Chetu offers expert development services for creating custom simulations and effects using Autodesk's Bifrost for Maya. Bifrost’s visual programming environment supports physically accurate and incredibly detailed simulations, lifelike effects like smoke and snow, scatter node implementations, and user-friendly, ready-to-use graphs for creating extraordinary effects, ensuring your projects meet the highest standards of quality and realism.

Unreal Live Link for Maya Integration

By utilizing Unreal Live Link, Chetu's integration services offer a seamless bridge between Autodesk Maya and Unreal Engine. This robust real-time animation data transfer is an indispensable asset for clients deeply entrenched in virtual production and game development. This synchronization of Maya and Unreal Engine streamlines workflow, enabling the real-time sharing of animation data and significantly improving collaboration among team members.

Time Editor Customization

Chetu offers specialized Time Editor customization services for Autodesk Maya, enhancing its capabilities as a comprehensive animation editing tool. We create an intuitive, clip-based workflow for non-linear animation editing, allowing seamless navigation between clip-level views and key-level details. Any animatable object or attribute in Maya can be transformed into a clip for non-destructive editing, and our expertise ensures precise timing operations, ultimately delivering versatile and visually captivating animations.

Graph Editor Enhancement

Elevate your animation workflow with Chetu's exceptional Graph Editor enhancement in Maya. Our specialized services introduce an array of advanced features that empower you to effortlessly craft, analyze, and fine-tune animation curves. This level of customization ensures that your animations are more precise and visually stunning, meeting the highest standards of quality and delivering a more efficient and artist-friendly experience for your team.

Blue Pencil Toolset Customization

Chetu customizes the Blue Pencil toolset, empowering you to sketch poses, define motion arcs, and easily add annotations to your scenes. Our customization enables the Blue Pencil Toolset to provide a flexible and intuitive way to add hand-drawn elements to 3D projects, enhancing the creative process and making it fluid and more efficient.

Ghosting Editor Customization

Chetu's Ghosting Editor customization empowers you with finely tuned tools to meticulously visualize the temporal evolution of animated objects. Our specialized approach facilitates a granular understanding of movements and positions throughout the animation timeline. This heightened level of customization grants you more control and elevates your animations to new levels of smoothness and realism. Experience seamless, lifelike results that transcend creative boundaries with our specialized Ghosting Editor enhancements.

Deformation Effects

Our expert team specializes in crafting custom deformation effects that enable the creation of non-destructive transformations for 3D models. This feature greatly enhances character and object animations, elevating your projects in terms of both visual appeal and substance. With the ability to simulate various effects, including bending, twisting, squashing, stretching, and more, you can achieve lifelike movements and behaviors for characters and objects.

Native Motion Library Integration

Chetu's seamless integration of a native motion library plugin into Maya offers direct access to a rich repository of high-quality motion capture data. This invaluable feature streamlines your animation process, ensuring you can effortlessly infuse your projects with natural movements and expressions. The result significantly enhances your animation quality and efficiency, enabling top-notch results that set your work apart with its visual impact.

UV Editing and Toolkit Customization

We enhance Maya's UV editing capabilities and provide toolkit customization, encompassing polygon, NURBS, and subdivision surfaces. Our specialized customization amplifies precision and propels efficiency in the intricate realms of 3D modeling and texturing. This fine-tuned toolkit empowers artists to easily create and manipulate UV maps, paving the way for visually striking and painstakingly detailed 3D models and textures.

Sculpting Toolset Enhancement

Chetu excels in elevating Maya's sculpting toolset to a higher level of artistry and intuitive 3D modeling. Our customized enhancements grant artists a new realm of precision, enabling them to breathe life into their creative visions. This refined sculpting toolkit streamlines the artistic process, ensuring the fusion of imagination and technology results in visually stunning and intricately detailed 3D models.

OpenSubdiv Support Integration

Chetu's specialized expertise comes to the forefront in seamlessly integrating and optimizing OpenSubdiv support within Maya. Our methodical approach guarantees that your interactive workflows become smoother and significantly more efficient. By harnessing the full potential of OpenSubdiv, we enable Maya users to experience heightened control and performance, facilitating the creation of complex, high-resolution 3D models and animations with ease and distinction.

GPU and CPU Rendering Optimization

Chetu's proficient team excels in the fine art of customizing GPU and CPU rendering through Arnold, achieving unparalleled performance optimization. This specialized service ensures your scenes are rendered faster while maintaining impeccable visual quality. By harnessing the full potential of GPU and CPU processing, we unlock the power of Arnold, transforming your rendering process into a seamless and efficient experience that delivers top-notch, photorealistic results.

Standard Surface Shader Customization

Chetu's specialized tech experts can customize the Standard Surface Shader to meet your precise material modeling requirements. Our specialization in this area ensures your rendering projects attain the precise look and feel you envision. By fine-tuning the Standard Surface Shader, we guarantee that the visual aesthetic of your scenes is elevated to a level that perfectly matches your creative vision, producing striking and authentic results.

Look Development with Hypershade Customization

Chetu excels in empowering artists and developers with tailored Hypershade customization. We specialize in optimizing this integral tool for building intricate shading networks, ensuring a seamless and efficient shading process. Our expert enhancements facilitate easier access and control over complex shaders, enabling you to craft visually stunning and artistically nuanced materials. With our customized Hypershade, you'll unlock new levels of creative freedom and clarity in your look development workflow.

Color Management Customization

Chetu excels in fine-tuning color management, a pivotal aspect of achieving the ideal visual aesthetics for your projects. Our customization ensures that color previews are accurate and consistently aligned with your creative vision. By harmonizing color representation, we empower you to attain a level of visual excellence that transforms your work into a masterpiece, where every hue and shade plays its role to perfection.

MASH Procedural Effects Development

Chetu excels at the craft of custom procedural effects development through the dynamic capabilities of MASH. Our expertise enhances your motion design animations, enabling the creation of breathtaking motion graphics and animations. We specialize in crafting versatile effects that breathe life into your projects, making them dynamic, captivating, and visually striking. With our customized MASH procedural effects, your animations reach new heights of creativity and innovation.

3D Type Implementation

Our accomplished team specializes in seamlessly integrating 3D text, harnessing it for branding, title sequences, and other project applications. This expert implementation guarantees that your 3D typography commands attention, effectively conveying your message while elevating the visual impact of your projects. Whether for branding or storytelling, our 3D-type implementations make your content visually striking, ensuring it leaves a lasting impression.

Adobe Live Link Integration

Chetu's expertise shines in seamlessly uniting Maya with Adobe After Effects through robust Adobe Live Link integration. This integration establishes a fluid and efficient workflow, facilitating seamless scene viewing and editing. By ensuring that your projects maintain both consistency and impeccable quality, we empower you to create a harmonious synergy between these two powerful creative platforms, enabling you to produce exceptional visual content with ease and accuracy.

Python 3 Scripting

Our skilled team offers specialized Python 3 scripting services, tailored to your unique requirements in Maya. We go beyond the standard, enabling you to automate tasks and craft custom scripts and plugins. This expertise empowers you to create personalized tools, aligned perfectly with your workflow and specific needs. Our scripting solutions maximize efficiency and your creative potential is unshackled, providing you with a competitive edge in your Maya projects.

Customization and Pipeline Integration

Chetu provides an extensive suite of services encompassing Maya's user interface customization and seamless pipeline integration. Our detailed approach ensures that Maya is finely tuned to harmonize seamlessly with your unique workflow and project prerequisites. Our customization and integration solutions empower you to work with unparalleled efficiency, delivering projects with greater consistency, speed, and effectiveness, setting the stage for your creative endeavors to shine.

Autodesk Maya Partner Support Services

Leverage unparalleled expertise with Chetu’s Autodesk Maya partner product support services. Count on Chetu to navigate Maya complexities seamlessly, providing tailored solutions that empower your creative journey with remarkable efficiency and innovation.

Maya Technical Mastery

Elevate your Maya experience with our expert Maya technical support. From complex bug diagnoses to ensuring seamless API integrations, our experts are dedicated to troubleshooting Maya issues and maintaining the technical integrity of your creative process.

Maya Plugin Integration

Explore new dimensions of creative potential with seamless integration of third-party plugins into Maya. Our experts enhance functionality, opening doors to a world of possibilities tailored to your project's unique needs.

Maya Customization Services

Tailor Maya to your creative vision through our customization services. From scripting to UI enhancements, we optimize your workflow for efficiency, letting you focus on bringing your imagination to life with every click.

Maya Maintenance and Support Keeps Creativity Flowing

Stay at the forefront of innovation with our proactive maintenance and support services. We ensure your custom solution is not only up-to-date and secure but also optimized for the latest features, guaranteeing a flawless creative journey.

Maya Asset Management

Experience digital harmony with our asset management solutions. We streamline the organization and handling of digital assets within Maya, fostering collaboration and maximizing efficiency in even the most sophisticated projects.

Maya Performance Enhancement Strategies

Propel your Maya experience to new heights with our advanced performance enhancement strategies. From in-depth optimization techniques to meticulous fine-tuning of settings, we engineer a smoother and faster creative process, ensuring optimal utilization of technical resources for your innovative endeavors.

Maya Software: Frequently Asked Questions

Maya is a 3D computer graphics application developed by Autodesk that is used for creating animations, visual effects, 3D modeling, and rendering. It is widely employed in the film, television, gaming, and design industries to bring digital content to life.

Certified Partners have demonstrated their expertise in Autodesk products and development practices. They have access to official Autodesk resources, support, and updates, ensuring the reliability and compatibility of their solutions. Additionally, they often have a team of experienced professionals to tackle complex projects.

AI revolutionizes 3D modeling through procedural generation, using algorithms to create intricate, lifelike models. This tech powers diverse applications, from realistic landscapes to virtual worlds.

Maya CoPilot is an AI assistant for the Maya platform, enhancing workflow with seamless integration, AI assistance, and quick skill acquisition through natural language interaction.

Emerging aviation tech trends: autonomous aircraft, IoT, AI, AR, blockchain, 3D printing, electric/hybrid planes, biometrics, VR/AR training, contactless tech, predictive maintenance, in-flight connectivity, cloud computing, advanced materials, and more.

Maya and AutoCAD serve distinct purposes in different industries. Maya is a 3D graphics software for animation and visual effects in entertainment, while AutoCAD is a CAD software for precise technical drawings in architecture and engineering. Maya focuses on artistic creativity, while AutoCAD emphasizes technical precision.


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