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We Are IBM Developers Delivering Operational Excellence with IBM Technology

Chetu is an IBM Business Partner Focused on Watson and Cognos development, implementation, integration, migration, and more.

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Functional IBM Implementations

Our expert developers have extensive IBM implementation experience on the Cognos and Watson platforms. With onsite and offshore implementation models we ensure a smooth system implementation to create business driven IT solutions that leverage IBM's comprehensive business analytics product suite including IBM Cognos and Watson.

Seamless IBM Migrations

We minimize migration downtime with seamless migration services that include using established IBM tools and technology designed to simplify business processes, saving you time and money. Our services include scaled data migration that upgrades your operating system and database versions at the source. We perform batch migration of Cognos Series 7 content to Cognos BI and more.

Optimal IBM Configurations

Chetu expertly configures systems such as Cognos and Watson. As certified IBM Business Partners, we create compatible XML files that are shareable and configurable across an organization. Additionally, we are able to recreate system functionality and features that are manageable and easy to back up and copy to another system.

Functional IBM Integrations

We provide integration services that connect diverse applications regardless of message formats or protocols they support. We accurately exchange data with other applications within the flexible, dynamic, and extensible infrastructure. We support operations within the Watson and Cognos systems that include routing, transforming, monitoring, enriching and detection.

Strategic IBM Development

Chetu provides custom Development services that deliver and manage varied and complex applications at a low cost. We have years of experience working on technologies related to the platform including Watson and Cognos system customization. We use RPG (fixed and Free format) to change and enhance development and existing applications.

Feature-Rich IBM App Development

We are experts in cloud platform app development. We enable rapid response to requests for new functionality and system requirements and distribute new customized software solutions within Cognos and Watson systems to create seamless mobile apps and applications while delivering maintenance and security. Our web applications are configured and supported on Java/.NET/Node JS.

IBM Blockchain Developers

Our certified IBM developers create, deploy and manage secure blockchain networks for businesses using Blockchain. We implement cloud services so our clients can use Hyperledger Fabric and updated security features for a simplified and accessible private datacenter. We work with IBM for seamless end-to-end development of a blockchain solution.

IBM Bluemix Developers

We build, run, deploy and manage applications on the cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Bluemix. Our developers have experience with the Cloud Foundry open technology and SoftLayer infrastructure to support all necessary programming languages including Java, Node.js, Go, PHP, Swift, Python, Ruby Sinata, Ruby on Rails as well as Scala. Utilize Bluemix to start building your own custom AI, IoT, Data and mobile web applications.

IBM Featured Content: Stay Current With Chetu’s Tech Trends And Projects.

Blog: Top 3 Reasons to Upgrade to Cognos Business Intelligence Software

Business intelligence has grown significantly over the past year. The IT industry has gone through a fluctuating change of business and technology trends resulting in a market of business intelligence software, cloud computing vendors, and big data and analytic platforms among other offerings. One of the biggest cloud-based and cognitive-computing giants in the market today is IBM, a global technology company that provides cloud based services and hardware software. IBM currently offers a suite of web-based integrated business intelligence solutions called IBM Cognos.

IBM Cognos Software arms businesses with compelling data storytelling that leverages the use of captivating visualizations, dashboards and graphs.
Below we discuss the top three reasons businesses are upgrading to Cognos Business Intelligence Software.


Artificial Intelligence, the buzzword that’s been circulating the tech world has ushered in dozens of conversations about the technologies surrounding it and how it is making its way into the industries. All the excitement surrounding AI and the technologies it supports –Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Learning Process (NLP)—has created a great deal of confusion about what these terms really mean and how we differentiate them from one another.

One of the many misconceptions is that Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are interchangeable. Though both technologies are stirring major enthusiasm around business process automation, they each accomplish this task in different ways.

We decided to dismantle the confusion around Artificial Intelligence and RPA technology once and for all. First, begin thinking of RPA as the do-er and AI the thinker.

Blog: 3 Software Trends we Can’t Ignore This Year

There's a lot of buzz about next-gen software, and how they're going infiltrate horizontally and revolutionize the way we operate across the board. There is some validity to some this buzz, especially when it comes to AI, Blockchain, and Progressive Web Apps. In this article we demystify Blockchain, AI Software, and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), and explore how they will evolve this coming year.

There will be a shift in focus from conversational AI to predictive AI, as we pinpoint opportunities for more polished workflows and user experiences. PWAs are the middle-ground between two very different user experiences and a melting pot of their best functionalities. We know now that wherever there are privacy concerns and whenever anonymity is required, Blockchain technology is applicable.

Blog: Artificial Intelligence & Healthcare

Over half of medical bills are mishandled, skewing costs in both directions and resulting in billions of dollars in improper payments. For a long time there was no way to circumvent the billing and coding infrastructure, and where there are manual processes, there are inevitable errors.

With a growing number of patients being treated, the number of billing errors increases exponentially. Handling this influx of data requires a sorting and organizational intelligence with processing power that far surpasses that of human resources.

Recently, healthcare establishments have been combating the billing deficit with artificial intelligence (AI) software. When applied to billing and coding, sophisticated AI technology has the capability to contextualize unstructured data, compartmentalizing EHR data and connecting relevant information together. Healthcare AI funnels data into a logical timeline and makes sense of disparate records—events, diagnoses, procedures—to eliminate errors in coding and reporting.


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