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Certified Oracle NetSuite Partner Providing Custom Solutions and Consulting for Business Optimization
Oracle Netsuite Alliance Partner

NetSuite Certified Alliance Partners

As a NetSuite Certified Alliance Partner, we offer complete NetSuite implementation, consultation, integration, programming, and support services focused on delivering success-driven results for businesses everywhere.

NetSuite Consulting Services

Our Certified Netsuite Consultants possess demonstrated industry & software expertise delivered with proven methodologies. Our NetSuite consultants will support you every step of the way to analyze, design, and deploy the perfect solution for your business needs.

NetSuite Programming

Whether it’s building a new application, integrating with existing software solutions, or extending NetSuite to suit your specific business needs, we’ll program a custom NetSuite solution to streamline workflows and optimize business processes.

NetSuite Implementation

As a NetSuite ERP Implementation Partner, we will define and configure the best solution to fit your unique business needs. Chetu customizes, integrates, deploys, and optimizes your NetSuite products to ensure maximum business efficiency and growth.

NetSuite Support

Our NetSuite support experts help businesses of all sizes and industry verticals to implement enhanced processes, solve problems, and foster steady growth, providing ongoing support, management, and maintenance of your entire NetSuite system.

AI-Powered NetSuite Solutions

Chetu leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies to enhance your cloud-based ERP system’s capabilities, providing you with cutting-edge automation and intelligent insights. NetSuite offers several advanced AI-driven modules within its ERP and CRM solutions.

NetSuite AI Integration Services

We provide AI integration services to help organizations integrate AI capabilities into their NetSuite solutions. These services assist stakeholders in leveraging the power of AI to enhance operations, automate processes, and gain intelligent insights. Our dedicated industry specialists work with organizations to understand their specific needs related to this integration. Following a thorough consultation and assessment, our team will work to customize and develop AI solutions tailored to your company’s unique needs.


Our developers can enhance your current NetSuite ERP system with this AI-powered HR module, SuitePeople, which utilizes several subsets of AI, such as natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), sentiment analysis techniques, and recommendation systems configured with AI algorithms to automate and streamline multiple HR processes, including employee onboarding, performance management, and talent acquisition.

NetSuite AI Support

Our team of NetSuite support experts assists organizations of all sizes and across a range of industry verticals in implementing optimized processes, addressing pain points, and supporting steady growth. We provide ongoing support, management, and maintenance of your company’s complete NetSuite system and its AI-powered components. This practice ensures a smooth integration that will enable you to unlock the potential of AI for improved efficiency, automation, and decision-making within your NetSuite ecosystem.


Our skilled and certified NetSuite developers program the SuiteBilling module, which leverages ML algorithms, NLP, predictive analytics, and intelligent automation to analyze and forecast billing patterns, customer behavior, and historical data. These subsets of AI also extract meaningful information from textual data, and automate billing processes to handle billing for complex accounts, and manage subscription-based pricing models for your organization.

NetSuite AI-Powered Workflows

We seamlessly integrate AI technologies into your cutting-edge NetSuite solution to allow you to automate and streamline your business processes. NetSuite’s AI-powered workflows can intelligently route tasks and approvals based on pre-defined rules and conditions. These AI-enhanced workflows can also predict upcoming events or milestones based on historical data and notify personnel accordingly. NetSuite’s AI-powered workflows are also equipped with dynamic task prioritization and intelligent escalation capabilities, automatically prioritizing your tasks based on factors such as urgency and resource availability, and escalating unresolved issues to the appropriate higher-level authority or manager.


Our digital programming experts seamlessly integrate NetSuite’s e-commerce platform, SuiteCommerce, which utilizes various subsets of AI, including NLP, recommendation systems, predictive analytics, and AI algorithms to enhance platform functionality and deliver personalized shopping experiences, recommend products to customers based on their preferences, segment customers to create targeted market campaigns, and optimize conversion rates.

NetSuite Fraud Protection

We incorporate robust security measures and controls to protect sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access to your NetSuite system. These security features include user authentication, role-based access controls, data encryption, and audit trails. Additionally, NetSuite allows for third-party solution integrations that allow us to enhance your system with AI-powered fraud protection tools and services to fortify these security measures.


We develop NetSuite’s comprehensive solution, SuiteSuccess, to provide organizations with a strong foundation that includes optimized ERP and CRM solutions. SuiteSuccess incorporates AI technologies such as ML to enable predicative analytics and demand forecasting, NLP to understand and process human language inputs, and AI algorithms to identify patterns and trends in data. These technologies also comprise functionalities that can be utilized to provide best practices, pre-configured dashboards, and industry-specific insights to accelerate implementation and deliver value.

Custom NetSuite Development Services

Given our vast experience with implementing NetSuite into business systems of all industry verticals, such as supply chain, manufacturing, retail, energy, finance, legal, hospitality, and many other sectors, we’re confident that our expert NetSuite programmers will integrate, customize, migrate, and install your NetSuite system seamlessly.


We seamlessly extract all of your data from your previous systems, restructure it into comprehensive hierarchies, and migrate it into the NetSuite platform.

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We install SuiteApps, which are constructed as apps or web services native to NetSuite and developed by third-party software vendors, directly into your database.


Chetu offers advanced, unique, and innovative NetSuite customization services to help businesses eliminate bottlenecks and stay ahead of the competition.


Our NetSuite administrator services help to save your company more time and money by handling the basic day-to-day management of your NetSuite system.


We configure your NetSuite solution, establish integrations between external systems, and finalize the testing scenarios that occur throughout each step.


System Deployment

After performing various tests of your system, we finally deploy your NetSuite solution so that you can have the all-in-one solution that your business needs to thrive.

NetSuite Support Services

Our NetSuite support experts help businesses to implement enhanced processes, solve problems, and foster steady growth through ongoing support, management, and maintenance of your NetSuite systems.

NetSuite Support Services

NetSuite Support

If our developers implemented or integrated your NetSuite solution, then we will ensure that everything is in perfect working order as part of our NetSuite support services.

NetSuite Workflows

NetSuite Workflows enables businesses to take control of their business processes through automation, and we will support the design and configuration for these workflows.

System Troubleshooting

Our team will troubleshoot any issue that you’re experiencing with your NetSuite solution, making adjustments or recommendations to deliver a successful resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

An Oracle NetSuite Developer can offer services such as customizing, integrating, and extending the NetSuite platform. They can also provide custom app development and technical support.

An Oracle NetSuite Developer should have experience with web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and XML. They should also have experience in developing custom solutions for NetSuite and integrating other applications with NetSuite.

NetSuite SuiteScript is a scripting language used with NetSuite so its functions can be customized. The program has a lot of flexibility, both for client-side scripting and server-side scripting, due to being built on JavaScript, an industry-standard.

NetSuite offers options to customize business process optimization. Using SuiteBuilder creates custom records, fields, forms, and workflows. SuiteFlow automates workflows, while SuiteScript provides advanced scripting, enhancing functionality and efficiency to meet specific business needs.

NetSuite provides developers with a variety of AI resources, including access to its SuiteCloud Platform, SuiteScript Library, SuiteTalk API, and SuiteFlow Workflow Automation. Additionally, NetSuite provides access to a suite of AI-powered tools, such as its Insights Engine, AI-powered search, AI-based recommendations, and AI-powered predictive analytics.

NetSuite AI Apps help SaaS services by providing predictive analytics, machine learning, and natural language processing to increase efficiency and accuracy in customer service, sales, and marketing.

NetSuite data migration and data extraction ensures data integrity without interrupting operations. Chetu handles data loading and NetSuite data migration through rigorous testing, encryption, and secure transfer protocols, keeping data accurate and secure.

NetSuite ERP is a cloud-based tool that lets businesses continuously monitor how their operations and finances are doing. Chetu can perform NetSuite AI integration to improve financial forecasting, intelligent insights, and customize user experiences.


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