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Optimizing Creative Efficiency with AI in the Entertainment Industries

Dave WoodBy: Dave Wood


Recently the answer to whether or not Artificial Intelligence (AI) can fully create art became clearer. Jason Allen's "Théâtre D'opéra Spatial" was created through the generation of 100 images using AI Gigapixel and was the subject of great controversy in the art community. Why? Because it won first place at the Colorado State Fair.

Artists and content creators don't want to be undermined and lose their jobs to Machine Learning (ML) capable software that can produce the same kind of art cheaper and faster.

However, as AI's current capabilities and faults become understood by developers and artists alike, the film, TV, gaming, and journalism industries will benefit from incorporating better AI solutions into their work rather than fighting against it. AI is a tool in the toolbox; for writing, editing, publishing, creating, and organizing.

With efficiency and creativity at odds, this is a matter of perspective, one that can reach a compromise with the right assistant-centered AI software.

Machines Are (Not) Capable of Making Art

When the camera was invented, this was not a very welcome technological advancement by artists. The ability to perfectly reproduce a landscape, event and people had painters threatened. Yet, the camera evolved, and painting has remained an integral aspect of culture.

With the recent occurrence, it's understandable why many creatives would be against implementing AI into their artistic jobs. Software capable of deep learning and predictive analytics can seem nerve-racking with their abilities to learn and apply algorithmic knowledge to develop what would require a person's imagination and time.

Though, the reality is that AI can assist talents in their artistic ventures, cutting down on time and cost for studios, allowing them to bring out the best products possible.

AI can cover menial and complicated tasks like subtitle generation, search optimization, and scheduling, leaving the heavy-duty creation to the people. Many artists are okay with this approach, as evident in a survey conducted by Adobe.

"…Three-quarters of artists in the US, UK, Germany, and Japan would consider using AI tools as assistants, in areas such as image search, editing, and other 'non-creative' tasks."

Automating simple and repetitive tasks through data ingestion and application makes this an excellent tool for any studio.

Streamlining Production with AI

Making a film is a complicated, multi-layered undertaking that requires many moving pieces. If one part fails to do its job correctly, then every other aspect of production also fails. AI could help mitigate these failings with the use of:

Securing & Boosting Creativity with AI Assistance

Not long ago, AI was the subject of many of the entertainment we'd make. Now it's a reality. The recent hesitance and plain protest of AI systems in creative spaces are comprehensible.

While job loss and ethics are in question, technology continues to advance without any sign of slowing. AI technologie are already in place, whether deep-fake software, digital copies of people, color correction, or NPCs.

An expert-level software developer can make the right assistant for whatever endeavor a company has. With the ability to automate otherwise mundane tasks, adapt and react to data inputted, accurately predict product success, and more.

There's no need to demonize AI. The software will never flat-out replace the person behind the screen. Instead, it's a collaborative tool that ensures the most creative energy can be spent on improving whatever piece of entertainment is developed. Better entertainment will generate better returns, whether it's audience or revenue.


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