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Taking Video Game Development To New Heights With Artificial Intelligence

Create Incredible Gaming Experiences with Chetu’s Video Game Developers-for-Hire

Chetu’s game developers & programmers have extensive experience and vast knowledge of how to create high-quality, immersive, and stimulating 2D & 3D gaming experiences from the ground up, using industry-leading game development tools. No matter what type of game you need - an educational game, a simulation that simulates real world scenarios, or an engaging video game - we can provide it. Throughout the concept development and product launch process, we work closely with our clients to ensure that their vision is realized. We stay up-to-date with the latest gaming trends and technologies, leveraging AI to create innovative solutions that keep our clients ahead of the curve.

Custom 2D & 3D Game Development

Chetu offers expert-level 2D & 3D game development services, focusing on delivering astonishingly realistic and highly immersive games to support all of today’s top gaming platforms, including web games for PC or iOS XBOX, PlayStation, Oculus, and more.

Multiplayer Game Development

We create synchronous/asynchronous multiplayer games, including features for game state, spawning, scene management, debugging information, matchmaking, and customization. We provide game porting services and translate source code for multiple platforms.

Cross-Platform Game Development

We have experienced game software developers that work with a variety of gaming engines including Unreal Engine, CRYENGINE, Gamemaker, and others to optimize gaming software across a variety of platforms and deliver it to a wider audience.

Video Game Performance Analytics

We program and integrate custom mobile game analytics tools, including features for data capture, market data, and data explorer in real-time. We also analyze and implement monetization strategies for in-app purchases and ad networks to maximize ROI.

Meta Quest Devlopers

Gameplay & Interactive Design

Utilizing visual scripting technologies, variant management tools, robust multiplayer frameworks, artificial intelligence (AI), and customizable UI elements, graphics, and widgets, our game development experts create thrilling interactive gameplays.

Custom Game Base Engines

Our expert game tech experts assist with every aspect of creating a custom-tailored gaming engine including system initialization, frame timing control, input, audio, rendering, math, and miscellaneous utilities for a unique and optimized gaming technology framework.

Mobile Game Development

Our mobile game development experts design & deploy mobile games for iOS (Swift, Objective-C), Android (Java), Symbian OS (Qt, C++/QML), and Windows (C#, Visual Basic) while utilizing cross-platform development tools such as Apache Cordova, Xamarin, and Titanium.

Seamless Game Integration

Chetu’s certified gaming software engineers can seamlessly integrate Unreal Engine, CRYENGINE, GameSalad, Unity, Twine, Autodesk, or other leading game development tools with your current workflows, wearable device applications, or other compatible systems.

Enhancing Video Game Development with Artificial Intelligence

With Artificial Intelligence being a consistent and evolving aspect of video game development, at Chetu, we’ll leverage the latest advancements to give you the tools you need to upgrade your games.

Immersive Gameplay with
Advanced AI Tech

Our expert coders understand the significance of player enjoyment in video games. Therefore, we’ll enhance the adventure with intelligent NPCs and Procedural Content Generation (PGC) to design unique environments and engaging relationships that dynamically adapt to the player’s actions. Collaborating with Chetu can help immerse players and reach new heights in gaming, delivering the best player interaction possible.

Dynamic and
Evolving Worlds

With our next-level procedural content generation techniques further enhanced by AI algorithms to create diverse and huge game worlds or levels in real-time, you can revolutionize how you make games. At Chetu, our team of well-versed developers will seamlessly integrate this technology into your projects, freeing you up to focus on building the best and most captivating gameplay possible.

Seamless Player Interaction via
NLP and Voice Recognition

Communication stands as a fundamental aspect of making a successful video game. However, this aspect extends to a player’s experience too. Our cutting-edge NLP and voice recognition technologies allow players to interact more easily with the environments and their characters. Whether it’s through understanding complex queries or accents, AI presents an innovative solution that can deliver unparalleled accuracy. Jump over the hurdles of traditional input methods and broaden accessibility for everyone.

Personalized Player

While procedurally generated content can solve endless and unique gameplay outcomes, tailoring the experience to each player is another thing altogether. Our experts deliver AI-driven solutions with which you can tailor the challenges and assistance and enhance things further, thanks to the insights gathered in real-time based on player preferences, behaviors, and skills. This culminates in an engaging and evolving experience that caters to your players regardless of expertise.

Artificial Neural Networks
(NNs) in Gaming

With sophisticated AI models, our tech experts can create changing and evolving NPCs that can learn and adapt to the player over time. This is the power we leverage with Artificial Neural Networks (NNs). Create intelligent adversaries that’ll add to the player’s adventures as they develop more in-depth solutions to overcome the challenges you’ve created.

Elevating Game Development
with AI Integration

The future of gaming awaits with seamless AI integration. At Chetu, we know this better than most and bring the latest advancements in AI to your projects without hassle. Create a superior gaming immersion for your players through dynamic NPCs and environments or personalized gameplay. Our AI solutions are at the forefront of gameplay innovation; let us enhance your development processes and open you up to limitless possibilities.

Expert-Level Game Programming Services

Whether you require a video game developer-for-hire to augment your in-house development team or a game industry to create the next big-hit gaming experience, Chetu has got your needs covered.

Video Game Programming Languages

Our developers' skill sets include C, C++, Java, JavaScript, HTML5, Flash, ActionScript, WebGL, OpenGL, scripting, including drag and drop, Unity 3D / Unity 5.0, Unreal Engine, CRYENGINE, Riot Engine, with knowledge in developing AAA and next-gen games.

Expert C++ Game Programming

Our gaming software engineers and programmers are the ideal choices for taking on small game projects and giant powerhouse gaming behemoths, providing expert-level C++ programming for video games, designing, plugin development, upgrades, QA testing, and so much more.

Motion Capture Software Programming

We program with full-motion video, RPG Maker AV, motion capture (mo-cap), and Biovision Hierarchy (BVH) files for realistic game character animations, and develop motion gaming using gesture recognition, embedded sensors, and camera functions.

Game Art Software Development Services

Our 2D & 3D game artists create original characters, complex storyboards, realistic environments, and creative mock-ups from pixel art to high-rez 2D and 2.5D illustrations.

2D & 3D Asset Production

Game-ready 2D & 3D models include sculpting, modeling, and texturing using PhotoShop & Adobe Illustrator for 2D and 3DS Max, Maya, Houdini, and other tools for 3D.

2D Illustrations & Animations

Generate 2D characters, backgrounds/environments, props, and other design assets, establishing a model, creating custom layouts, and rendering your animations.

UX/UI Design & Development

Utilize UI/UX design elements like diegetic, non-diegetic, meta, and spatial UI design elements and top gaming development tools to create the ideal gaming experience.

3D Modeling & Animations

Specialize in 3D modeling & animation to develop fully immersive 3D gaming experiences, leveraging 3D Maya, 3D Max, Unity 3D, Unreal Engine 3D, and other modeling tools.

Stunning Photorealistic Video Game Visuals & Audio

Our video game design & development experts leverage advanced visual effects creators & editors, as well as high-quality audio control editing tools to create, store, and manage crisp, clean, and high-quality visuals & audio events.

World Building

Generate new worlds, characters, vehicles, buildings, foliage, land/oceanic terrain, landscapes, and objects using mesh & animation editing tools, controlling complex animation behaviors with animation blueprints, and record motion capture linked to characters.

Lighting & Rendering

We build realistic exteriors and interior lighting effects and advanced shading to design realistic environments using virtual texturing tools, flexible material editors, advanced shading models, path tracers, and advanced color compositor tools.

Simulation & Effects

We design natural earth elements (fire, smoke, dust, water, etc.) clothing tools to simulate clothing and fabrics, stand-based hair & fur simulations, and next-generation physics & destruction system features using advanced visual effects editing tools.

Audio Abstraction

By applying computer science principles, our game developers choose the perfect audio middleware software to agnostically communicate with the gaming software API to deliver flawless & high-quality sounds that mimic acoustic signatures of real-world sounds.

Virtual Reality (VR) Game Development

With Chetu’s high-definition rendering pipeline, rapid iteration capabilities, authoring tools, and industry-leading development experience, we can engineer a highly immersive AR & VR game to bring creative visions to life.

Computer Vision Software

We integrate computer vision software with image analysis, facial & emotion recognition, biometrics, and medical image analysis for optimized workflow automation, bolstered security, and data analysis acceleration.

AR/VR Gaming Solutions

Our gaming development experts create highly immersive, cutting-edge AR and VR gaming solutions, showcasing stunning high-definition visuals, full-sphere surround sound audio, rich interaction models, and real-time flexibility to deliver the ultimate gaming interaction.

Mixed Reality (MR) Games

We provide full-cycle MR game development services involving 3D modeling, rendering, texturing, content development, and system integration to build spatially aware, cloud-based, and cross-platform MR gaming applications.

We Develop Video Games Using Industry-Leading Game Development Tools

Chetu’s video game developers are highly skilled with using Unreal Engine, CRYENGINE, Unity 3D/5.0, Autodesk Maya, Blender, GameSalad, and more, plus JavaScript, HTML5, C/C++, and more to model/render animations, build realistic simulations, and create the ultimate gaming adventure for players of all walks of life.

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Our experienced and knowledgeable Unity developers specialize in creating flawless, realistic, and highly interactive gaming experiences using the Unity 3D platform, along with JavaScript/C# programming, cloud-enabled tools, and the Unity editor.

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Our game quality assurance coders have extensive expertise developing games within the CRYENGINE platform, affluent in C++, have excellent debugging skills, and strong software engineering skills to create the ultimate user involvement.

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Unreal Engine

Our coders engineers have many years of combined proficiency developing games within the Unreal Engine platform, customizing characters, vehicles, buildings, landscapes, and all kinds of objects using mesh and animation editing tools

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Autodesk MAYA

Our Autodesk MAYA developers have extensive know-how drafting, rendering, and designing custom animation and 3D models using reference images or sketches as well as various motion graphic techniques that will exceed your expectations.

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For those inquiring about custom 2D game development, our video game developers have a wealth of knowledge and expertise using GameSalad for its excellent collaboration, graphics rendering, artistic features, and next-gen runtime elements.

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Our video game developers love using Blender to develop high-quality video games from the ground up, focusing on perfecting their craft of modeling, rigging, animation, rendering, simulation, compositing, motion-tracking, and game creation.


The complete process of developing a video game is known as video game software development. In this, the game is designed from scratch by designers, programmed by programmers, tested several times, and finally released to the public.

The following languages are used to develop video games: C++, Java, Python, and C#.

Game engines are software frameworks that facilitate the creation of video games. Tools for rendering graphics, managing assets, and creating game logic are typically included. Examples-Unity, Unreal Engine, CryEngine, GameMaker Studio, and Godot.

Game optimization is all about optimizing the existing game to provide a better user experience. In this, many techniques are used, such as optimizing shaders, improving code efficiency, and minimizing resource usage.

There are 5 main phases of development of video game: concept, pre-production, production, testing, and release. In these phases, the game idea is developed, a detailed plan is created, assets are created, mechanics are programmed, bugs are fixed, and the game is released to the public.

Platforms widely used for video game software development include Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

A software framework used to create video games is known as a game engine. A Game Development Kit (GDK is a collection of tools, libraries, and documentation) guides game builders in creating games using a specific game engine.

As the name implies, a Game Design Document (GDD) is an outline document for a game design project. It is in written format and talks about the game concept, design template mechanics, levels, and more.

Version control tracks changes to code and assets over time. This allows multiple game designers to work on the same project simultaneously while tracking changes and preventing conflicts.

Game publishing is the process of releasing a finished game to the public. This includes coordinating with distribution platforms like Steam or the App Store, marketing the game to potential players, and providing ongoing support and updates.

Software development companies like Chetu have mastered the artificial intelligence of video games. AI-powered game development can be easily implemented at different levels, such as adding intelligence to non-playing characters, improving images, reducing game complexity, creating a decision tree, and creating more realistic games.

The most popular AI tools used in the process of develop game include Unity machine learning agents (ML-agents), Unreal Engine's BehaviorTree, and Autodesk's HumanIK.


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