Developing an Engaging Mobile Game Application

Developing an Engaging Mobile Game Application

Written by Sachin Sharma.

Mobile gaming is taking the world by storm, presenting developers with a new revenue stream that may be more powerful than conventional gaming. Recent studies revealed that mobile games comprise a significant portion of the worldwide gaming market. There are plenty of successful stories like Pokémon Go, Angry Birds, Candy Crush, and Clash Royale that have inspired thousands to take the initiative in creating their own mobile application game.

The number one hurdle for game developers hoping to penetrate the mobile market is the sheer volume at which these games are thrown into market. In order to bring a profitable application into fruition, developers must produce creative game content and a bug-free interface to differentiate themselves within a saturated market. Needless to say, developing a mobile game is no walk in the park. The best way to begin is with a full-scale investigation into the target market, followed by a robust development team capable of engineering a unique and engaging application.

There are three important steps to take when approaching mobile game development: designing game content, choosing the right developer, and selecting a sturdy platform to serve as your base.

From Game Design to Development

Putting your ideas together is the most important step in creating a successful mobile game application. The key is to create something innovative and engaging that will attract a massive audience and help you generate revenue.

When creating a game always remember, a compelling storyline inspires players to develop long-term relationships with the game and facilitates a powerful branding initiative. Make a game that starts easy, but challenges players as they level up, so interest is never lost.

Analyze your competitors, use them as inspiration to see what works and what doesn't, then create an authentic visual design for your game setting, characters, and appearances that gives you the competitive advantage.

Would you like your game to be 2D or 3D? When making this decision think about your game story, design, graphics and end objective. 2D games are more cartoonish and do not try to imitate real life, it is more focused on the gameplay aspect. 3D games are focused on allowing the players to experience a more realistic action, it is graphically more impressive and of higher quality.

Decide what platform you would like to develop your gaming app for, the options are Blackberry, IOS, Android, or Windows. In today's competitive market most games are developed in a hybrid model, meaning IOS and Android compatible. Windows and Blackberry are often neglected due to their very low demand and market share.

It takes a lot of time and money to develop an app, it is important to know what monetary strategies you will use to recover your investment. Lucky for those in the gaming industry, there are plenty of options including, in-app purchases, premium game versions, and ads within the application.

The final step is choosing an experienced mobile game development company that will help you develop and launch the next epic game, using the right game developing platform that will bring your ideas to life.

Choosing the Right Mobile Game App Developing Company

Hiring an experienced mobile game development company can add much more value to your application than you can think of. As a World-Class Software Solution Company that has built thousands of gaming applications across all industries, Chetu understands the importance of finding the appropriate developing partner that meets all your requirements.

Chetu leverages extensive experience in custom mobile application development within the gaming industry, integrating the final designs with various platforms including Android, IOS, Windows, other mobile devices, and tablets. Our developers serve as a one-stop-shop for game development, catering to a diverse repertoire of gaming niches—including adventure, learning, social, racing, casino and more.

Chetu takes pride in not only developing a game app but guiding our customers in the process. Our developers give creative input on what they believe works best for your game, based on our eighteen years of experience developing similar applications.

Our developers understand that the gaming industry is constantly evolving, which is why we like to build long-lasting customer relations by offering our services through the whole product lifecycle and not just abandoning the project once its completed.

Our game developing expertise reach all the way to leading game developing companies like Unity. Chetu leverages on Unity Technologies extensive gaming developing capabilities to exceed far beyond our customers' game designs.

Why Chetu Develops Games Using Unity Technologies?

When developing a game, Chetu uses Unity Technologies because they are one of the leading tools in the game development industry and provide multi-platform solutions for 2D and 3D game design. Unity's platform has an impressive web of features, models, textures, and documentation available when developing a game.

Unity's has a build once, deploy anywhere model that allows you to reach the largest audience possible because it is compatible with 25+ platforms including IOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Facebook Game Room, Xbox and more.

Unity Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities allow players to experience game graphics and sound at a whole new level. The game visual effects adapt to every screen and devices without any loss, disruption or compromise of the image quality.

Unity's has Integrated Application Promotion (IAP) and analytical tools that allow game designers to retain users and increase revenue by suggesting game optimization based on past user interaction, making it easier for game designers to modernize their games with the features their players enjoy the most.


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