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Elevating Mobile Gaming With AI-Powered Solutions
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Hire Experienced and Dedicated Mobile Game Developers

We draw on years of expertise in the gaming industry and our experience in Unreal Engine gaming animation, mobile game design, VR and AR app development, and gaming analytics, to produce one of a kind, cross platform, software solutions for mobile games.

Game Design

We design and code games of varying types including social, puzzle, Role-Playing Games (RPGs), adventure, learning, sports, racing, and casino, and code HTML5 web-based applications for responsive design on mobile.

Game Art

Our mobile game developers provide game art solutions, including designing and programming custom 2D/3D animations and graphics, 2.5D isometric games, 3D assets, characters, environments, levels, audio, physics, logic and scripts.

Mobile AR/VR

Our certified AR & VR developers leverage a long list of mobile device assets to find and program the right technologies to create augmented & virtual reality gaming solutions.

Game Analytics

We program and integrate custom mobile game analytics tools, including features for data capture, market data, and data explorer in real time. We also analyze and implement monetization strategies for in-app purchases and ad networks to maximize ROI.

IOS, Android, and Mobile Game Genres

Chetu is a leading software development company, having established a core team of game developers specializing in iOS, Android, social games, and other mobile game genres built with cross-platform functionality.

iOS Games

We develop mobile iOS games with interactive user interfaces and flawless functionality. Our quality control ensures that your game meets Apple’s quality standards ensuring that your app gets listed in the App Store.

Android Games

We develop android mobile apps that work with hundreds of mobile devices and fit every screen size perfectly. Mobile games to the highest skies, with mesmerizing 2D and 3D graphics, world-class animation, addictive gameplay.

Social Games

Our game developer creates an interactive mobile app using a device's inherent hardware, as well as develop social games for mobile platforms and integrations with social media APIs.

Casual Games

Our developers create addictive casual games with captivating gameplay, stunning graphics, and simple rules. Leveraging mobile device capabilities, we design interactive apps for seamless integration and an enhanced social gaming experience.

Educational Games

Our experts develop engaging educational games that foster strategic thinking, logical reasoning, and various skills based on client preferences. Learning becomes enjoyable and interactive through our carefully crafted games.

Online Games

We design massive multiplayer online games (MMOG) for mobile that incorporate modern trends, technical innovations, and player preferences, propelling them to the top of featured lists with ease.

RPG Games

Our Unreal Engine game development experts create vibrant mobile RPG game world environments and offer impressive character options, ensuring immersive gameplay experiences.

Mobile AI Gaming Solutions

Chetu’s mobile AI gaming solutions offer adaptive AI systems, advanced mobile game analytics, AI-powered NPCs, and monetization strategy AI integration allowing you to deliver engaging and highly immersive games to players worldwide.

Adaptive AI Systems

Our expert team specializes in developing adaptive AI systems for mobile games. Using AI and machine learning, we create dynamic gameplay experiences that analyze player behavior, offer tailored challenges, and provide personalized interactions. Our cutting-edge algorithms ensure seamless responsiveness, making games immersive and engaging.

Mobile Game Analytics

Our team develops AI-driven mobile game analytics solutions. By integrating cutting-edge technologies, we gather real-time gameplay data, analyze player behavior, and make data-backed decisions to optimize game mechanics, enhance user experiences, and drive long-term success.

AI-Powered NPCs

Our developers utilize advanced AI algorithms and machine learning techniques for non-player characters to create immersive and dynamic gaming experiences. NPCs intelligently adapt and respond to player actions, enhancing engagement and enjoyment. With AI, NPCs become more realistic, clever, and capable of changing behavior based on the player's decisions, resulting in a truly captivating and interactive gaming environment.

Mobile Game Monetizing AI

Our Engineers develop AI-powered game development can be used to create a variety of game elements, including non-playable characters (NPCs), game mechanics, and levels. For example, AI can be used to create NPCs with realistic behaviors and personalities, generate random maps and terrain, and create realistic physics simulations.


Mobile Game Development: Frequently Asked Questions

It is the creation of games particularly suited for mobile devices. This entails a variety of phases such as concept formulation, planning, production, testing, and market release.

The game development process typically consists of 5 stages. The first is discovery, where an idea is conceptualized into a game. The second stage is production, which involves the actual development of the game. Testing comes next, followed by release and post-release support.

Objective-C and Swift are the two most often utilized programming languages for iOS game development. These languages are seen to be the finest alternatives for developing games and apps for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS devices.

There are several programming languages that are used to make Android games such as C++, Java, and Kotlin to name a few. There are many gaming engines, including Solidarity and Godot that support Android game development using C #, GDScript, C++, and Lua.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is often applied during the creation of mobile games to enhance gameplay and generate characters who are more realistic and clever. Non-Player Characters (NPCs) are able to change their behavior and decision-making in response to the player's actions through the use of AI algorithms and machine learning techniques such as reinforcement learning, which helps in creating a more engaging gaming experience.

Within the realm of game mechanics, AI has the capability to construct adaptive systems that modify gameplay, challenge levels, or storytelling in response to the player's actions, preferences, or proficiencies.


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