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Custom iOS App Development


Hire Experienced, On-Demand iOS Developers

Chetu develops new iOS mobile apps from scratch and improves existing iOS apps through software integrations, personalized modules, and custom features to enhance functionality, aesthetics, and the overall user experience.

Native iOS App Development

We deliver top-tier native iOS mobile apps, providing end-to-end iOS development services from product strategy & prototyping to App Store deployment and maintenance.

SMB/Enterprise Apps

Enhance your team’s productivity, flexibility, and organization with our custom SMB/enterprise apps, securely integrated with your organization’s IT infrastructure.

Consumer Apps

Drive consumer engagement, receive high App Store rankings, and achieve success with our user-friendly, highly functional, and beautifully designed custom consumer apps.

IoT Apps

We create world-class iOS apps, compatible with various types of IoT devices, including Apple Watches, smart appliances (HomeKit), and other devices with embedded sensors.

Custom iOS Mobile App Development

Chetu’s expert iOS app developers build world-class iOS mobile apps that are highly responsive to all screen sizes and mobile device types, enabling users to enjoy your app’s unique features on all of their iOS devices.

iPhone App Development

We’ll transform your vision into a feature-rich reality, delivering an interactive & customizable iPhone app that reflects your brand’s mission and caters to your target audience

iPad App Development

We focus on maximizing iOS functionality while providing the ultimate user experience for iPad users, allowing them to enjoy playing games, streaming movies/shows, and more.

watchOS App Development

Our watchOS developers design both independent and dependent watchOS apps with in-app purchasing capabilities, automatic iOS updates, and many other app features.

tvOS App Development

We’ll build an extension of your current iOS app to function properly on Apple TV or build a tvOS app that goes beyond what apps designed for iPhone or iPad screens have to offer.


Chetu’s developers, designers, programmers, and engineers build iOS mobile apps for all types of industries and industry verticals. Whether you require an app for healthcare, supply chain, finance, media/entertainment, or any other industry that you can think of, Chetu has got you covered. We integrate custom features that enable automatic and manual iOS updates whenever they become available, ensuring that users always have the latest iOS version for optimized user experiences. Check out one of our latest case studies in which we created a personal finance iOS mobile app!

  • App Development & Programming
  • App Development & Programming

Chetu’s iOS App Development Services & Processes

Our developers utilize a fool-proof iOS app development process flow, ensuring that every phase is completed flawlessly so that your iOS mobile app is released without any bugs, glitches, or other functionality issues.

App Development & Programming

Once you’ve proposed the prototype to your investors/VCs, our developers define the technical architecture, front-end/back-end technology stack, and development milestones presented in the initial product planning blueprint to develop your finished iOS app.

UI/UX Design & Prototyping

Our talented and experienced team of designers creates a prototype of your iOS app that delivers a seamless user experience with a refined, polished look, focusing on functionality, interactivity, intuitiveness, user-friendliness, and responsiveness to other mobile devices.

App Quality Assurance (QA) Testing

Our QA testers ensure that your custom iOS application is stable, secure, and usable, performing comprehensive user experience testing, functional testing, performance testing, security testing, and device & platform testing to deliver a high-quality mobile solution.

Product Planning & Strategy

Our developers, programmers, engineers, designers, and project managers assess your business concept, iOS app feature list, and overall budget to deliver a product blueprint consisting of your concept, leveraged technologies & development tools, and a timeline.

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App Store Deployment & Launch

Once your app is tested, we ensure compliance with Apple’s strict App Store Guidelines, meeting the requirements for security, user privacy, design, and other guideline aspects before finally releasing your custom iOS mobile app & submitting it to the App Store.

Maintenance & Support

We provide expert-level maintenance & support services once we’ve launched your app to the App Store, ensuring that your app is in perfect working order, fixing bugs, checking your app’s functionality, automating operating systems updates, and so much more.

We Have iOS Developers

We harness the power of popular iOS app development technologies to deliver a beautiful, fully-functioning iOS mobile application that incorporates all essential features and best fits your business brand.


Leverage Swift as one of our primary programming languages when developing custom iPhone, iPad, watchOS, and tvOS applications.


Some of our developers prefer to use Objective-C as another object-oriented programming language option when developing iOS apps.


Utilizing XCode, Apple’s editor & IDE, offers our developers a unified workflow for coding, testing, debugging, and user interface design.


We harness the power of CocoaPods’ 83,000+ libraries that allow our developers to scale your iOS applications quickly, thoroughly, and elegantly.

Code Runner

Designed to support popular programming languages, like Swift or Objective-C, we use the CodeRunner as one of our go-to editors & IDEs.


Our developers use AppCode because it seamlessly integrates with CocoaPods libraries, and is 100% compatible and interoperable with XCode.

Custom iOS Mobile App Features

Chetu can program any feature that you desire into your custom iOS mobile app to best represent your brand, provide the ultimate user experience, and enable full backward compatibility.

Custom Settings & Preferences

Technologies We Leverage

Our iOS app developers have extensive expertise with all programming languages, tools, and frameworks required to build beautiful, and apps powered by the latest technologies.


Drop us a line or give us a ring. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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