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ADEA Modernizes Existing Web App with Data Management

ADEA, the American Dental Education Association is an exclusive national organization representing academic dentistry. ADEA hired Chetu to modify an existing Ruby on Rails app with new features and tools to provide reports and information about dental institutions.


Chetu really went above and beyond our expectations, they created and delivered a quality product.

- Alex Prescott, Publications & Membership Manager

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- E-learning & Education

Project Solutions:

- Data Management

- IT Service Management

- Database


- Web App

Technology Used:


- Ruby on Rails

- Linux

- Git

Ruby on Rails Web App

ADEA assists both institutions and individuals in the dental education industry servicing 76 U.S and Canadian dental schools with an online resource tool for student’s applications. Our developers were tasked with creating a Dental School Explorer tool that included research details for each institution to provide tuitions, statistics, and general information.

Chetu’s developers needed to diagnose the functionalities and abilities of the current system to complete development and add new implementations. After setting up the Ruby on Rails project and restoring the database backup from the development server, we were able to begin enforcing the updated functionalities. ADEA wanted to provide updated information for their students in real-time through the online tool that was user-friendly across the board.

Data Management System

While maintaining the current application in Ruby on Rails, our developers began to analyze and add new features while also adding an online reporting tool. ADEA needed direct access for editing institution information such as reviews and applicant and class data. Additional updated functions included side by side comparisons of schools, note-taking abilities, search features, and an interactive calendar.

Chetu provided a space for advertising, the ability to import and export files, as well as a database back up that updates daily. For the purpose of improvement, our developers continued to use Ruby on Rails, as well as Linux, MySQL, and Git. Additionally, Chetu implemented a mechanism that gives ADEA administrators the ability to make yearly program updates. For proper QA measurements, modifications made in the application go through a super editor that reviews changes, allowing them to be approved or rejected before the alteration goes live, thus providing accurate information.

User-Friendly Application

Students are now able to subscribe to the user-friendly Dental School Explorer web application and view details about all 76 dental schools, hence providing the information needed to select an institution. Users can also use search and filter tools to locate specific schools based on the parameters of each dentistry program while taking notes and highlighting specific sections to review later on.

Chetu’s custom web developers have the programming expertise to build an efficient web application that aligns workflows on any platform. Our back-end developers are experts in Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, and SQL. Chetu developers have years of experience in building automation web solutions for verticals across the board.



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