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Case Study

Transforming Healthcare Management: A Comprehensive Web Solution for Dental Practice Support

Chetu serviced a dental practice consulting company referred by a Chetu channel partner to create a web application for managing patient and provider data, billing, and reporting, focusing on user-friendly design and robust security.

  • Industry
  • Technology Leveraged

    The technology leveraged on this project included:

  • Windows (OS)
  • HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap 4 (UI)
  • Laravel 10
  • Apache
  • MySQL Server

Project Solution:

We developed a comprehensive web application for a healthcare consulting firm, facilitating patient and provider management, billing, reporting, and payroll automation, emphasizing security, scalability, and user-friendly design.

This client is a dental practice management consulting company whose mission is to provide non-clinical support services to dental practices.

Payroll Automation Integration

They were referred to us by one of our channel partners. Our channel partner program includes white label services and a direct affiliate program where we directly service clients’ development needs and allow partners to take a hands-off approach and focus on core aspects of their business. Our channel partner program not only provides access to expertise and support, but also financial incentives and revenue growth.

Our services were sought to create a web application solution to manage patients and providers, billing data, patient data, and the ability to review reports and payroll modules. We created a web solution offering features like user management and connecting with Open Dental, a dental practice management software. The client needed automation, scalability, workflow improvements, performance reports, and dashboards. Additionally, they wanted us to integrate payroll automation with Open Dental.

The Approach

The project's first steps were to set up the existing application in our development environment, establish database connectivity, and examine the source code to understand the project flow.

Next, we created a mock-up design based on the existing content of the application. After client approval, we created an HTML design for the mock-up and integrated the new design into the application. We developed the web application so the client can seamlessly manage their workflows.

How It Works

Functional Requirements:

The system requires a primary login page that offers unique logins for each user, ensuring secure access to the platform. Additionally, a sidebar navigation feature is necessary for easy access to new modules as they are added. An internal notification system is essential for facilitating communication among users through messages.

Role-based security is crucial, distinguishing between user roles such as Admin, General User, Provider, and Accounting, each with specific access rights and permissions. Admins and settings functions allow adding/removing users and changing/resetting passwords, ensuring administrative control over user management.

The system is designed to accommodate the easy addition of new modules and tools in the future. These modules include features like company news/announcements, a customizable start page, reporting capabilities (both standard and custom), RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) tools, payroll automation, performance management, and learning resources.

Non-Functional Requirements:

It is a secure system for access outside the centralized network, accessible via all standard browsers such as Chrome, Safari, MS Edge, and Firefox. Additionally, the system is available to users more than 99% of the time, ensuring high availability and reliability.

The user interface design adheres to modern design principles, ensuring adaptability, intuitiveness, and consistency across all modules and features. Transaction processing is optimized for efficiency, with processing times kept to a minimum to maintain smooth business operations.

Branding consideration is important to the client, so the system had to be customizable to meet the client's needs. The system adheres to the principle of least privilege, ensuring that individual providers' Personally Identifiable Information (PII) remains inaccessible to users and does not require access.

Audit logs were implemented to record access and changes made within the system, providing a comprehensive record for monitoring and auditing purposes.


This project includes the application login page, requiring user credentials such as Email and Password, supplemented by Captcha verification. In case of a forgotten password, users can reset it via the designated forgot password page. Upon successful authentication, users are redirected to the dashboard, a centralized hub for all application modules. These modules include user management functionalities such as adding users, listing users, and adding roles, with additional capabilities for updating and deleting roles.


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