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Case Study

Unprecedented Payroll Optimization Empowers Unstoppable Growth

Chetu transformed a payroll app and performed seamless data migration, significantly enhancing performance for the client's growing workforce.

  • Industry
    Human Capital Management
  • Technology Leveraged
  • IDE-Visual Studio 2017
  • .NET Framework 4.6
  • Scripting Language: JQuery, Javascript

Project Solution:

A revamped payroll application with enhanced workflow experience.

A client specializing in easy-to-use payroll solutions contacted Chetu to restructure their existing application to enhance the overall workflow experience. This client employs certified payroll professionals, licensed insurance brokers, household employment tax experts, and CPAs. There were a few objectives for the restructuring of the system. Chetu modernized the previous system and replaced the previous Evolution API. It had to include the same process in the new application. Chetu replaced the previous Firebird database and introduced the SQL database in the new application. Additionally, Chetu identified the available utilities and merged the utility process in the new application.

The Process

Chetu developed a web application used by different users as a web portal to access their employee tax and payroll data. There was a need for differentiation between user roles: Client employees, partners, clients, and general employees. The application allows users to update or create payroll-related data, accessibility of their tax documents, and upload multiple required data by their companies. The client's employee that works as an admin can manage all of the data at the top level.

First, through SQL database migration, Chetu integrated the Web portal for partners, clients, and employees. We stored procedure migration from Firebird to SQL with the changes to replace different keywords supported by Firebird but not in SQL.

We identified triggers with functionality supported by the SQL server in the form of default functions and removed those triggers from the SQL script. We also identified inline queries within the DEMS application and created corresponding stored procedures. We created ETL so the data of all the tables could be migrated from Firebird to SQL server tables. We used the same user interface, maintaining the existing application's cohesive look and feel.

The client needed Chetu to perform an SQL database migration, transferring the application onto an SQL server. This server comprises a collection of tables that stores a specific set of structured data. Each column in the table is designed to store certain information, like dates, names, dollar amounts, and numbers. This server offers robust features, high performance, scalability, and integration with Microsoft products. This SQL server is suitable for enterprise-level applications with demanding requirements.

Revamping Payroll Application: Chetu's Successful Restructuring and SQL Database Migration

Chetu successfully restructured and modernized the client’s payroll application, enhancing workflow experience. With Chetu’s expertise, the Evolution API was replaced, introducing an SQL database to replace the previous Firebird database and merging the utility processes into the new application. Chetu developed a web portal with an efficiently migrated DEMS application from Firebird to SQL, ensuring a safe data transfer. The client benefitted from high-performance features and scalability by migrating to SQL, making it well-suited for its growing employee base.


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